Ava Ire has just shown that she has terrifying power beyond anyones imagination and could easily hurt or kill Odin without a seond thought and,,,,,,,instead of being afraid of her or judging her,,,,,Odin is concerned for her?? and,,,,,,worried about her??? and assures her that he didn’t mean to leave her??? because he knows that this isn’t the real her and is trying to understand Ava instead of demonizing her like everyone else has done her entire life???,,,,,anyway,,,,,bless this boy. bless him.



That was my first reaction.

But I love how Odin, even after seeing Ava set fire and do some crazy stuff is relativity chill. He apologizes for abandoning her (finally) and is like “ Is this because of me?” I thought that was cute. We even get our first look at Pedri in almost a year and he’s menacing as ever. I like how Ava slurs her words like she’s having a hangover off her power. Hopefully Odin will bridal carry Ava to the nearest ship and off to his home planet so we can finally get to know more about Odin. Michelle’s art is beautiful as ever and I love the colorist she brought on, makes each panel more dynamic. 

I’m also in hard Flaming Arrow shipping mode.

May 18 Update


Sorry, Sorry, I got excited. Its just, man this update.


Strategos Six is back, baby!!! Omg, yes!! I knew it, i knew it!! My prediction came true. Michelle wouldn’t have gotten rid of the Strategos Six character right after she introduces them. Strategos Six is probably going to now hunt down Ava, leading to a galaxy wide manhunt/ adventure. Yes, Yes, YEs, YEAS. HELL YES!!

Okay to the smaller stuff,

More Gil calling out Maggie, I feel like she deserves it and maybe she will learn from it. And I like that Gil is being righteous about his cause. I think this brings up a good point, Titan’s society is not perfect, though they try to come off like it. While the lower classes or nonbelievers aren’t given the best (Ava and Maggie’s reeducation planet didn’t give a crap about them) but that can be the exception. Titan has created medical marvels that save countless lives ( Gil’s) and they give a purpose to people lives, (even a slightly twisted one). Its basically any other religion or movement, it has its good side and bad side. It is a grey area that I hope Michelle explores more. When Ava kills Titan, the society will crumble and what will happen to all those whose lives depend on it, or have spent their whole life dedicated to it. Its an interesting outcome I want to see, consequences to Ava’s deal.

To something lighter,

More of Odin’s witty burns, Maggie’s probably should be on fire with all the sick burns right now. Its so good.

Damn, Ava’s destruction is wide-spread. That’s some major damage for it to be seen from space. Wrathia’s powers is something. I love Odin’s smile at it, either representing his happiness at Titan’s misfortune or how little Ava recked the place. Cute. 

That’s all for this week, see ya next week.

Ava’s Demon Discourse: Het Ships vs Gay Ships

People are still complaining so here we go again.

Despite the fact that I already addressed this in my previous post, I’ll say it again; Ava and Odin’s three year age gap doesn’t make their non canon relationship applicable to be classed as paedophilic. No matter how much you guys scream that shipping them is paedophilic and tag any hate against the ship with ‘paedophilia’, it still doesn’t make you right. If anything, it just makes you annoying.

To reiterate on another point I previously made, if a ship makes you uncomfortable, that is fine; I’m not here to dictate how you feel about any pairings within this fandom.

Having said that, just as you guys are entitled to your opinions, I am also entitled to mine, and if you lot won’t keep your opinions to yourself then I won’t either.

I saw a post recently spouting the usual anti avaodin spiel, but what really caught my eye was the line, “if you’re so desperate to ship het, ship Wrathia and Pedri!

Now, for starters, I’ll ship whatever I fucking want, so don’t give me that “ship x/y instead!” nonsense. I’m not shouting at you telling you what to like and who to ship because really, I couldn’t care, and it’s not my place to govern your interests.  

Secondly, I have shipped more gay couples in my life than there are canon gay couples in the media. I don’t ship Ava and Odin because they’re a het couple, I ship them because I like the characters and I like them together.

Never in my life would I have thought I’d actually say this, but having someone say “if you’re so desperate to ship het” has made me question if anyone would give as much of a shit about Ava and Odin’s three year age gap if they were a gay couple instead.

Here’s an example; in the tv show Teen Wolf, Stiles is canonically 16 and, at the time I was watching the show, Derek, a character people shipped Stiles with, didn’t even have a canon age. Everyone in the fandom made guesses as to how old he could be, trying to use what little information we had about his past to determine how old he would currently be in the show. Everyone in the fandom guessed him to be in his early to mid 20’s, aiming at around 21-24 years old.

Out of curiosity to see if his age had ever been confirmed (since I had stopped watching the show after season 4), I went to look it up and the first thing I found was this;

So if Derek’s 15 in 2001, by 2011, he was 25 by the beginning of the series. So by now (Season 6, in 2014), Derek is 28 years old.

Need I remind you that Stiles’ age from season 1 through to 3A was 16 while Derek was 25. There is a nine year age gap between them.

But it’s funny how no one seemed to care about any nsfw art or explicit rated fics that were created for a gay ship with a nine year age gap but everyone gets their knickers in a twist about a het ship with a three year age gap.

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lesbiantsuyuasui  asked:

flaming arrow prompt: ava finds out odin is the host for wrathia's husband

- Who Are You, Really?

He was seated on the couch half-dozing as they waited for the ship to reach its destination. Gil had vacated to the other side of the vehicle in a not-so-subtle attempt to get as far away from himself and Ava as possible. Maggie had attempted to follow after the boy but considering the argument he’d heard taking place soon afterward, he was under the impression the younger teen had been rebuffed and sent away. Heh, serves her right for lying so much. Karma always came back to bite you in the ass for things like that.


Odin’s gaze moved towards the fourth and final occupant of the ship, currently laid asleep on the sofa beside him as if she had no care in the world whatsoever. You would have never thought the girl capable of decimating an entire TITAN headquarters if you looked at her now.

Her eyes moved beneath her eyelids as she shifted, and Odin jerked when Ava rested her head against him, the abnormal heat from her skin seeping through his clothing. It was like having a human hot water-bottle pressed against him. Just as he was questioning what to do with her, he felt it.

A wetness on his shoulder.

“Urgh-!” Shoving her off the sofa he recoiled away, the “dangerous alien” landing with a thud and yelp.

“W-Wha….” There was a pause as she quickly took note of her surroundings at the abrupt awaking. Then, another when the relalisation of what had just happened sunk in. “Hey-! What the hell!?” Pushing herself up, Ava pinned him with a sharp glare which he easily returned.

“Y-You drooled on me!”

Her eyes widened at that, anger giving way to embarrassment and cheeks flushing golden. “I- I did?”  Her voice was a squeak.

He pointed to the wet patch upon his sleeve. Her eyes took it in, face burning brighter and seriously- was this really the same girl who had annihilated an entire haven of TITAN followers?

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AU where Odin and Maggie work in the police force and are called into their boss’s office.
(Inspired by this scene of course and the FT version I saw of it).

Pedri: Children, let’s not pretend there isn’t a giant elephant in the room here.
Maggie: What the hell is going on?
Pedri: *turns picture frame on his desk around, revealing a photo of Ava*
Pedri: This is what the hell is going on.
Maggie: *stares at the picture, then at Odin, then at Pedri*
Maggie: ….Oh shit.
Odin: O-Oh no.
Pedri: Oh yes.
Maggie: *laughing hysterically* This is the best thing ever! Odin is dating the chief's daughter!!