avatar appa

I’m donating this drawing to the Anime Boston charity auction for the National MS Society. The convention is March 31-April 2, and the auction is on April 2. Mike and I also signed some cool stuff you can bid on too: a chibi Aang figure; a Korra poster book; and a plush Appa. I’ll post about it again when it’s closer to the event.

Voltron: Legendary Defender & Avatar: The Last Airbender - An Important Comparison

Lance & Sokka

- blue oni

- puns

- 90% drama


Keith & Zuko

- red oni

- angry

- needs to chill


Shiro & Katara

- leader

- mom friend

- trademark hair

- beautiful

Pidge & Toph

- smol

- green

- sarcastic

- will fight you

Hunk & Suki

- pragmatic

- sensible

- trademark headband

- *long-suffering sigh*

Allura & Aang

- last of their people 

- frozen in time

- cinnamon roll

- tattoos

Coran & Appa

- the best friend

- luxurious facial hair

- comic relief

- transportation

Aang didn’t survive being frozen

Because he never was frozen. Not really. He and Appa were encased in what I suppose you would have to call spirit energy.

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You can see the glowing avatar energy pushing the water away from Aang. And the ice forms around that. They were encased in ice, as in a container, but they weren’t themselves frozen.

It’s the bursting of that container which releases the energy that was keeping them in a sort of stasis. That release of avatar spirit energy is the light that Zuko sees shooting into the sky. And with the energy gone there remains (most of) a hollow sphere where it used to be.

Basically Aang and Appa survive being frozen by not being frozen.