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Getting Creative...

So it’s been a little while since I’ve had the chance to really get creative with makeup, as I’ve dedicated a lot of my time this past year to my channel - sharing with you all my professional makeup tips & techniques, more or less face-to-face rather than just on here, on Tumblr, in writing. 

One of my last posts shared a few ‘behind the scenes’ mobile images of makeup I created from last Thursdays’ shoot with photographer, Martin Higgs
But I decided to keep the last look ‘hush hush’ as I wanted you all to see the final result in it’s full HD, colourful, cracked glory!!! 

So…… Here it is!!! 

As discussed in the previous post, I have filmed a lot of the makeup in action from this shoot - so make sure you are subscribed to my channel to see when that goes live!
I will list all the products I used to create this wonderful piece of Art in the description bar of the video - on my channel. 

MakeUp - (Me) Shonagh Scott aka ShowMe MakeUp
Photography - Martin Higgs
Model - Kerry Ann
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova 

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a - age: 18!
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g - ghosts, are they real: for sure
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k - killed someone: i think i overfed my pet once idek what it was it looked like a small lobster
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Janice Lam by Jerry -  Comme des Garçons S/S 2014

NEO S/S 2016

PHOTO: Alek Živković
MUA: Sanja Orlandić Sretković
HAIR : Dacha Hair
MODEL: Marijana Stracenski

This collection was heavily inspired by traditional Maiko, Geisha and Oiran hairstyles named “shimada” as well as “obi” belts, and cultural heritage of the forerunner of modern technology and minimal design, Japan. Handmade jewelry and accessories in my collection are a vital yet individual parts that if taken of can change the visual identity of the individual garment, the whole collection as well as being a show-off of my designing ideas, is an innovational strive of mine to make a fashion product that can be reused unlike today’s fashion makes us believe!