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Can you rec some Sugar Daddy Harry fics?

Give It Up To Me - KrisStylinson - Louis wears a butt plug and Harry plays with it when they’re

Right Now - imaginarybarista - Louis pouts when he doesn’t get what he wants. Harry spanks him, of course.

One For The Money (Two For The Show) - SunshineLouis (chocolate_shreddies) -

Spoiled Brat - AvannahSay - Again, Louis pouts when he doesn’t get what he wants. Harry spanks him, of course.

You Can Be My Full Time Daddy, White and Gold - tired - Harry’s married, Louis’ a 17yo twink who wears lace. Oh, there’s also double penetration.

Breathing Underwater - eversincewefellapart - Not technically sugar daddy or even daddy kink but there’s age difference and rich harry and i really like it.

Lets Go Somewhere Far Away, Baby - bloobeary - Have not read this yet but it’s on my list! Plus there’s a sequel. 

New Panties - Louiscumova - Have not read but LOUIS IN PANTIES!

Shades Of Cool - 75reigns - Louis blows Harry under a table as he plays poker.

Suspenders and Lace - bootyshortslwt - LOUIS IN SUSPENDERS!

Nothing’s Ever Easy - breethebree, Styles_Tomlinson_123 - Don’t think I’ve read this yet. 

Open Your Eyes and See The Way Our Horizons Meet - highlinson - Have not read this yet. 

Orange - zaynmalikj - Have not read but prisoner!harry phoneoperator/uni!louis.

I’ll Keep You Safe Within My Arms - harrytopsok - Have not read.

Daddy’s Home - rimminglouis - Have not read. 

Sometimes Love Can Be Mistaken For A Crime - 5sexualhomos - Have not read.

Two Sugars, No Cream - loveyoulou - Rich!harry uni!louis

Strict - happilylarry - Have not read but it has mpreg!louis!!!

Can you tell that i love sugar daddy!harry?? :)) - Emily

Smut Rec Masterpost

As requested by an anon on the Friendly-Larry-Reminders blog (for which I am an administrator), this is a masterpost of my all time favorite smut fics, which I warn in advance features 100% top!Harry! All fics are categorized into “kinks” and fair warning that this probably will be long, but not exhaustive. As late as this is, prepare to wet your panties…

(Also note that the categories are very general. Many of these fics feature multiple situations or kinks, but the one I chose to sort it under is either my favorite aspect or the most important part of the story. Some of these also combine fluff and smut, while some (most) are just absolutely smutty xx)

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