OMG! I can’t believe I finally reached 15k! Guys, thank you so much! It was a goal of mine to reach it by the end of the year and I didn’t think I would make it but I did with a month to spare! So really thank you everyone who’s following me to help me reach this goal. It really means a lot to know that you like the stuff I post. 

I thought I’d do a follow forever just so I can recognize everyone that’s I’ve been following from the start and all the people that have made tumblr a great experience for me. Everyone on here is awesome and some of you are bolded if we’ve become close and talk or a mutual of mine. I love all you guys! And if I missed anyone, sorry, I really tried to get everyone I could.

@1againstanarmy, @a-world-of-our-very-own, @aarontaylorjohnson, @ale-la-pazza1, @alka-saelzler, @alphalewolf, @anthonygdelgado, @april-kepner, @aredarrow, @arthurdrvill, @asap-lan, @avarietyofshenanigans, @barryallendaily, @bashooking, @bell-clarke, @bellamy-octavia, @blakelivcly, @boomboxprince, @branstarks, @bratvaolicity, @brosciles, @buckynat, @buckystevens, @burnupmynight, @butyoulooksodifferent, @canariesatom, @capheus, @capsantiago, @cbssupergirlgifs, @charliezthreon, @chriservans, @chrisevas, @chrispratt, @chrrycola, @clarkesgriffin, @comicbookfilms, @commandermickey, @countthesaints, @crucio-you-bitch, @ctessedelafere,

@dan-osborne, @daniels-gillies, @dannywheelers, @darkestnighthour, @darth-hamasaki, @devilmurdocks, @dobey, @drivingshaft, @dylan-obriens, @edward-nigma, @emilybettrickard, @emilyblunts, @emilyvancamp, @emmasneverland, @emmaswans, @emmawathson, @emogla, @erinpond, @fairestregal, @fcknobrien, @fecitysmoak, @feelobrien, @felicitysdiggle, @finnwttrock, @flashallens, @freaoscanlin, @frenchmystake, @fuckyeahhilaryfan, @fuckitsdillan, @fyeahshadowhunters, @fyscream-queens, @fyteenwolf, @fytwolf, @getawaywithgifs, @gold-belle, @goodnightmybestfriend, @grantgustinnews, @gustins, @h4wk-girl, @hawleytime, @hawxkeye, @heartbeat808s, @hennylow, @henrycavilledits, @hiddenxfantasy, @hilaryxduff, @hobroseyberry, @homosessual, @howdy, @howtosavelifes, @htgawm,

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i tried to get this up before christmas ended but kmplayer was being a butt. BUT i reached 600 followers forever ago and it’s follow forever season so EY.  i’m doing it a little bit different this time bc i really follow 500+ (i don’t want to say the true amount omg) people. the amount of fandoms i’ve joined – and thus, the amount of blogs i’ve started following – this year is insane.

first things first, the baes:

@knottysterek | @lakemacalania@jimgordoned | @whitelie | @jonesjessicah

secondly, the crushes:

@laurelance | @queenofthequarter | @ohmyheda | @martinskimistletoe | @mssweetserialkiller | @nathanshales | @miikaela 

and finally, the lovelies:

@spaceponcholou | @damnit-stilinski | @xthatsclaudia | @delecour | @loveveronicas | @sterekmess | @jacksonwhittesmores | @sarcasmfox | @laurelvictory | @meechwoods | @boydthebeta | @grantsrookie | @walshesconncr | @holadnroden | @queensupremes | @weregonnaboldlygo | @jemsleo | @scottmcslut | @foxerica | @werecoyotees | @killlingdaddy | @flowerminho | @faithsumners | @wearethecyclones | @stilesanderek | @acciostalia | @voidsmalia | @blairhumphrey | @haydcn-romero | @bisexualbcky | @daisyjonhson | @foggymurdocks | @theworkwife | @bansheellydia | @felicysmoak | @greeneskyes | @buffyfaiths | @dixondameron | @anya-jenkins | @sqike | @michonnegurira | @ravenqriffin | @hoenns | @slayere | @martinslydiia | @smokesforwolves | @thefirelorde | @vanessah-ives | @alllisonmccalls | @gilbertoptimism | @hisflameinthedarkness | @dreadoctor | @deputystiles | @shenanigism | @barryalleins | @peppermintsterek | @spaceoctavia | @captainamericv | @theobaekn | @bellarkestydia | @kirayukatana | @ginnyspotter | @wandamavximoff | @blackcanaryrises | @cloudsandground | @allisonsghost | @queenmallia | @cinnamonrhee | @truealhpa | @coovira | @argnthunter | @maximoffargxnt | @ochocolate | @alpheccas | @diamondvistaridge | @laurelsalexis | @desertwoofs | @svperlincoln | @regnamills | @laurelscanary | @alnkos | @mistletoeelena | @raven-baes | @lycanthropey | @merrycitysmoak | @ghostydia | @herobucky | @adorkablebuffy | @jschmackles | @specialagentmills | @deadpools | @finndaumeron | @whereisallisonargent | @howeverlongs | @mattdaddvrio | @lovelyelenas | @qvkeward | @jamerscook | @snowallen | @avarietyofshenanigans | @mikaelsonsreign | @nachtvale | @emmawatsoms | @winterbottcm | @meredithgery

and then, of course, there’s my (very long) blogroll

p.s. these aren’t in any order.