Hey everybody, no big deal… just some AMAZING ARTWORK by @avaruuskala based on one of my favorite scenes from Rat in A Foxhole. 

There is so much I love about this piece, I don’t even know where to start! The mood is absolutely spot on, the use of shadow and stark blacks really create a full scene- ah! It’s so dramatic and perfect! I can’t wait to have the original on my wall! Thank you again for this! 

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any blog recs?

I don’t follow much blogs and most of them are theme blogs, but here are some I follow

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Here you go with some! 


Status: CLOSED

It’s commissions time again! Above are examples of the style, you can find more works on my blog. Here’s how this goes:

  • Will draw: ocs (please provide visual refs), fanart, I can also draw completely original content from keywords concerning character style and atmosphere. No super detailed descriptions, but for example, I could work with “lesbian mermaids with flowers in their hair holding hands”. (That is a really self-indulgent example. This is who i am as a person I guess)
  • I won’t draw celebrities/people from photographic reference or animals/furries
  • Relatively sfw only, suggestive themes ok
  • As stated above, I can draw backgrounds and spaces too! Those will cost a little extra depending on complexity, tell me what you have in mind and I’ll give you an estimated price.

More info on payment etc below!

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my words cannot express how much I love these pieces by @avaruuskala !! when I noticed the commissions-sign on their table ohhhhh boy my heart skipped some beats. I had admired their gorg Jaspers already on tumblr and I got to see the originals and wow Hilda if you’re reading this it was so good to meet you and chat about plants and Jasper’s arms 🌿