MidC x Avatar AU

I’m re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender these days and I just couldn’t help myself doing this. What kind of benders would everyone from MidC are?

Alyn & Leo - Firebenders; Leo is a fire sage while Alyn is a general of the Fire Nation.

Robert - Earthbender; the Earth King who left his throne in exchange of learning more about the outer world.

Louis & Sid - Waterbenders; Louis is the son and heir of the Northern Water Tribe’s Chief while Sid is his childhood friend who always wanted to leave their tribe and explore the world. In the end, the young Sid actually managed to convince Louis to leave with him and go on an adventure. :P

Albert - Earthbender; he is the head of the Dai Li and the general secretary of Ba Sing Se, the one who took over the reigns of the kingdom when Robert left.

Nico - Airbender; an air nomad in search of his family after he found out, by eavesdropping from the monks, that he has a half-brother in the Fire Nation.

Giles - Waterbender; strongest waterbender in his time and a master of bloodbending. He is Louis and Sid’s Sifu on waterbending.

Byron - Firebender; he is the current Fire Lord and a master of lightning generation or what others would call “cold-blooded fire”. Though he is rarely seen fighting or displaying his firebending abilities, Byron is considered the most powerful firebender in his time.

MC - Avatar; originally a healer from the Southern Water Tribe. Like Louis and Sid, Giles was also her waterbending master. Later on, she was initially taught earthbending by Robert whom she met in one of her trips and subsequently, Albert, when she went to Ba Sing Se. Being a fire sage, Leo was the one who taught her firebending though she spars with Alyn occasionally. Later on, she met Byron and then Nico, who proceeded to give her a beginner’s training on airbending before he escorted her to the Southern Air Temple where she was supposed to find a proper airbending master.

[I wasn’t really sure where to place Byron and Giles but then I thought wouldn’t it be cool to see them doing lightning generation and bloodbending, respectively? And also, imagine Robert metalbending. :D]

let’s talk about how amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender is for a second
  • Fantasy world not based on typical medieval Europe
  • Was a children’s show that openly discussed war, death and genocide
  • Had several handicapped characters, one of whom was the show’s most powerful person
  • Every single character was a person of color, drawn to represent Asian and Inuit peoples
  • Had a character story arc centered around both emotional and physical parental abuse, whose arc was about learning that they didn’t need the parent who abused them
  • Three dimensional writing that rivals even most adult dramas
  • Characters dealt with sexism in society
  • Showed citizens on both sides of the war, including showing how the people in the enemy nation were merely influenced by propaganda and an oppressive regime
  • Had romances that developed overtime and actually talked about the issues of forming a relationship instead of just “and now they’re in love.”
  • Characters died. On a children’s show. Characters who you fucking knew! Who had story arcs and were their friends and were kids like them!
  • When those characters died, they left an impact. It wasn’t ignored after a few episodes, the feelings they had for these characters stayed through the entire show
  • Had environmental messages that weren’t cheesy, and they made you take the destruction of the environment seriously
  • SUPERB world building, fleshing out many cultures and histories that always felt real
  • Had a magic system that never felt like magic. It always felt natural and like a solid part of this world with rules that couldn’t be broken
  • The cute animal sidekicks weren’t just there to sell toys. They were characters who had so much emotion to them and were vital parts of the show’s dynamic. Also, the animals never talked yet somehow still portrayed an insane emotional level that some Disney films only dream of
  • Spawned a sequel series that dealt not only with sexism, but with sexuality, religion, and the benefits and dangers from the rapid progression of technology

The point is, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the greatest shows of all time and the proof is right there