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So, after more than a week of hashing it out (and going off topic several times lol), the joint translation project of @lesvaleurs​ and I is done! I wanted some Chinese translation help (I only speak Cantonese so my reading and Mandarin comprehension isn’t great) and I asked lesvaleurs if she wanted to help. She agreed and this is the fruits of our labour! Here is our translation of the opening song for “Quan Zhi Gao Shou,”  信仰 (Xin Yang). 

The King’s Avatar - 全职高手 (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)
Opening theme: Conviction
Composition/arrangement/audio-mix: Sun Yujing  
Lyrics: Xiong Ke; Liang Sha
Singer: Zhang Jie
Translated by: Hotarla & lesvaleurs

In falling snow and freezing wind; in the remnant shadows of street lamps
The footprints of the past fade away.
Under the night sky, listening to
The overture of return.
The Thousand Chance Umbrella,
It’s sharpened point shining
Just as it did in the distant past.
See a single spark
Starting fires through desolate plains
Burning into us our unyielding will.

Starting again from scratch,
Reaching the pinnacle of brilliance.
Journeying forward
With you by my side.
Conviction composed by a decade of passion
Glory will never end.

*Translator’s note: When I first saw the line “燎原八荒,” I tried to translate it separately on its own and, no matter what I did, I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. After adding the previous line “看星火” and, after a long discussion, lesvaleurs pointed out that the lines may be a reference to a Chinese idiom. “星星之火,可以燎原” is a Chinese idiom which means “a single spark can start a huge blaze.” With the two song lines combined, it became “看星火, 燎原八荒” which takes the two characters “星火” from the first half of the idiom and “燎原” from the second half.

On another (possible hidden meaning) note, lesvaleurs pointed out that a certain saying, “兴欣之火, 可以燎原” happens to be popular in the fandom. 兴欣 (“Joyful Flourish” or “Happy” depending on the translator) is the name of Ye Xiu’s team, named after the internet cafe he works at. It’s a play on sound and pronunciation from the original idiom listed above as “星星” is pronounced “xīngxing” while “兴欣”is pronounced “xīngxin.” In other words, “兴欣之火,可以燎原” plays on the original idiom, turning it into “Joyful Flourish’s spark can start a huge blaze!”

universeal-yahoo-1  asked:

How do holoforms work? I know that they are used to fill in the drive seat in alt mode but are they an extension of a cybertronians mind or camouflage? How can the lost light crew in mtmte all fit into ultra Magnus alt form's cab and drive it?

Though some other continuities, like the live-action movies or Prime, just use holograms to stand in for drivers in vehicle mode to avoid the sight of a driver-less vehicle attracting undue attention, the IDW “holomatter avatars” you’re asking about are very different. They’re made of solid light, so they have physical presence, and a Transformer can project their avatar from some distance away. They direct it with their mind and can even speak through it. These avatars don’t just exist inside their cab to be a phoney driver, they are genuinely a way for a Transformer to physically “be” somewhere their robot-form can’t go. They’re basically a remote-controlled, fully-functional fake person. Here’s Ultra Magnus using his on Nebulos to infiltrate a building while his body remains safely outside, disguised in alt mode.

That’s how they can all get into Magnus’s cab and drive him - cause they’re really there!