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The mystery of Aang's blocked Chakra!

I don’t know if this has ever been mentioned or talked about before, but, guys, when Aang is fighting the fire lord he is forced to take refuge in a earth ball protecting him from the firelord if only for a little bit.

This is important. First, it’s literally Aang’s go to defense mechanism. His air ball he rides around on, the air ball he forms in his avatar state and it’s similar to the sphere he was “hiding” for a 100 years.

Think about it the creators are literally ending the story in almost the same way it began. Aang was forced to come out of his frozen airball by Katara and the need of the world. When he comes out Aang is all but still the same kid who ran away from his destiny and “failed” his people all those years ago.

Now he’s facing a man who feels no remorse over the slaughter of his people. Aang is forced back into a ball of protection all the while hearing how his people never even deserved to live and that he was weak. But Aang’s not weak he’s holding his own against Ozai. Everything Ozai is saying to belittle Aang is only filling him with more power even though his rock ball is breaking apart.

When it finally breaks the only element left is air. The element of his people. Aang knows he might’ve failed his people but he will not fail the world. He can’t disappear, he can’t run. He has to end this.

And then boom! Aang hits his back on a rock, directly on his lightning scar and then we get all these flashes of when he was shot down and flashes of all the past avatars. This whole scene stands to remind Aang that he cannot fail, not again.

Maybe it wasn’t significant enough in how he unlocked his chakra but after paying close attention to all the details in this round or rewatching I realized something about Aang’s blocked chakra.

People continue to assume that his chakra is still blocked because he refused to let Katara go, but in Crossroads of Destiny Aang literally blocks himself off from the fight to let Katara go in order to access the avatar state. He had to unblock this chakra to even enter the Avatar state which means letting Katara go wasn’t the reason his chakra was blocked after being struck down. I think the real reason is connected with how Azula struck him down, and the failure that comes with that. He lost that fight, he died. There is no getting around that and in the Awakening when Aang wakes up he feels like he failed the world all over again. This is made more obvious when Katara is treating his back and he is thrown back into the moment he was struck. He was watching the exact moment where he felt like he “failed” the world again.

Now we all know Aang has a major fear of failure and this just adds to it. By letting himself be struck down he let himself fail. Thus this is how his chakra is blocked.

And now in Sozin’s comet Aang is backed up into a wall, trying to avoid the Firelord knowing that if he gives up he fails the world, again. But then he’s thrown into a rock, forced to relive how he failed the world and he resolves deep inside himself that he’s not going to fail again. He forcibly reminds himself of who he is. He is not just the last airbender but he is the Avatar. And he will defeat the Firelord. This is why he finally is able to access the Avatar state in the finale.

And then it’s a big slap in the face to Ozai when Aang comes out of the rock and latches onto his beard and sends him on the run. Because how dare he call the Avatar weak. How dare he call airbenders weak, call Aang’s people weak. In these moments Aang is not only feeling fear of losing the war but also unbelievable rage at Ozai for saying all this things. But this time when Aang enters the avatar state and with the help of the past avatars he can control his emotions and channel them into defeating the Firelord.

Not to mention that the first strike Aang throws at Ozai is a powerful windgust, because even though he’s feeling the power from all four elements, air is rooting him and letting him stay in control of his Avatar state. And this is the reason Aang can stop himself from killing Ozai. Aang is in control and stays true to his people.

And that ladies and gentleman is my reading of Aang and Ozai’s fight. This show means way too much to me.


How To Open The 7 Chakras As Described In A Children’s Show

The Seventh Chakra
The Track Team - Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Seventh Chakra

this is a beautiful recurring theme/leitmotif i noticed in atla. really a pattern of a few notes. it’s never been released or titled but i think the seventh chakra is apt

it shows up in book 2 chapter 19 the guru, when aang is facing his cosmic self and trying to unlock his final chakra, which he interrupts when he has a vision of katara in danger, and then again when he tries again in the crystal catacombs of ba sing se in the climax of the next episode and whole season, book 2 episode 10 the crossroads of destiny. i also noticed it in book 3 episode 6 the avatar and the firelord, first when roku is confronting sozin, then later when roku and then roku and sozin are fighting the volcano that would end in roku’s death.

i’m keeping my ears open for it in the rest of the series and korra, but i’m pretty sure these are the only uses

it’s a totally epic and emotional theme, and i find it interesting where they chose to bring it back for roku’s backstory. the seventh chakra is the one that deals with pure cosmic energy and achieving enlightenment, and is blocked by earthly attachment. i feel like this theme signifies that attachment and being unable to let go of it– it’s obvious with aang and katara, but its use with roku also reveals his attachment to sozin, ta min, and worldly possessions like the village he dies trying to save. there’s a lot of emotion and turmoil wrapped up in it


The fourth chakra is located in the heart. It deals with love, and is blocked by grief. Lay all your grief out in front of you. You have indeed felt a great loss. But love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us.The Air Nomads love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love. Let the pain flow away.

The fourth chakra is located in the heart. It deals with love, and is blocked by grief. Lay all your grief out in front of you. You have indeed felt a great loss. But love is a form of energy, and it swirls all around us.The Air Nomads love for you has not left this world. It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love. Let the pain flow away.
—  Guru Pathik
Elements of Mind/Body/Spirit.

Water is Thought,

Water purifies the Earth.

Earth is Body,

Earth resides within Air.

Air is Spirit,

Air stokes the Fire .

Fire is Soul,

Fire give the Heat to help You grow. 

Water cools the Heat to allow growth. 

Water is Energy. 

Water becomes Body

Body becomes Thought.

You are Infinity,

You create The Light.


ianwaffles  asked:

You found the finale of avatar disappointing, I was wondering if you'd elaborate further? I really enjoy the finale and while I still notice its flaws I find that I was ultimately satisfied with the conclusions for the characters and the scene at Irohs Tea shop I think was a perfect final scene for the gaang, (though I still find the kataang at the end disingenuous) Love this blog! its great to see Avatar dissected so thoroughly even after all these years!

Let me clarify that I was not at all disappointed at the time of my first viewing, being overwhelmed by the spectacle and all of the emotions around the series coming to an end. I still really enjoy the finale; however, Aαng’s character arc doesn’t stand up as well to rewatching as the others’ do.

Aαng had four major lessons to learn in order to become the Avatar:

1.     You can’t run away from your problems. Aαng has trouble with running away in episodes like “The Storm” and “The Desert”, the byproduct of being an airbender. He had to grow and develop, for example in “Siege of the North” and “Day of Black Sun”, to stand his ground and be there for his friends when he is needed. But in the finale, when his friends are pointing out that he has to kill the Firelord, he throws a tantrum and storms off. Later, when he is actually battling Ozai, he ends up hiding inside a ball of Earth just like he was when he was frozen in a ball of ice after running away from home. It’s baffling that this parallel was intentional, considering the lack of character growth it suggests.

2.     In order to master the bending disciplines, you must master their mindsets. Aαng constantly repeats and preaches about the wisdom of the monks, and tries to keep their culture intact. However, we see over and over again in the show that Aαng is not just an airbender; in order to be the Avatar, he has to value all the Four Nations as one. But in the finale, just look at how he takes the advice of Avatars past! Rather than listen respectfully before making his decision, he discards one piece of advice after another, not trying to find what is best for the world, but only looking for something that will validate him and his particular beliefs until Yangchen chides him for it. He even says of his elemental opposite, “I knew I shouldn’t have asked Kyoshi!”, and concludes, “Maybe an airbender will know where I’m coming from!” This is not indicative of an Avatar who treats the wisdom of all four nations with equal weight.

3.     In order to control the Avatar State, you must clear your chakras. The entirety of Book 2 built up to the moment when Aαng had to let Katara go in order to master the Avatar State. But as we move toward the Book 3 finale, we see Aang more and more attached to Katara—not just loving her, but possessive, jealous, and entitled. Then in “Sozin’s Comet: Avatar Aαng,” Aαng’s chakra gets cleared by a convenient rock with no spiritual input, leaving his control of the Avatar State in the hands of luck, rather than self-discipline.

4.     You must work hard in order to achieve your goals. Aαng was an airbending prodigy growing up; like Azula, he never had to work hard to achieve mastery over his element. So throughout the show, one of his challenges was having to accept that there were things he wasn’t a natural at, such as earthbending. Sometimes, as with firebending, he would have to come back to an element and discard his preconceived notions about it in order to succeed.

But in the finale, Aαng doesn’t have to work hard to master energybending. He doesn’t have to work at all! He swims to the lion turtle in a semiconscious state; he has the ability to energybend handed over effortlessly; he masters the discipline in an instant, with no training, and is successful the very first time he tries it.  This flies in the face of episodes like “The Deserter”, “The Guru”, and “Bitter Work”, all of which stress that patience and perseverance are more rewarding than instant power-ups and superior bending skills.

Sadly, Aαng’s  role in the finale didn’t do justice to all of the struggling and maturing that he had experienced beforehand; neither did it reinforce preexisting messages that the show had taught us. The Kαtααng endgame was just the last in a long line of “achievements” that Aαng, by the show’s own standards, was not entitled to, but gained anyway because he was the hero and had to come out on top.

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Can you do one for Aang?

002 | Give me a character & I will tell you … 

  • How I feel about this character: Aang is one of my favorite characters of all time, if not my favorite character of all time. He really grows up through the course of ATLA and I love his arc. We first see him as this seemingly carefree, joyful child … 

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… but we soon find out he’s actually a young boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he’s breaking, consumed with guilt … 

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… but he learns to confront his fears … 

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… and uptake the responsibilities he once tried to run away from …

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… but definitely not without his personal struggles …

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… and by the end of the series, he’s not only this immensely powerful bender and Avatar …

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… but also this mature, young man that you can’t help but be so proud of. 

(this GIF is from this beautiful set here ///sob)

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Katara and Zuko. 
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: I really like Azula and Aang. Even though I don’t regard the comics very highly, I do like how nice Aang is to Azula in The Search. Treats her better than her own brother, sheesh.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t think Aang’s actions in Bato of the Water Tribe were too out of character for him. His moment of weakness revealed some of the fears and doubts he harbored. I think it’s quite realistic that a kid his age in a world that’s suddenly changed so much would be scared that his only friends would leave him. It’s not like the show condones what he did either - it very obviously portrayed Aang as in the wrong. I think it was a good episode for Aang’s growth as a character. 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish ATLA explained more clearly how everything worked with Aang’s chakras, the Avatar State, and the how The Lion Turtle bestowed Aang the power to revoke Ozai’s bending. If you just take a moment to look at everything laid out, it’s easy to make sense of how Aang was able to unlock the Avatar State by physical force. However, it seems to confuse a lot of people and it turns them off from ATLA as a whole, or at least Book 3: Fire. And, even though I feel like it was an appropriate ending and I appreciate the meaning behind it, the whole Lion Turtle thing and energybending thing was just the taaaad bit rushed. Aside from that, the only other thing I wish for was that Aang’s scene with Katara in the EIP was a little less vague and unresolved. Again, I don’t personally have much of a problem with it, but the whole thing about Katara being “confused” throws people off and gives them the impression that she was unsure about her feelings for Aang, and not unsure about the timing of their relationship. I thought it was pretty straight forward though.
  • My OTP: Kataang, oh my god, so Kataang.
  • My cross over ship: I honestly have no answer for this one! Heh, I’m not typically a fan of crossovers.
  • A headcanon: Aang is the cutest, precious, sweetest thing that has ever been concieved? 

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Oh wait … 

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i know the book 3 finale is a total mess when it comes to resolving the issue of aang and the avatar state but something has been really bothering me. in book 2, we know aang initially refuses to let go of his attachment to katara. however in the fight under ba sing se against azula and zuko, we can assume his "i'm sorry katara" is because letting his attachment go means knowingly endangering her by (momentarily) leaving her to deal with the firebenders on her own but he knows he has to do this+

+for the greater good. we then see him entering the avatar state deliberately (without being in a state of incredible emotional upset) until azula shoots him down, suggesting that he has in fact successfully unblocked the chakra, at least the spiritually. but why then in EIP does he say he would be in the avatar state if his chakra wasn’t blocked? if he has let go of his attachment to katara, he should have mastery over the AS, meaning he wouldn’t just go into it from being upset?

also, if he really had let go of his attachment to her he would not behave so possessively and entitled in EIP. so the fact that he says “if i hadn’t blocked my chakra i’d be in the AS right now” as well as his possessive behaviour towards katara would have me believe that after ba sing se he has regressed in the spirituality needed to unblock his chakra. and seeing as there is nothing after EIP where his feelings for her are addressed we have no reason to believe he unblocked the thought chakrain which case a rock to the back is useless. the only way that rock thing makes any sense is if aang did in fact successfully unblock the thought chakra but azula’s lightning blocked the flow of his chi at the point of his injury, 

in which case perhaps the impact of the rock shifted whatever was causing the block. but if this were true and aang unblocked all his chakras, why would there even be a possibility of him accidentally entering the AS when he was upset in EIP? am i making sense?

Don’t worry, you are making perfect sense. It is the Avatar finale that is making everyone’s head spin.

You are correct: Aang did successfully “let Katara go” when he was willing to sacrifice her temporary wellbeing in order to unlock the final chakra and ascend into the Avatar State at the end of Book 2. It’s the only time we see him successfully go into the Avatar State under his own power.

I believe that the chakra has a physical and spiritual component to it (otherwise, why would the Guru change Aang’s diet when he’s trying to master the chakras?). As such, Azula’s shooting him with lighting could be a physical blockage only. But in “The Awakening”, we receive evidence that the wound is not just physical; it is spiritual in nature, too. That’s why, when Katara tries to heal him, Aang experiences flashbacks about what happened.

Throughout the rest of that episode, Aang is angry, bitter, and lost. He goes off on his own, a regression back to his running away modus operandi when things became too difficult for him in earlier books. He shuts out Katara, and it is only when he has a vision of Avatar Roku and Yue combined that he regains his determination and emotional balance. Spiritual intervention wouldn’t be needed if Azula didn’t damage Aang metaphysically, as well as bodily.  

Wounds that are a combination of physical and spiritual trauma are consistent with A:TLA’s mythology. Consider Appa in “Appa’s Lost Days”; Appa’s wounds were more than just physical, as well:

Guru: Oh, dear. You’ve been through so much recently. Hurt and betrayed, so twisted up inside. You’re still full of love.  But fear has moved in where trust should be.

This is very similar to Katara’s diagnosis of Aang:

Katara: I can feel a lot of energy twisted up around there.

Aang tasting defeat, Ba Sing Se falling, Aang having to hide his identity, Aang feeling like he let everyone down … all of that negativity resulted from Azula’s attack, and the fact that after Aang says, “I need my honor back,” the episode immediately cuts to the scarred side of Zuko’s face, is a pointed message to the audience. Not only are Aang and Zuko on similar spiritual journeys; they have also been spiritually wounded as the result of a grievous injury.

Honestly, it makes a lot of sense for physical injuries to result in spiritual wounds as well; we see it all the time in real life. And Aang does seem to have completely nixed the earlier selfless attachment to Katara he briefly felt at the Crossroads of Destiny. This in and of itself is fine; Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all that. But the problem is that, since the wound is physical and spiritual in nature, merely hitting Aang’s back with a rock would—as you said—do nothing. Compounding that, there is no sign in Book 3 that Aang has let go of his attachment to Katara again, especially since during the last conversation he has with her alone, he demonstrates self-centeredness, possessiveness, and a lack of regard for Katara’s feelings. Aang would have had to undergo a spiritual journey at the end of A:TLA that we never got to see in order for his controlling the Avatar State in the finale to match with the build-up of the story.

I feel like the Byakugan had so much potential from it’s very beginning. Even by the end of Part 1 alone, where it recieved the most of its development, it already had plenty of broken abilities at its disposal. So I will be exploring the Byakugan’s abilties, the potential of those abilities, and how they could have been used or how they were misused or nerfed.

Byakugan’s vision

The Byakugan’s all-seeing capabilities presented  several oppurtunities where it could have been used effectievly but was completely ignored by Kishimoto simply for the sake of plot. We know that the Byakugan can see the difference between every person’s charkra colors, as shown with Ao noticing Shisui’s chakra flowing through Danzo. Yet, when Hinata ran into Obito during the Itachi Pursuit Saga, where she had her Byakugan active, she somehow missed Obito’s Sharingan and Kakashi’s Sharingan releasing the same chakra. Simply to avoid Obito’s identity being revealed so easily, one of the Byakugan’s abilities was ignored.

Another example of this would be with Kaguya. The Byakugan has a vision of 50 M at its most basic, which can be extended multiple times over should the user choose to do so, with Hinata being able to see as far as 20 KM. Naturally, this would mean Kaguya should have no problem seeing around her. Yet, she missed a massive Susano'O and Sakura being behind her, leading to her being punched and sealed away. The argument that Sakura somehow slipped into the Byakugan’s blindspot makes no sense as, one, that fact is secret to the Hyuga alone, and two, the blind spot is far too narrow for a human to hide behind, as shown with Kidomaru only ever being able to barely hit Neji with his daggers. Simply to shoehorn Sakura into a Team 7 moment, one of the Byakugan’s abilitiies was ignored.

Another instance of Kaguya’s Byakugan not being used simply to aid her insect-like opponents win the battle is when Obito and Sakura snuck into the Core Dimension along with Naruto’s clone. And how did they veil their presence form Kaguya? By hiding behind a hill. And all it would have taken was for her to activate her Byakugan to see them their and prevent them from saving Sasuke.

Another instance of Kaguya’s Byakugan being ignored is when she fell for Naruto’s transformation feint, where he transformed into Sasuke in order to trick Kaguya, which is what ultimately lead to her being sealed again. This makes no sense since the Byakugan can easily tell the difference between people’s chakras, and even if Kaguya was unfamiliar with Naruto and Sasuke’s chakras, this would be irrelevant, as not only would she still be able to see they’re diffrent, she would also be able to see the Sun and Moon seals on their hands regardless of any transformation. 

Finally, there’s Momoshiki, who is in a similar boat to Kaguya. See, its more than apparent that both Kaguya and Momoshiki are massively powerful opponents, far powerful than both Naruto and Sasuke on one on one’s, if not so powerful that defeating them was far too unrealstic for Kishimoto to implement without bending the rules. After all, you have a powerful opponent with an all seeing eye who can absorb chakra, so neither brute force nor sneak attacks can work on either Kaguya or Momoshiki. This is why both of them were defeated in such painstakingly awful ways. With Momoshiki, the explanation given is that Bolt was able to hit Momoshiki with his invisible Rasengan, which makes no sense, as, just like Kaguya, his Byakugan, and even his three Rennigans, should have been able to see the chakra there, even if the Rasengan wasn’t visibly still there. Simply due to shoehorn Bolt into a fight way too big for him, one of the Byakugan’s abilities was ignored.

Momoshiki’s Byakugan’s ability is also ignored when his opponents, like Kaguya, are able to trick him with transformation techniques in order to act as decoys, along with allowing Bolt to sneak in close to hit Momoshiki with his Rasengan, which also wouldn’t be possible if the Byakugan’s abilities were put into consideration,

Divine Rotation

The Divine Rotation is essentially the same as a Susano'O for the Byakugan, acting as a thick barrier of Chakra, but it has an aspect that puts it above the Susano'O in the repelling force it has. Not only that, but we’ve seen both Neji and Hiashi’s Rotations, based on the size of the craters, to be even bigger than some versions of Sussano'O, so it is clearly a ery powerful defense.

The Divine Rotation was shown to be able to block the various wooden spikes showered upon the Shinobi Alliance. Neji notes that the reason that his Rotation was unable to block all of the wooden spikes was simply due to their sheer numbers, and not their speed or force. As such, it makes no sense for him to not have blocked the, what, three at most wooden spikes that were heading towards Naruto’s direction. Now one can argue that Neji wouldn’t have been able to use Rotation in mid-air, but Neji already displayed the ability to spin around in the air during his fight against Naruto in the Chunnin Exams, so simply ejecting Chakra while doing so would not be impossible. Alternatively, even if we were to ignore this argument, Neji could have just as easily used Rotation on the ground to block those three or so wooden spikes .Again, one of the Byakugan’s abilities was ignored for the sake of the plot.

Gentle Fist’s Lethalness

Another way that the Byakugan was limited/hindered was the lack of display of just how lethal the Gentle Fist’s power was. We only ever saw the three fights where a Byakugan user fought other people (Neji VS Hinata, Naruto, Kidomaru), whereas all other later fights were against non-human beings (Zetus and Juubi). As such, the Gentle Fist’s deadliness against normal humans is not displayed much, but it is still there. We see when Neji fights both Naruto and Hinata, he constantly tells them to back off and give up if they don’t want to die, a clear indication that Neji was not going all out against either of them with his Gentle Fist. Yet, even with him holding back, his abilities still enabled him to overwhelm both of his opponents to the point that they weren’t able to stand. However, with Kidomaru, we see that, when a Byakugan user attacks with the intent to kill, they can take down an opponent with one or two strikes, a true testament to how deadly the attack is against people. And yet, we never see a Gentle Fist user fighting normal opponents ever again, almost as if Kishimoto was aware that pitting Taijutsu users against such people would result in short fights due to how fast they’d be killed. 

Blowing Up Bodies

During his fight with Kidomaru, Neji killed Kidomaru’s Spider Summoning by using the Gentle Fist. Neji struck the spider and began ejecting it with Chakra, and it began blowing up rapidly from the inside, until it exploded. And yet, what happened after this? We never saw this lethal, body-exploding ability ever again from any Byakugan user. A technique that kills from inside out within a few seconds is never used ever again. Another example as to how overpowered Kishimoto made the Byakugan to the point that he had to ignore its abilities.

Destroying Chakra

It wa said by Neji that the Gentle Fist can destroy any substance made of chakra simply be injecting chakra into the said substance, and this was displayed by him twice against Kidomaru’s webs and Kisame’s Water Prison. Of course, this is only usable against substances that don’t instantly hurt the user, like Water or Earth, whereas trying to use this on say a Fire or Lightening style technique would likely yield negative results for the Byakugan user. This could have been used against and defeated plenty of opponents, such as destroying Sasori’s or Kankuro’s Chakra Strings, destroying Deidara’s clay, destroying a Susano'O or a Bijuu Avatar, destroying 

Bypassing Chakra Cloaks

The Gentle Fist displayed the ability to completely ignore Chakra Cloaks granted by Chakra Modes, as Hinata was able to use the Gentle Fist to fix Naruto’s shoulder despite him being in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. This would mean other Chakra Cloaks like the Tenseigan Chakra Cloak or Lightening Style Chakra Cloak would easily have their defensive capabilities ignored by the Gentle Fist.

Medical Ninjutsu

Byakugan had ample, ample potential to be a killer aid for medical ninjutsu. Outside of the obvious ability to provide better insight into the human body thanks to its penetrating and enhanced vision, but the Byakugan also provides high-levels of Chakra Control to its user, as stated in the Twin Lion Fists’ databook entry, meaning the Chakra Control needed for techniques like Mystical Healing Palm would already be present in Byakugan users from birth, making them natures and medical ninjutsu.

Eight Gates

The Eight Gates are said to be nothing more than unique Chakra Points located within a person’s Chakra Network. And the Gentle Fist is used to forciblly open Chakra Points. Thus, it isn’t impossible to say it would have been possible for a Hyuga to use the Gentle Fist to force open their own Gates without needing to train. Imagine an antire clan of people capable of opening the 7th Gate at will without training.

Increasing Chakra Flow

During the Chunnin Exams, when the Gentle Fists’s abilties were being explained, it was said that the technique could be used to both increase and hinder chakra flow, yet we only ever saw the latter ability being used. It could have been that the former, increasing chakra flow, could allow a Byakugan user to gain a boost in speed and power by striking at their own Chakra Points to increase their chakra flow.