avatar concept art

Korra update! Getting there :) 

Really excited to get this piece finished in between work! I’ve got some idea’s of where I want to take it and what I want to do with it - all shall be revealed soon! <3 

On a seperate note - I know fellow artists/tumblr’s have had a rough week over the pond! Sending all my love and support <3 


Avatar- Thanator

A passion project for the director James Cameron, Avatar was a worldwide phenomenon upon its release, a spectacle of CGI and world-building taking viewers to the far-off planet of Pandora, populated by all manner of beautiful and terrible wildlife. A fierce predator that emulated an insectoid jaguar, the Thanator is an apex predator of Pandora, with massive jaws and massive, powerful legs capable of rendering most other creatures into pieces. 

Same character, painted and drawn a year apart! Scared myself a little with this one - I constantly get asked about how to improve your art and I always say the same thing, hard work and practice!

 If you are dedicated and passionate enough, the improvement will happen on it’s own :)  


Drawing TOPH from Avatar the Last Airbender! Was super fun and enjoyable to put together, enjoy! (▼∀▼) 


I posted this just a couple of days ago, but it’s a major improvement over my previous drawings of Tartarus’ relativistic jets.

I still haven’t quite been able to live up to the power I imagine in my mind is behind this guy’s breath but I’m getting closer. Now you just have to imagine a deep electronic bass noise playing as he launches it. 

Tartarus Alpha/Omega comes across as awkward and almost adorable in the comics, but this is only because he is always seen with Stella, who is already established to be his friend. 

The supermassive black hole has a far more ominous side for the rest of the Universe…

New Kuvira in action against the Avatar! :3 super happy with how this costume turned out and glad I got to shoot with @riansynnth even though I missed her epic group D:. Deffinatley wearing her to @emeraldcitycomicon

Kuvira @vertvixen
Korra @riansynth
Photo by @firstglancephotography


Background designs from the final episodes of Book One: WATER, Episode 18: The Waterbending Master / 19 & 20: The Siege of the North (Part 1 & 2). By Elsa Garagrava, Bryan Evans, Mike van Cleave (not sure about Konietzko, or others). Scans from ”The Art of the Animated series“ (order)

Bryan/Mike: The Avatar is a travelling road show, we rarely spent more than one episode in any given place. Being in the Northern Water Tribe for three epiosdes gave us the oportunity to further develop a complex location and explore it from many different angles. || Much consideration was given to what materials the Water Tribe would use in their architecture, due to their limited resources. In many places throughout the city, the structural supports were fashioned from whale bones, while Waterbenders formed the ice into beautiful buildings, bridges, and sculptures.