Kyoto , JAPAN
At the Old Harizanmai studio …
March 2014
One night stand , 1m20 bodysuit painting
With Gotch and Gakkin
Such a good performance
If you want to see this painting she’s now at the new Gotch’s shop call Scrow Art in Kyoto …
I know Gotch since more than 10 years now and he’s now one of my close friend , we used to tattoo together at tribal act Paris and is one of them who show me the way of understanding what we all want to understand !!
Cause the mixing of the east and the west he tried to developed at that time was definitely next level !
It’s one of the most avantgardist japanese tattooer to me …
I guess Sabado & Genko in 2003 was just blowing my mind for sure ….
But gotch was more keeping the tradition in his advangard to me !!!
He’s the master of Gakkin and we all can say he was at the best school !!!
Because tattooing is not making a drawing on someone with no background ….
And because everything come from somewhere !!!
And with no stories nothing make sense except just a big lie …
That’s why i’ll start to tell you mine and my perception about it ….
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