avatar legend of korra

Friends! Korra fans! How are we not supporting this? Lego is willing to make an official Legend of Korra Legos is this set gets 10,000 votes. Really. You can vote on the official Lego site. You have to register, but it only takes a minute. Isn’t that worth it for LEGEND OF KORRA LEGOS?!!!

Look at this set! You get a little Lego Asami! Now you can have Lego Korrasami! Finally! You get a cool little Lego Amon too, and you can Lego ship him with whoever you want. You can build a Lego ship and ship Amon on a ship with his Henchman (who also comes with the set)!

Mako and Bolin are here too! Everyone likes those guys!

Plus you get one of these, which is pretty cool. Korra needs something to beat up. Asami needs something to fix and then pilot around. The girls have gotta keep busy!

So please, please, please spread the word! Go vote,and tell your friends to vote, and reblog this so everyone can vote. there’s only two days left, but if we make this happen we’ll have Korra Legos forever, and that’s just as good as a 5th season (no, not really. but I’ll take what I can get)!

Here’s the link!

Pai Sho Board

So after going back and watching ATLA for like the 5th time I decided that I needed a Pai sho board. So i went on craiglist and after a bit of searching I found this guy for $20.

Heres what I did.

Pre table) I made a mock up table on paper to see what it would look like (it was pretty rough)

1) I marked an 18 inch diameter circle (standard playing size) on the table, then using an orbital sander, sanding sponge, and a chisel I sanded off the varnish and stain within the circle.

2) I drew the lines on the table and then used a wood burner to darken up the lines and give them grooves.

3) Next I Frog taped the parts I wanted to stain Red and used clothes and sponges to apply the stain, after the appropriate amount of time I took it. (the stain was thin enough that it was able to get under the frog tape so I had to go back with sand paper and touch it up on some of the lines)

4) After waiting a day I taped and stained the yellow portions.

5) After waiting overnight, I sprayed a layer of clear finish over it, unfortunately I wasn’t super careful and just used what I had and didn’t check to make sure it was crystal clear, so it turned the white portions about as yellow as the yellow portions, but I’ll survive.

6) Now that the board is finished I had to get some pieces to play with, I got mine made of Birch wood for this Etsy store.

So there you have it. Thats how I put together my pai sho board. Hope it was helpful.

Remember as a wise Pai sho player once said, “While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing”