I Was Able to Get A Mod for both Sokkla and TyZula week.

(and perhaps a second on both). @firelxrdsdaughter was awesome enough to volunteer! In other words, it looks like both weeks will be happening. They however, still will probably only be mini-weeks (either 3 or 4 days each).  

So I’m gonna go ahead and start working with the appearances for both blogs. With that said if anyone is interested in making an icon or/and a header that would be awesome, if not I’ll try to make a lil’ something myself.

Edit: @fanwright is also a mod for Sokkla week and @eevachu is a mod for TyZula week. 

Ozai-Endeavor: Shouto shut the fuck up

Okay so I love Todoroki and Zuko, they are basically the same person, they look alike a lot anddd they both hate their fathers. But think at it for a moment. Endeavor is a really good parent if compared to Ozai. Come on, he cares a lot about todoroki, protecting him and cheering for him, even if he’s strict. On the other hand, Ozai… Woah man, calm down. He moved his nation to war for…pride? Evilness? He has always preferred Azula to Zuko (“Azula was born lucky, you were lucky to be born” remember? How nice of him) and we all remember how Zulo got his scar, right? He offended his father by mistake, and when he knelt in front of him to apologize, Ozai give him his scar and order him to go after a myth, because the avatar back then was purely a myth, for his entire life. Ozai even tries to kill him! So yeah, Todoroki Shouto, I love you but don’t bitch too much.