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The thing about Quan Zhi Gao Shou is, it’s a story that really seems to get what playing an action-based mmorpg/moba is like. Sword Art Online is neat in concept but mechanically weak, getting weaker every iteration; Log Horizon is pretty generic and economy-based rather than combat-based; and as much as I love the original .hack// series, it explains zero on the gaming side of things, veering more on the side of eerie philosophy.

On top of that, those three I just mentioned are all under the conceit of ‘trapped in a video game, so the game is reality now, so no limitations on experience’ - which is great and all, but those kind of high stakes really lose the ‘game’ aspect of the story. 

So, even though I’m just a casual gamer, I really appreciate how QZGS manages to capture and convey how playing a really good game feels to a player. I can even backtrack, mentally re-translating everything in-game on the show into what actual game visuals might look like and how it might feel to see that as a player. That’s neat, and I’m loving it.

Also, it’s an engaging character-driven story, and I can appreciate that. I like how the protagonist is an adult and how the story has humorous moments without going over-the-top with comedy, like ½ Prince does. Though, that’s not fair - they may both be mmorpg settings, but they’re targeting different demographics.

What I’m really appreciating is the absence of fanservice though. A game anime without fanservice but with skilled female gamers. Well-appreciated, I hope it keeps it up.

I seriously don’t get why the ATLA comics get so much hate.

Of course they’re not going to hold up to the cartoon, but they’re artistically stimulating, full of action, plot-driven, and most importantly, THEY CONTINUE THE EPIC STORY WE ALL LOVE WITH ALL OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS!

I’m personally grateful for the comics.  Thank you Bryke and Gene.


Katara, you have advanced more quickly than any student I have ever trained. You have proven that with fierce determination, passion and hard work you can accomplish anything.

  • Katara in the show: I don't care what you all think I'm going to guise myself as the painted lady and help this town, and I'm going to hunt down my mother's murderer and get revenge sorry I'm going eff you I make my own decisions, I love you and respect you, but I speak my mind and make my own decisions because I am an independent person who can call my own shots and discover what I think is right on my own and voice my opinion to my peers when I disagree with them and stand up for what I personally believe is right, and against what I on my own think is wrong because I am an independent, intelligent person
  • Katara in the comics: Look, Aang, I totally disagree with you about this colonial issue. I think that biracial families are important, and Zuko might have a point here about this, and we should listen. But, I support you because we're dating now so we literally must be attached to each other and I will blindly follow any choice you make because I am your girlfriend so if you want to murder Zuko, our friend who saved both of our lives, taught you fire bending, took a bullet for me, and who we took into our friend group, in cold blood over a political disagreement that you assume makes him like his father because you disagree and Kuei attacked, then go ahead I will support you because I love you and that is exactly how an egalitarian relationship for a feminist like me, Katara, would function! Also I am not your arm candy at all and serve a greater purpose other than being jealous and kissing you and supporting you blindly like a walking bimbo