ROW 1:

GHOUL: completely dead, but remains alive through sheer willpower. because of this, it’s impossible to change a ghouls mind on anything.

SKELETON: a kind of ghost that feels attached to its past, and pilots its old body with a nostalgic somber mood. they love old timey black and white movies.

WISP: wandering ghost free of avarice. travels forests and moors with no posessions to its name, all it carries is the memories of its own death.

HAUNTED PAINTING: the soul of an artist who worried so much about their work being appreciated after death that their soul manifested itself as their greatest masterpiece. however, this painting is invisible to the living.

ROW 2:

ZOMBIE: a shy ghost who has never known a life outside of their body, and is working up the courage to finally leave it behind. deeply dysphoric about the appearance of their rotting visage.

POLTERGEIST: a spirit of a bratty child, cursed to be invisible but makes its presence known by throwing furniture around. it’s estimated that around 25% of all birds are actually dead, and are merely puppeteered by a poltergeist.

BANSHEE: a dumpster ghost from the sewer that screams and screams and screams, because it’s afraid of bugs and mice. as long as bugs and mice continue to exist, it will never stop screaming.

COMPUTER: a kind of electrical ghost created by humans. it’s good to stay on its good side, because it knows your credit card infomation and passwords.

ROW 3:

CREEPING FOG: ectoplasmic entity, it forgot everything about its life, so its form deteriorated into a spreading mess. it’s the fate of all ghosts to eventually take on this form, where they will all combine into a single conciousness. to humans, this ghost goes by the name of “clouds”

SHADE: dark and sneaky spirit that lives in shadows. it latches onto others and follows them around because it lacks confidence, but unfortuantly this has lead to it falling into some bad crowds. despite this, it remains optimistic that it will one day overcome its anxiety.

TUMBLEWEED: plant spirit who bumbles and tumbles across the earth with no direction, and can only be moved by wind. it’s forever in a state of panic because it worries that one day it will get blown into a volcano.

MUMMY: when it was alive, it fretted about its body deteriorating, and ensured that it would be preserved forever in a tomb, however now its own body is a tomb, and its ghost is unable to leave. the only way it can be freed is if its body is destroyed, something it refuses to allow to happen.

anonymous asked:

Do you know some good fma fics that aren't so shipy? Thanks!


Demon Alchemist- really good; it’s a take on how things would have turned out if Al hadn’t survived the human transmutation. It’s thematically dark, but not in an over the top gory way, and plot and writing wise it’s one of the best Fullmetal Alchemist works I’ve ever read.

We Haunt Ourselves- a one-shot that’s similar to the shared body AU I posted a while ago- the writer does a really good job of capturing the right atmosphere.

Trisha’s Boys- a one-shot in which the Elric brothers are half Ishbalan.

Nyctophobia- one-shot post Brotherhood that focuses on an amnesic Pride.

Under Ishvalla- series on the Ishvalan AU involving Mustang discovering Ed and Al’s heritage and Scar attempting to be a teacher. Nina lives.

Desert Gold- another Ishvalan AU. The Elrics embrace their mother’s culture.


(…they all turned out to be by phantomrose96. Guess she’s the only person’s work I save on this sight…)

Fire Hazard- Ed talks Roy out of doing something he’ll regret.

Giving Tree- Edward will do anything for Alphonse. Plus, chapter two and an interval.

End Game- Maes Hughes is dead, but Roy still sees him.

Experimental- Greed meets Nina.

Like You’ve Been to War- Roy’s memory slips for a moment.

Untitled- Roy, Maes, and irony.


Ambidextrous- Ed was right handed, heavy on the was. Mustang’s team help.

Attitude Adjustment- Alphonse shows that he does, in fact, have a temper.

Rapacious Avarice- incomplete story on a time traveling Greedling from the Devil’s Nest perspective.

Gold From Lead- Edward is mistaken for Roy’s son.

A Dish of Herbs- Doctor Marcoh has issues when it comes to saving himself.

Born of Ashes- series of drabbles on the Homunculi.

{Intro: Boy Meets Evil} - vocab list

이름 n. name
날 n. day
밤 n. night
손 n. hand
숨 n. breath
피 n. blood
입술 n. lips
꿈 n. dream
길 n. road, path
빛 n. light, sparkle
죄 n. crime, sin
칼 n. knife, sword
갈다 v. sharpen (a knife)
눈 n. eyes
감다 v. close [shut] one’s eyes
미래 n. future
현실 n. reality
악마 n. devil, demon, evil spirit, Satan
욕심 n. greed, avarice, selfishness
야망 n. ambition, aspiration
독기 n. virulence, venom
양심 n. conscience
지옥 n. hell
나팔 n. trumpet
비극 n. tragedy
오르골 n. music box
포기 n. abandonment, resignation, surrender
연애 n. love
주위 n. surroundings
시선 n. one´s eye(s); one´s sight; one´s gaze
기적 n. miracle
달콤함 n. sweet
중독 n. poisoning, toxication
병신 n. stupid person, fool, idiot
지뢰 n. land mine
매일 adv. every day, daily
다르다 adj. different
날카롭다 adj. sharp
붉다 adj. red
달콤하다 adj. sweet
매섭다 adj. fierce, severe, strict, sharp
미치다 adj. crazy, insane
좋다 adj. good
뒤틀리다 adj. twisted
울리다 v. echo, reverberate / adj. famous
어두워지다 v. darken, become dim
잃다 v. lose
참다 v. bear; endure; put up with; tolerate; suppress; repress; control oneself
알다 v. know
잡다 v. hold, take
외치다 v. shout; cry (out); yell; shriek; scream
저버리다 v. go back on; turn one´s back on; back down; break (one´s promise) 
느끼다 v. realize; see; feel; find
취하다 v. get drunk/intoxicated
버리다 v.  throw away, discard
깨어나다 v. return to consciousness, come to one’s senses, sober up
건드리다 v. touch
부르다 v. call
잊다 v. forget
생각하다 v. think
찢기다 v. get torn
놓치다 v. let scape, lose

  • Pride: Wolf, Snooty, Noble Shirt, “Viva la me”
  • Avarice: Cat, Snooty, Canary Shirt, “Gimmeow“
  • Lust: Deer, Uchi, Pink Bud Tank, “Squeee“
  • Sloth: Koala, Lazy (gotta cheat there), Spiderweb Tee, “Zzzzz“
  • Gluttony: Hamster, Peppy, Citrus Tank, “Nomnom“
  • Wrath: Bear, Cranky, Gray Parka, “Grrimmm“
  • Envy: Frog, Cranky (gotta cheat there too), Six Ball Tee, “gibgib“