avatar the last airbender confessions

There is something I like to call, ‘The Batman Principle’, that has been steadily lost to superhero media over the years. That when you have super-powers, they become your hammer, and every problem becomes a nail. This is masterfully illustrated all throughout the episode “Sokka’s Master”, of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The principle is that lateral thinking, taking advantage of your surroundings, leadership, cunning (like kicking dirt in someones face), are less likely used by powered characters, and integral to non-powered ones. Non-powered characters are now succeeding ‘because they’re awesome’, unoriginal powered armor, or magical hacking powers, instead.

Would they be protective fathers? (Aang, Sokka, & Zuko)

Aang: I know that he’d protect his children against imminent threats. But, he is a big believer in people going their own paths. I think he’d be more lenient with his children than his friends would. I think Aang would be the least protective of the fathers.

Sokka: I can definitely see Sokka being overprotective with his children, especially if he had daughters. He’d probably expect more independence out of sons & keep his daughters under his brawny wing. Seeing as how he treated Suki in 2x12 & how he was protective of Katara in 1x16 when Aang accidentally burned her hands. When I think of Sokka, one of the words that I associate with him is definitely ‘protective’. He has an alpha male nature & has a traditional view of men/women roles.

Zuko: Don’t touch his daughter or you’ll get burned (literally)! XD I can see him dotting on both his sons & daughters, reminding them that he loves them all the time since he never got that from Ozai.  I see him being gentle & careful with both genders, never letting his hot temper get the better of him around them.

What do you think?

I want Yellow Diamond to be like Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender) or Ultron (Age of Ultron).

I REALLY want Yellow Diamond’s personality to be like Moriarty’s [BBC Sherlock]. They seem like one of those calm-but-insane kind of villains. Like she’d crush a gem with a completely straight face.
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I watched ATLA when i was like 11 or something, and before that i hadnt seen the ending yet. Maybe its because i saw the whole thing looking at it like it was just another cartoon, but really to me its PERFECT. as in i dont understand why people complain, no matter if its because of ships or not, if you look at the show as a whole its pretty much the only thing ive ever seen that was literally perfect.

I can imagine Jasper’s redemption would be like Zuko’s from Avatar, where everyone is willing to accept her except Katara, who in this case stands as Lapis. (They both bend water and Zuko’s scars is like Jasper’s stripes omfg) and see how “I must capture the avatar” compares to “I must battle Rose Quartz” lmao.


“I’m so sad that the ATLA live action movie turned out to be so bad that fans deny its existence. Before I went to watch it I read some interviews with the main cast and the boy who got to play aang seemed to be so genuinely happy that he got the role and was able to show his material arts skills on a big screen. That interview made me really happy, but then the actual movie turned out to be so awful. I can’t help but feel bad for the cast.”

I’m drawing serious parallels between Peridot and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender because just like him, Peridot is spending individual episodes bonding and interacting with each of the main characters and slowly erasing their previously negative impressions of her. I’m curious to see how different Peridot’s ultimate test of her redemption will be. Will she confront Jasper or Yellow Diamond about her change like Zuko did with Azula and Ozai, or is this going to take a unique twist? I can’t wait to find out!