avatar alphabet

Tokka Alphabet: A series of oneshots

Title: Useless
Setting: Whenever
Viewpoint: Toph
Words: 868

The poor dear! She’ll never have a normal life.

I seem to have acquired higher standards since my hiatus… taking my sweet time with the art. However, we’re finally in the homestretch with this series, as there are only five fics left. I’m itching to finish it and make way for new projects.

heyyyy! so, i just hit 200 followers today (it’s actually more than that now omg you guys are the best) and i did say that i’d make a follow forever when i did! i know 200 followers isn’t very much compared to a lot of other people on tumblr, but like i said earlier, it took me a year to get to 400 on my first blog. and this time, i got to 200 followers in two months! which, to me, is pretty awesome. so thank you, everyone, for being so awesome and somehow thinking that i’m worthy enough to follow. i appreciate every single one of you!

now onto the follow forever! some are bolded for extra love:

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