A Name for the Shop

Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se  was named in honor of his son.

When Lu Ten was seven years old, he told Iroh that he wanted a nickname. Because his mother’s name, Luli, means ‘jasmine’ and his father had earned the nickname ‘the Dragon of the West,’ the boy decided to combine them for his own nickname:

The Jasmine Dragon

Avatar - The Guru - Here Comes A Thought

Warning: The first thirty seconds or so feature a scene within the episode that shows a lot of flashbacks flashing at once. This might be problematic for certain people.


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So how about last night’s episode huh!?

Shipping In the Real World
  • Friend:Who do you ship?
  • Me:oh girl don't get me started let's see Nalu,Gajevy, Gruvia,Jerza oh Jervis and Kainora oh oh Ladynoir, Zutara,Makorra,Rinshi,Yuunoa...I have a list in my drawer.
  • Friend:....
  • Friend:....I meant who do you ship together in our class. What's wrong with you?

starscriptmage  asked:

Zutara and 8, please! Have a great day, I love your writing!!!

Fresh picked flowers || Not Accepting

“Coming, coming!” Katara called, hurriedly pulling her dress down over her head and tossing her loose hair over her shoulder. She padded across her apartment, brow furrowing as the polite knocking came again. With a huff she pulled the door open, but shrieked when it revealed Zuko smiling sheepishly at her in his royal robes, a fresh bunch of tiger lilies in his hand. “Zuko! Katara cried, immediately throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss.

“K- Katara-” Zuko muttered, smiling as he tried to pull away from her, “You’re going to crush the flowers!”

Katara took a step back, glancing guiltily at the flowers which were indeed crushed. “I’m sorry,” she said, tucking a piece of Zuko’s long hair behind his ear, “I’m just happy to see you again.”

A pink flush came into Zuko’s cheeks for a moment. “Me too- I came right from the meeting.” He leaned in and softly met her lips again. Katara pulled away and looked up at him with a grin, but Zuko’s eyes wandered behind her and a frown pulled at his face as he looked into her apartment, where her dining room table sat empty.

“What?” Katara asked, untangling herself from the arm Zuko had around her waist to follow his gaze into her rooms.

“Did you get the flowers I sent you? I’m sure I gave the florist the right address….”

Katara chuckled, leading him into the room and closing the door. “The tiger lilies? Every day this week? Enough to fill my entire apartment?”

Zuko flashed a grin. “So you did get them?” Katara nodded, but a hurt look came into Zuko’s face. “Did you throw them out?”

“No!” Katara pursed her lips. “They were covering this whole room- it was ridiculous, really- and I had my neighbor, Jun, over for tea. She used to live across the hall with her husband, but he passed away last year.” Katara frowned. “Apparently he used to pick tiger lilies for her every day on the way back from the market. She seemed upset at first, but she said every time she sees these flowers she feels like he’s with her again.” Katara smiled as Zuko squeezed her hand. “It was so sweet, so… I gave her all of them.” She grabbed his other hand, raising her eyebrows imploringly. “I’m sorry I didn’t keep your gift, it’s just-”

A smile slowly spread over Zuko’s face. “That,” he said definitively, resting his forehead against Katara’s, “Was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” 

When Katara opened her door the next morning, she was greeted by a bouquet of familiar orange lilies. As she stooped to pick them up, another spot of orange caught her eye: sitting in front of Jun’s door was a vase of tiger lilies.

I felt like I didn’t do Tharja justice the last time I drew her so I drew her again (now with colors). The picture is a bit naughty but it’s the best pose I came up with at the time so I rolled with it.

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Smoke and Shadow part 1

Remember when Mai and Ty lee were frightful of Azula having revenge on them. Punishing them for their famous betrayal. They even looked out of the shop to check out if she was there. They actually were feeling safe when she was imprisoned. Azula has a very strong intimidation presence that got to everyone’s heart, even if they pretend they don’t (like Mai).

They were right, though. Someone like Azula would’ve turned to an avenger after she lost everything and seek revenge. Her goals would be restore the throne and kill/imprison certain people.

Smoke and Shadow part 3

Azula just give Ty lee a slap, a talk friendly to Mai. And remembered the old days when they were little with a smile. Azula’d always still Azula to the core, but the pretty thing her (and the proof of her changing) that she hasn’t choose revenge on her former friends as they strongly expected.