avant guardian

Zoe and the Doctor: A great act!

I keep thinking of how the Doctor picked Zoe up like a tiny doll and hopped her over the trigger alarm in THE MIND ROBBER.  So cute!

“Once the Doctor had checked that his ship was undamaged, they left the TARDIS on the shore where it was relatively inconspicuous, and went in search of more bubbles. The second of the night was disappointingly empty, but the third, in a back alley in Bloomsbury, contained Zoe. The Doctor stood beneath the bubble and managed to catch her when she fell: it looked to Flora like a well-rehearsed circus act.”

From the short story, AVANT GUARDIAN, where the Second Doctor enlists the help of FLora Millrace, a Time Lady exiled to Earth in 1968, in finding Zoe and Jamie trapped in Time Bubbles.  This whoe thing (and otehrs) are found in SHORT TRIPS:  TIME SIGNATURE and the pdf is free to download at krizma ebooks.