avatar fancast

everyone’s pumped about book three of korra, and so am i!  but instead of whipping up some korra-based-art, i decided to throw it back to the series that started it all with a portrait of katara based on the lovely lupita nyong'o.  (forreal, she’s been one of my fan-casts for a young-adult katara.  it’d be rad.)

like this piece?  want something similar for your very own?  consider commissioning me!


Korrasami movie star AU! (feat. Julia Jones and Li Bingbing), with Korra as the next big thing box office sensation action superheroine who really does all her own stunts and Asami as a swanky A-lister-turned-executive. They meet making a terrible all-star holiday rom-com where they play romantic rivals, but behind the scenes is a different story (¬‿¬)