avatar dolls


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Vincent on Cactus juice is a wonderful thing!

Sad thing is, That was the last bit of Cactus juice Fritz had on him, so thus, Vincent went back to his majestic blood bending ways….Why Fritz had cactus juice, we shall never know probably…

Sooo….Cactus juice Vincent= Vincent from the “it’s at scripted AU” ahahahhaah



have an avatar au related thing!!!

I think the Avatar AU may be taking over my life send help

Well! These took awhile to draw out, though I won’t deny that they were fun to draw. I’m considering doing these for the others, but then I’d have to think up a quote and what sort of thing the shadow thing would have and then there that whole “get motivated/time/inspiration/ blah blah blah i’ll shut up now bai.

Blackest Night AU: The part where mysticbaconslice’s Avatar AU Doll goes against rebornica’s Mythology au Vincent possessed by a Black Lantern ring… oh dear…

Edit: seems I mislabeled; Rykitsu made the mythology au, right? or was it a collaborative effort? I need to tag this correctly so everyone gets credit :(

“No Vincent. No more…”

Welp wanted to draw something today :D lol xmas inspiration. Dont know if i should color it but i might. Anyways this is mysticbaconslice design of Doll in the avatar au.

I’m not sure if this is what she was saying herself but i heard dolls actually the avatar. I could see he go all avatar state on Vincents ass.