avatar the last airbender

With the announcement of the live action Netflix ATLA show, you know I had to make a fancast

Anthony James Whitewolf as Sokka

Blu Hunt as Katara

Forrest Wheeler as Aang

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Toph

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Iroh

Ryan Potter as Zuko

Nichole Bloom as Azula

Rila Fukushima as Mai

Teresa Daley as Ty Lee

knowing that the live action atla will have so much asians is so wild to me. for decades hollywood thought that an asian lead or an asian centric cast would not be profitable and now after constantly seeing my race being whitewashed and ignored over and over again, im finally gonna get the representation that asian children and teens need so badly.

so to everyone saying that the live action remake is dumb because “why fix something that aint broke?” this is why.

You have two lead characters, one coded by the colour red and one by the colour blue.

Red is angry, impulsive, passionate, and often reckless

Blue is laidback, emotional, thinks things through, is seen as comedic relief but is surprisingly intelligent

Red is talented in sword wielding 

Blue’s aim is unparalleled, yet he eventually acquires a sword

Red is a loner, with serious parental issues. His mother in particular left him as a child, we later discover it was to save his life.

Blue comes from a close knit family, and loves them more than anything but understands that he has a mission to do.

Red has black hair and unusual coloured eyes

Blue has brown hair and blue eyes

Red has his face burned and scarred by someone he loves

Blue falls in love with a magical person he eventually has to try moving on from.

Red starts his adventure with a father-like figure who is not his father. {edit} throughout the course of the series he learns to embrace this figure as his mentor and admits his familial love after they have been separated.

Blue starts his adventure with another boy and a girl, who both have a shared talent. 

Red and Blue’s first interaction is followed by a rescue. 

Red and Blue start off with a hostile relationship; Blue does not trust or like Red, and Red appears not to care about Blue.

Red at one point stops Blue from falling to his death.

Through a long series of events Red and Blue begin working together and bond, and throughout the third season they learn to trust one another and become impossibly close. 

Red says an iconic line to blue, which has become the most popular line in the series.

Blue’s teasing of Red goes from harsh to friendly, and he eventually learns to respect Red.

So is this the standard non-canon ship criteria or???

WHY is everyone being so negative about the live action reboot already??? Yes shyamalan betrayed our trust but he has nothing to do with this reboot!!!

Bryke is involved this time and Jeremy Zuckerman basically confirmed doing the score. All of this is going the right direction and I’m honestly highkey excited to see the final product but seeing so much negativity about it is really affecting my mood rn can’t yall be optimistic for a change?

Now that we’re apparently getting Avatar the Last Airbender tie in NOVELS, I’d like to submit this list of further stories I want novelizations of:

  • Iroh’s son Lu Ten’s life. (And what happened to his mother. Who was Iroh married to and what happened to her?)
  • How Katara and Sokka’s grandmother managed to journey from the North Pole to the South Pole on her own in what was still the relatively early days of the war. Also, why did she leave? She marries Paku later in the show so I find it hard to believe that he would’ve been the reason she left, at least not the whole reason.
  • The Freedom Fighter’s backstories. (Obviously.)
  • What happened to Sokka after the war. WHY WAS THERE SO LITTLE ON HIM IN LEGEND OF KORRA?!
  • Hakoda and Bato’s teenage years because they were obviously a TRIP. (Sirius and James, anyone?)
  • Iroh and Ozai’s teenage years. I wanna know how they ended up on such different paths.
  • Azula’s adulthood.
  • What happened to all the Ju Dee ladies once they were no longer under the Dai Lee’s control? (I’m picturing a bunch of them banding together to deal with their PTSD and also raise hell for the fire nation when the city is under its control. Using what they learned in the Dai Lee to smuggle refugees out and soliders/supplies in.)
  • Something set in a school, like the one we see in the Fire Nation. The dynamics of teaching benders vs. non-benders has to be fascinating. Just imagine regular high school plus FIRE. What kind of rules would be put in place? What would gym class be like? How would it effect school cliques?
  • Blood Bender lady’s life. I want to know what it was like for her to slowly lose all her people, then be captured, then lose herself. It would be a hard story, but a good one.
  • I wanna know more about the Sun Warriors. Why was their mythology for how firebenders got their abilities different than the story we were told in the flashbacks about the first avatar? Gimme those cultural differences! Explore their intricacies!
  • Kya. Tell me all about Katara and Sokka’s mom.
  • Behind the scenes of the Ember Island Players. Gimme some backstage drama.
  • How did Bumi end up the king of Omashu? Because he sure didn’t look like a prince in the flashbacks we saw.
  • What was the original mythology around the comet? This thing came every 100 years, it had to be culturally important before Sozin corrupted its meaning. Also, I feel like a comet would make ALL benders stronger? It’s rock and ice burning in the air. It has everything.