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“Do you have any idea what my home life was like? Growing up with six sisters who looked *exactly* like me? It was like I didn’t even have my own name. I joined the circus because I was scared of spending the rest of my life as part of a matched set. At least I’m different now. Circus freak is a compliment!”

I loved Ty Lee with her chi-blocking fighting style! 

@theloyalravenclaw asked for an AU in which all of the Avatars introduced onscreen are siblings.

1. In the heart of a working class Republic City neighborhood is a family of seven children.  Their father was an earthbender, and their mother was a half Northern Water Tribe half Fire Nation nonbender.  Both died a year ago, and ever since, Yangchen, the oldest nonbending daughter has taken over as the parent.  She is twenty and very frustrated with her waterbending next oldest brother, Kuruk, who doesn’t understand why she feels the need to be such a tightass.

4. Wan, the oldest of the family and a firebender, moved to Ba Sing Se before their parents died, and he is in the process of raising the money to move home to help his sister out and possibly put Kuruk in a headlock.

3. Kyoshi is a sixteen year old earthbender looking to join the police.  She may be a little in love with Chief Lin Beifong.  Okay, a lot in love.  Roku is fourteen and a dumbass.  Everyone ignores him except when he accidentally sets fire to something important.

4. Eight year old Korra is fascinated by the existence of eight year old Avatar Asami in the same city as her, and it is only because he’s such a sweetheart that her twelve year old brother Aang only teases her about this a little.  Also when he teases her, she freezes him to things.

5. When Harmonic Convergence comes down in a few years, Aang and Yanghen are going to gt airbending, making every single person in this family a bender, and meaning they’ve got at least one bender of each element.

how fucked up is it that Steven, a child, “turns himself in” to the planet-killing, tyrannical empire that systematically oppressed and devalued his family and is still spitefully hellbent on destroying his home because he genuinely feels like “someone has to pay” for what his mother did–namely, rebelling against said empire and assassinating one of its tyrants to liberate the Earth, its people, and her fellow gems?

and no, Steven’s decision wasn’t purely motivated by his desire/need to save his human Beach City friends. Steven only begins resisting Topaz and Aquamarine once he realizes that Lars is still onboard the ship. when Topaz offers them the escape pod and Lars urges him to get in, Steven refuses–because someone has to pay for what his mother did.

sure, Steven may believe–naively–that if he gives himself up to the Diamonds, they may leave Earth, humanity, and the Crystal Gems alone, so his sacrifice not only rescues the Beach City citizens in the short term, but also saves the Earth in the long term. 

Steven is wrong about that. 

it’s highly unlikely that the Diamonds will be satisfied with Rose Quartz’s gem on a platter alone–if they would be, why do they resort to the overkill of using the cluster to destroy the entire planet after the corruption-causing weapon decimated the Crystal Gems? why not just go back in, find Rose, capture her, take her back to Homeworld to face the Diamonds’ wrath, and finish colonizing the planet? yeah, the Diamonds want to destroy Rose, but that wouldn’t satisfy them. they want to make her suffer, erase every trace of her and what she loved, fought for, and represented. only Blue Diamond’s grief and sentimentality–her insistence that the things and beings Rose fought to liberate originally belonged, and thus will always belong, to Pink Diamond–motivates her and Yellow Diamond to send Topaz and Aquamarine to kidnap humans to be kept in the Zoo as mementos and keepsakes against their wills.

but Steven’s stated rationale–“someone has to pay for what my mom did”–underscores his genuine convictions that what Rose did was wrong, that Pink Diamond deserves some sort of “justice,” and that the Diamonds have the right to administer that “justice.” Steven, after all, has expressed his resentment toward Rose for her decision to assassinate Pink Diamond.

and that’s what is profoundly fucked up. that Steven has been told (albeit in meager detail) and in some cases knows from firsthand experience that the Diamonds are murderous, repressive tyrants that want to commit (the latest in what’s likely to be a long series of) genocide(s) against the Earth and were personally responsible for causing countless gems, including his loved ones, Garnet and Pearl and even Lapis, great harm…but he still believes that what Rose did in retaliation was wrong.

however much Steven criticizes Garnet and Pearl for keeping the truth about Rose and Pink Diamond from him, he knows enough about who and what the Diamonds are to know better.

now, this is either some disastrous, myopic, neoliberal Avatar: The Last Airbender-style “two wrongs don’t make a right”/“don’t fight fire with fire” guiding ideology that hamfistedly ignores the material realities of power imbalances and scale (see: that series’s handling of Jet and Hama, two rebels whose methods of resisting militarized, imperialistic colonialism was deemed outright “wrong” without the nuance and grace that went into exploring the characters, like Zuko/Azula/Iroh, who were their violently imperialistic colonizers)…

…or it’s the dawning of Steven’s consciousness of power and scale: that the harm Rose caused by assassinating Pink Diamond is in no way comparable to the scale of harm, suffering, and death that the Diamonds have inflicted and continue to inflict; that stopping Pink Diamond from committing genocide by assassinating her was, in an uncomfortable yet primordial truth, justified.

at bottom, it is certainly true that each singular life is inherently valuable. but when one being wields nearly absolute power over countless others and chooses to use that power to inflict harm, suffering, and death, that truth is–to put it lightly–complicated and problematized. 

should Steven try to reason or negotiate with the Diamonds to get them to recognize the harm they’ve caused, stop inflicting any more harm, abdicate their positions, and face punishment? of course. peaceful negotiation is infinitely preferable to deposing them by force or killing them.

but one incredibly crucial truth that almost always gets overlooked is that–in the real world–liberators like Rose Quartz commit revolutionary violence in response to the brutal, everyday violence of oppressive systems like Diamond-ruled Homeworld. to question whether Rose was “right” or “justified” in shattering Pink Diamond without first asking and dwelling in the question, “what led Rose to make the extreme decision of taking Pink Diamond’s life?” is to ignore the experiences of the victims of the Diamonds’ constant violence: all non-Diamond gems and all life on Earth. 

that Rose and the Crystal Gems resorted to violence speaks to the urgency of what was at stake (i.e., the Diamonds were destroying the Earth and all its life, as well as shattering defiant, defective, or mistaken gems left and right; they couldn’t afford to wait any longer for the Diamonds to listen or realize that they were wrong). 

of course it would have been better if Rose could have convinced Pink Diamond to stop being a murderous, genocidal tyrant; but murderous, genocidal tyrants like the Diamonds seldom listen, and would probably have shattered Rose, Pearl, Garnet, Bismuth, and all the other Crystal Gems before they did. (plus…yeah. that’s what the Diamonds actually tried and are still trying to do.)

now that he’s going to confront Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond personally, Steven will hopefully start to recognize these material realities and truths. if he does, then his decision to re-bubble Bismuth–while still horrible and inexcusable; her continued suffering and vilification should never have been reduced as a point in Steven’s arc of ~becoming woke~–may start to be recuperated, assuming he frees her soon afterward (although Rose’s will not be).

I’m not saying that the WANTED arc will either “fix” or “break” the show…but–yeah. the WANTED arc has the potential to either repair or decisively break the show.


I did it again. This time with Y Malik, I wanted to play around with that hair. This one was a lot harder than the head-shoulder Bakura one.

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These two kids were gaveling a dance battle that became like, an avatar the last airbender bending style battle, and everyone gathered around them and cheered, but they got broken up cause no one could see anything and the teachers thought it was a fight

It seems these happen a lot

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In your own opinion, what element would the RFA (+ V and Saeran) bend? Like Avatar: The Last Airbender style, if you've seen the show. :)

I think I binge-watched “Avatar : the last Air Bender“ up to the book of fire when the series finished. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to watching Korra’s arc, but I’ve at least read the synopsis (I know it’s a sequel, but I like referring to it as an arc). T_T


RFA as elemental benders (Avatar: The Last Air Bender style)

Zen and V are such free spirits (as most artists tend to be), that they would be air benders. However, I have a feeling that V would have the special skill of spirit projection. Meanwhile, although the skill is related to water, Zen would still have precognitive dreams.

Jumin would be an earth bender, but of the metal (and later on, sand) kind

Jaehee is also an earth bender, but she upgrades to lava bending

Yoosung, even with his sunny vibe and cheerfulness, would be a fire bender who also upgrades to combustion bending

Surprisingly though, even with their fiery red hair, Saeyoung would be a water/ice bender while Saeran would be a blood bender.

And Rika? Rika would be a spirit bender. I mean, how else would you explain her manipulative abilities?

In direct contrast to Rika, MC would also be a spirit bender, but they use their skill to heal, so they could be classified as a healer-type spirit bender, or they could even be the Avatar (as one anon kindly pointed out)

But…! Let’s not forget about Vandy~ He’d definitely be a fire bender who specializes in lightning.