avatar animal guide

finally finished this!

Avatar Luffy resting with his spirit companion, Sunny the Lion Turtle! Sunny is the last baby Lion Turtle in the (mortal) world. Luffy named him Sunny because his mane looks like a sun.

i made Sunny a Lion Turtle because that’s the only animal that really fits Sunny, and really, if anyone would find the last of an extinct species, it would be Luffy. plus, a Lion Turtle would be an AMAZING Avatar animal guide

Naga has been in ever LOK trailer

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3


And yes, I understand that she is in the Book 4 clip, but that was around the beginning and I guess a lot can happen in three years :’(

Or maybe (hopefully) she just stayed with Katara in the Southern Water Tribe, but why would Korra just leave her? Can’t know until they tell us. :/

Naga could have at least gone to the Spirit Portal with Korra (North or South, but probably North), but she’s just alone

And this part just gets to me

Korra is in the Desert and she falls to her knees. She is completely alone here. But why does she fall to her knees? She just might be lost, or something else, but we all know what happened in the desert when Aang and the gang were there.

Aang lost Appa, and while he was with his friends….he was alone. 

I’m probably over thinking all of this. Just like when Korra was kidnapped by the Earth Queen and we didn’t see Naga in the clip and everybody thought the Queen was going to eat Naga. Watch her be completely safe and alive.

It’s just sad because either way, it just looks like Naga won’t be too involved. If Naga is dead that’s just horrible and would cause me to ugly cry, but if she’s alive, that just means Korra did leave her (omg now that I think about it watch Naga be with her the whole time but they didn’t show her). Naga is supposed to be Korra’s animal guide, and honestly, I just wanted her and Korra to be like Appa and Aang, and Fang and Roku, but I just don’t see it happening. 

*Favorite (or most memorable) scenes with the Avatars and their Animal guides*

And yea, I guess Wan and Korra have very similar relationships with their Animal Guides not being able to fly and are not one of the original benders and all, but even Mula (Wan’s Cat Deer) traveled everywhere with Wan in the spirit world. 

Omg I just keep realizing more things as I edit this post.

Wan is the first Avatar and Korra is supposedly the last Avatar.

Wan is male and Korra is female.

Wan is originally a firebender and Korra is originally a waterbender.

Wan had a Cat Deer and Korra has (had) a Polarbear Dog.


I just realized something else, something crazy and short, but I’ll mention it in another post