avatar portraits

I think all of us need a cute Zuko, Mai, and Izumi portrait in our lives. Hope everyone likes it and if you share please give credit!

Wow, this is my first actual post on this blog…:P Hehe I wouldn’t get used to it but who knows. Love you all!


Drew up some really quick Roll20 tokens for my new party for the SKT adventure I’m running. Feel free to use em if you like em! 

Disclaimer: the tiefling is mostly based off of another artist’s image, a reference provided by the player. I just drew it into token form for his use. So that’s not my design.

I drew a Peebee in watercolours. Super excited about the new mass effect game and I think Peebee might become my new space wife.

Also thinking of opening 10$ commissions for watercolour portraits like this, if anyone is interested please send me a message!