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Moribund Malediction

LATimes: Aiming to diversify storytelling, Ava DuVernay expands scope of film distribution collective

“There’s a generation of filmmakers of color and women whose primary concern is that no one will see their work,” DuVernay says. “And that is a huge barrier. They’re asking, ‘Why make something if no one will see it?'”

Though new platforms have created opportunity, the number of women and minority filmmakers remains startlingly low. A 2013 USC research study, for instance, found that of the 565 directors of top-grossing movies from 2007-12, just 33 were black. And of those, only two were black women. (There hasn’t been a similar study tracking smaller, independent movies.)

"There are all kinds of problems in Hollywood that need to be fixed, but this is one I can do something about because I have the experience,” DuVernay says. “And, I have to tell you, it satisfies me immensely.”