avatar the last airbender

- Firebenders with burns on their hands and feet from their own flames

- Waterbenders shaking because they are surrounded by water, there is just so much of it.

- Earthbenders constantly covered in dust and not fully getting it when people comment on it, because its dirt, its clean to them.

- Airbenders wishing that their culture hadnt been lost for 100 years.

- Firebenders crying when they learn all the bad things that had been done for 100 years.

- Waterbenders who cant heal for rubbish, who move in jerky motions and get the same results as the other benders.

- Earthbenders getting horribly sick from most forms of travel because they cant feel the earth under their feet.

- Airbenders who spend so much time in the air they feel more natural in the air then on the ground

element aesthetic #4 : air

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A:TLA Preference #1: Favourite Thing About You

Aang: Aang’s favourite thing about you is your smile. He loves being the reason you smile and he constantly tells you how infectious your smile is and how adorable it is.

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Katara: Katara loves your eyes, she says she always gets lost in them. You think that your eyes are just boring, but she says she can see all the stars and constellations in your eyes.

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Sokka:Sokka fell in love with your desire to learn. Whether it be cooking, bending, meditation, you name it and you are eager to learn it; and he loves that.

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Toph: Toph likes how you lovingly joke about her blindness but you still make sure she’s okay with everything she’s doing. You joke about her blindness as much as she does and she loves it. She doesn’t like when you constantly ask her if she’s okay, but she understands that you’re only asking because you care.

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Zuko: Zuko adores how happy you are to see him all  the time. It was hard for him to get used to it at first, but seeing you happy made him happy.

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