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I need more blogs to follow

 HEY! if you post any of the ships below and or watch any of the shows below, repost an like this so I can check out your blog and follow you.

(Warning, I don’t like some incest things so if there’s any Hidashi or Elsanna type ships I’ll sadly have to unfollow possibly (cause I don’t have a tag blacklister on  my computer, but I don’t care for Orphan Black clone x clone ships)

-Big Hero 6



-Attack On Titan

-Rivetra (Petra x Levi/Rivaille)

-Eremika (Eren x Mikasa)

-JeanMarco (Marco x Jean)

-YumiKuri (Ymir x Krista/Historia)

-Sasha x Connie (Springles??)

-Jean x Sasha (BluntPotato??)


-Satan and Me (Web comic)



-My Little Pony





-Adventure Time



-Flame Princess x Finn


-Orphan Black







-Agent Carter





-White Rose




-Once Upon a Time

-Lily x Emma

-Swan Queen

-Dragon Queen

-Outlaw Queen

(Just really anything but Hook x Emma)




-The 100



-Princess Mechanic


-The Walking Dead

-Carol x Daryl

-Beth x Noah

-Tara x Rosita

-Glenn x Maggie


-Faking It




-Orange Is The New Black


-The Legend Of Korra


-Avatar The Last Airbender



-Steven Universe

-Sapphire x Ruby (Garnet)





-The Fault In Our Stars


-Aidan Turner

-Sebastian Stan

-Lyndsy Fonseca

-Miles Teller


I think that’s all I can think of at the moment!! Bu yeah, if you post any of these or some of these, please like and reblog so I can follow!