avatar the last airbender drawings

  • Zen: *runs into Kiki on his way to Mitsuhide's room*
  • Kiki: oops, wrong room.
  • Zen: sorry, did you need to talk to Mitsuhide, too?
  • Kiki: no, not me. *walks off*
  • Zen: *enters room without knocking* Hey, Mitsu-
  • Mitsuhide: *lying across bed with a rose in his mouth, surrounded by candles* hellooooooo- Zen! *spits out rose, sits up, and poses "casually"* Why would I be expecting anyone different?

I seem to have a thing for drawing grumpy people sitting 😅 maybe it’s a sign for me to get up more often while working 😭 Some sketch/doodle highlights in between work. (Also, thank you all so much for the continuous overwhelming support. A lot has been happening in a different part of my life and I am barely keeping pace. I’ll make a more formal thank you post soon!! ❤️)

and so the saga of these a+ drawings continues