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a lovely korrasami moment, i miss these dorks 

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Today was my birthday! I’m old!

My gift to y'all is a line-art I did while my power cord was broken and I had the flu. Feel free to play with coloring it.  I’m going to get to coloring it eventually, hopefully, but now that my computer is working again I want to prioritize the OTHER Korrasami paintings I’d started.

Follow me if you like this, because I’m on a serious kick. Seriously, 2 other paintings and 4 other line arts in the works. XuX;

Korra isn’t really giving a tour…there is still so much in the Spirit World she hasn’t had the time to see. They’re experiencing a lot of firsts together.  

Follow me if you like this!  I have lots more Korra art in my print shop, too.  Also check out Stuffinfluff, because she helped me animate this!  I drew all the assets but I do not know my way around after effects like she does!