avatar the last airbender confessions


Pairings: reader/Hanbin

Genre: Angst/ fluff

Length: 1.732

Request by @bomsenpai : hanbin’s angst scenarios, please? when he get closer with ur bestfriend (female) and you got jealous. one night, you, hanbin and her had dinner together and he ignore you. you try to talk with them (hanbin and ur bfriend) but hanbin get angry and yelled at you, he said hurtful things to you. you really mad at him and want to break up, but he regret it. happy end please?💕 sorry for my bad english T___T

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“Who are you texting?” You asked your boyfriend of 2 years, Hanbin, as you wrapped your arms around his waist and tried to peer over his shoulder.

“No one,” was his response as he quickly stashed his phone away from sight and turned to face you and played with your hair, “why would I ever want to text someone when I have you right here to occupy all my attention.”

You leaned into his touch and were content for the first time in weeks. You and Hanbin had been treading on thin ice for a while, arguments always seemed to appear out of nowhere and were nearly impossible to avoid. Times like these where you could hold each other with nothing hanging above your heads were rare, so you enjoyed the moment milking every last drop of happy that you could before things turned sour again.

“What have you been up to all day?” You asked swaying to two of you back and forth.

“Nothing much,” he said looking away and you could tell a bomb was about to drop, “I saw Carol at the coffee shop around the corner, that’s about it.”

You stopped swaying and tried to make eye contact with Hanbin. Carol was your good friend who you knew Hanbin had been texting for a few weeks. Occasional you would sneak up on him from behind and find him smiling at a text from her. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions but things had been looking pretty fishy between the two of them for a while.

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“I’m so sad that the ATLA live action movie turned out to be so bad that fans deny its existence. Before I went to watch it I read some interviews with the main cast and the boy who got to play aang seemed to be so genuinely happy that he got the role and was able to show his material arts skills on a big screen. That interview made me really happy, but then the actual movie turned out to be so awful. I can’t help but feel bad for the cast.”

I watched ATLA when i was like 11 or something, and before that i hadnt seen the ending yet. Maybe its because i saw the whole thing looking at it like it was just another cartoon, but really to me its PERFECT. as in i dont understand why people complain, no matter if its because of ships or not, if you look at the show as a whole its pretty much the only thing ive ever seen that was literally perfect.

I want Yellow Diamond to be like Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender) or Ultron (Age of Ultron).

I REALLY want Yellow Diamond’s personality to be like Moriarty’s [BBC Sherlock]. They seem like one of those calm-but-insane kind of villains. Like she’d crush a gem with a completely straight face.
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