avatar harry potter crossover

Like chill with the crossovers and AU’s people. I’ve seen too many crossovers and AU’s for out there for Voltron.
So here’s a list (add if I miss anything)

Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Avatar (I really like a lot of the fan art I’ve seen for it)
Lion king ( y'all had to do this one case lions)
Emperor’s new groove
Sailor moon
Big Hero 6
Kim possible (who decided this one but hey Keith in a crop top
Leo and Stitch
How to train your dragon
Steven universe
Gravity falls

Punk Shiro
Gangster Shiro
Emo Keith
(Full) Galra Keith
Transform into Galra Keith
Altean Lance
Prince Altean Lance
Altean Pidge
Arranged marriage
Mermaid Lance
Druggie Keith (I had read it on wattpad. Why tho)
Druggie Lance (why tho)
Flower shop
Baby au
Boy scouts Keith
High school
Beyonce (???)
Pet shop


Discussion of Bentley and Torako and silly crossover au things led to this.

Bender verse: Torako is an earthbender with aspirations of winning a pro-bender competition, but who (one way or another) suddenly finds herself without a team. She recruits Bentley (a waterbender who never really went for the whole fighting applications of the craft) and Dipper/”Tyrone” (still a dream demon, however that would work, who masquerades as human and fakes firebending through his demonic powers) to help her out. Is it cheating to have a demon on your team? Probably, but as long as he acts normal and remembers to keep his face to the human side of things, no one needs to know.


Hogwarts verse: Sorting was influenced by the theory that the sortee’s choices - their values, the traits they aspire to and/or hold in highest regard and want to be the most - sway the hat far more than their abilities…though it will argue if it feels that the sortee is choosing out of a misplaced lack of confidence rather than actual aspiration (i.e. I know I’m not smart/brave/cunning/loyal enough for the house I want the most…). Thus Torako is very swiftly made a Gryffindor, while Bentley stays under the hat for a little while debating the merits of various houses until he settles in Hufflepuff. There he defies all expectations by not only showing an initial and almost worrysome interest in demons (really just a belief in the goodness of Alcor the Dreambender thanks to his father’s research and bedtime stories), but also by demonstrating a keenness of mind and interest in learning (especially Ancient Runes) that rivals the Ravenclaw stereotype.

How Alcor comes in is anybody’s guess. Perhaps he sneaks himself an invitation, “late” due to “homeschooling” or no. Either way he somehow shows up as “Tyrone,” has an interesting conversation with the Hat, and convinces it to place him with Bentley regardless of all else. (words around that picture are “Yes, hello. I am a perfectly normal human, Mr. Hat. Now place me in Bentley’s House, or else. The yellow one. Please-thanks.”)

Torako plays Quidditch. She was initially a Chaser, then she tried the Beater position and found it was way more fun, whacking heavy balls with a great big bat and trying to unseat opponents with them.

Robe designs taken from this post.