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  • Chen Peng, created his namesake brand in London in 2015. Peng is graduated from London College of Fashion majored in MA Menswear Fashion Design Technology, his works is defined as the One-sized Fashion, speaking for a minority with special body sizes. In Peng’s design aesthetics, there is no boundaries between beauty and ugliness, but to highlight personal styles.
  • Peng’s graduation works have been selected to present in London Collections Men AW16 from LCF (London College of Fashion) Press Show. His collection is designed to empower the fat people in the conventional sense to pursue beauty. Peng created clothes which are suitable for both fat and skinny people by comparing body shapes among different people. This concept is similar to the standard size (one size), which is also applied on the target customers of Peng’s collection, he called it One-sized fashion. If Social Equality is an ideal state that is still far from us, then One-sized Fashion may implement the concept of Equality in advance.
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• Lance is an aspiring fashion designer still studying in university

• he struggles with the theory portion of his fashion classes, and prefers drawing for his portfolio

• he specialises in women’s runway outfits, all avant garde and insane designs

• Keith is an up and coming textile prodigy, he was recruited by a high end fashion company called Altea when he was still in his first year of university, after representatives saw his handmade designs at a university fair

• Keith still goes to his uni classes, but he makes designs for Altea on the side, meanwhile Lance is working his ass off trying to get noticed by them

• Allura is the head of Altea and frequently models her own designs on the catwalk, she mainly sticks to business though

• Coran is their best manufacturer and tailor ! he can make any design a reality and no one really knows how he does it- some think its magic, others think its the moustache

• Pidge is an intern at Altea, she takes an apprenticeship under Coran and is learning the ins and outs of batch production machinery

• Hunk goes to the same university as Keith and Lance, but studies the retail side of textiles- hes a business whizz !! he also catches up with Pidge on weekends and they nerd over machinery and manyfacture together because Hunk enjoys learning about it in his own time

• Shiro works with Allura specialising in the retail department​ ! he likes coming up with advertising campaigns i headcanon hes a media nerd

• Long story short its super klancy and shit 👏🏻👏🏻✌️🏻