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Merry christmas, everyone! If that’s what you celebrate. It’s early, because I’ll leave soon and not be there to throw these in your head on Christmas Eve, so you get them on winter solstice instead. That’s also neat.

Gifts for everyone! Almost. Many of the people who I admire or love, at least. I’ll write a bit about each person and gift here, feel free to skip to your own if walls of texts aren’t really your thing.

First, Avanii’s Esben. Of course. Because Esben is a wonderful character, full of mischief and potential. I could not resist drawing him with a proper set of wings, after that small pair that I’m afraid he cannot fly far with D: But practice makes perfect, and I’m sure he does figure out eventually. Which I drew here ^^ I hope you like my little doodle. I really enjoy  talking to you, and I adore your characters. They’re full of good and bad sides, and seems very realistic. And then just chatting with you about art, and you draw wonderful things, and I just simply love most of what you do. Especially your love for underappreciated animals, and then you are just super nice.
Also Esben.

After that, I had to draw PretzilWolf’s Mimi. Pretzil is really nice, and I love to see your art, because you are where I was for not very long time ago, and you are really talented. I mean this. You might need to develop your skills, but you have talent, gal. And then deer. I mean, I love wolves, but how come they because that popular when we have deer? And you draw wonderful deer. It’s a joy talking to you. And you know how to use a reference. That is something a lot of people cannot.
And deer. Deer are awesome.

DreaTheRobot and I have kind of lost contact lately, but I still miss you and consider you a good friend. And I really enjoyed drawing Plantman here. I was worried, but turns out that drawing fanart of characters I don’t even know is not that bad at all! And while I drew this, headcanons happened, and now I really like this guy, even though I don’t even know where he’s from. (Is megaman a game? A show? Some kind of toy? I don’t know D:) You showed me the wonders of the internet, and you have learned me so much. Thank you for being a part of my life, and if you ever feel like becoming so again, I would always love to. But until that, here’s a Plantman for you.

Ah, blinded07’s wonderful Talos-jerk. You know how much I like Akarions, but I’m not sure you know how much I like you? I’m really, really glad to know you. I hope that it is all right that I consider you a friend. I think you have a beautiful way of drawing, and I love Wellina, my Nocarian, dearly, and use her often for doodling in my sketchbook. She’s one of my most used characters. I really liked drawing Talos, and I hope I did hom justice (and mad him sexy enough. I’m asexual, what does that even mean?!)

And HAFFE. I will draw Triaformica anyway, so you will also get some of that, Paperiapina, but I had to draw Hafmar, because he is SO CUTE it’s awful. And you are the most amazing storyteller, your Wurr-comic is really picking up pace, I cannot wait to know what happens next. I did not really know what colour his butt-stuff is, so I was really sneaky and hid it. He looks a little too tall, but I hope you like it anyway!

I followed BronzeHalo for a while, but I left again, which is nothing personal, but I just DO that. I never watch anyone for more than a year or two, except if we’re friends, but I still really love your art, and I hope you will grow more confident with it sometimes. Your characters are wonderful, and you have so much skill. I know it’s hard to believe when only said by people you don’t know, but it is true, and I hope you will be happy with what you do one day <3 I think Lulu might look a bit too sturdy here, but I think he’s my favourite character of yours, so I hope you like it anyway.

Then there’s wyrd66’s Cuneyt Kayahan. And paski in general. How can you NOT love that world? I love the culture, and the anatomy, and the characters, and everything you do is amazing. I hope I got his colours right, and it is some kind of clothing that he could eventually wear. I could not resist showing some paski arm and leg. And I just realized I forgot THE TAIL! -sob- Can we pretend that it is just behind his legs?
But he’s a wonderful character with lots of sides, kind of a jerk on the surface, but at the same time impossible to love. I would love to talk paski or characters with you one day …

nahamut, do I need to tell you anything? You know how much I love your art, and how much I enjoy talking to you. You capture moods and feelings in your drawings, and it’s all wonderful. I hope you will keep doing what you love, and figure out things eventually! I hope I did all right with Deach, I really enjoyed piling chothing on him, but I’m not sure how well I did with his face. It was fun, though!

Enderman for Awesomesam, aka. wonderingsouls. THERE IS NOT WORDS FOR AWESOMESAM’S AWESOMENESS! Sorry for caps. You’re my best internet friend, you’re awesome, smart, sweet, always talkative, you help me, you’re epic. Have an enderman. I don’t really know about the bow? Maybe it’s an enderwoman. I mean, minecrafters kill those things all the time, right? There gotta be some females out there of they have to stay there.
I really hope to meet you one day. But thank you for keep replying to me and listen to my ranting and just be plain awesome and encouraging!

I recently met ookaookaooka on Tumblr, and I really, really enjoy your encouragement! It means the world. And you are pretty talented and skilled yourself as well, promise me to keep making art. I drew Singe, as he is a really nice character. I hope he will find some dragons that are more of his liking … Well, but it was so nice to get to draw a dragon again! I hope I did all right, he was one of the ones that I enjoyed drawing most.

Heisenberg is not a character, but a real fish, and belongs to Elliott. Yup, that was the reason I wanted a photo. I was also curious, of course :3 I hope I drew him somewhat like he is, the photo was not the best reference, but I did my very best. I really enjoyed painting this little fellow, it’s the first time painting a betta. I really enjoy your blog and everything you do for us autistics, and I hope that you will do good in the future and get past your srtuggles.

And the last one is also a pet, elen89’s wonderful cat, Tommi. Elen, you’re such a good friend, and I love talking to you. I would have drawn Tommi for that meme-thing, but didn’t feel like I had the skills back then, but this time, I decided to try. It was kind of hard, as he has so many wonderful colours in his fur, and there were only few reference photos, but I hope it looks all right! I wanted him to look as happy as possible. Thank you for being my friend, for the chatting, and that hooded crow cat that I’m still fangirling about

External image

I hope I did not forget anyone. There is not one single of these that I did not enjoy drawing, and I am glad to know you all, even though some of you might not know me. Merry christmas!

avanii replied to your post: hey hey backwards sewing tip tuesday so i want to…

I often use Copic markers for shading, but I’m not sure if it works well on large areas. Just make sure you brush it out while it’s still wet and give it plenty of time to dry. It does get sticky when multiple layers are used though.

oh ok! i have used prismacolor markers before but i actually never thought to brush it hur hur, i just thought “now it’s sticky and hard this will not work at all.”

what if you’re doing fine details like stripes or something, does it smear at all if you brush it while it’s wet?

zulayawolf replied to your posthey hey backwards sewing tip tuesday so i want to…

It’s actually pretty common to paint faux fur! I recommend either using acrylics and dry-brushing the paint on (you can play around with this, I’ve actually used india ink before too) or using an airbrush. :3

when you dry brush the paint on is it super watered-down? i feel like it would get super nasty super fast if you’re just brushing paint right on D: or does just brushing the fur a lot afterwards fix that?

and i’ve never thought of using india ink before! i have so much of it i should play around with that XD

i feel like i just want to have a pow-wow with fursuit-makers because i don’t really know the first thing about using faux fur i guess, and i have a bunch of it XD

anonymous asked:

Name five people you know, two of one gender and three of another, with a maximum of two family members. Then answer these about them: What is your relationship status?(mother, friend, girlfriend, etc.) Where did you meet? What is your favourite thing about them? What is your least favourite thing about them? If you could go anywhere with them, where would it be?

Angela:We met in first grade, but i hated her so much and now i am best friends with her. i love how she is so mean, because we are the same that way :) , i hate the thing that she is mean at the same time, i would go to india with her, so we could both go be indian rebels. or miami bitch again that was the best time eva.

Sam: I met her in third grade and let me tell ya, that woman *she’s a girl* is my pride and joy. We are freaking best friends i would do anything for her. I love how she is always so fashionable, and funny and how we are presidents… history in the making bby ♥ Her spelling mistakes… lol but we all get a laugh of them :) I would go to washington with her so we can go take pictures with obama and Michelle bitchezz

Avani: we met in 7th gradee ♥. we are the closer than two peas and a pod. I love avani for her clothes, she’s so funny and pretty ohmygosh. Ugh, i hate it when she tells me a little bit of something, and never finishes. we would go to flordia to go buy a house when we retire just like we planned, and go work a disney world ♥♥

Justin: We are currently datingg ♥ we met in ma home townn he is just so hot and makes me laugh and such a nice guy i just can’t. i don’t hate anything… except that time he did pot, i dissaprove bby. we would go together everwhere… ;) even on tour with hikm 9YES IT’S JUSTOIN BIEBER WE’RE DATING OKAY)

Angelo: well idek.. friends i guess. we met in like kindergarden. omg how you act like you are a g but we all know you not… aint nobody got time for that ;) OMG HOW YOU ALWAYS MOCK ME CAN YOU LIKE STOp lol keep doing it I LOVE LAUGHING AT MYSELF♥ lol idk probably new yorkk.

avanii replied to your photoset: Quick morning sketches, god damn guys are hard to…

Can I just say that I really like the way you draw humans? The style is so refreshingly different from what I usually see, it’s great. Keep ‘em coming :D

Ahhh thats neat to hear! haha thanks Avanii! ;;

laurenge replied to your photoset: Quick morning sketches, god damn guys are hard to…

I don’t know who this character is, but I’d love to know more about him! Great design so far!

 I’m not sure yet either ha When I sketched him out he had a different face shape than the rest of the faces I drew.. it was sort of a weird surprise! I decided I would take it and continue to see how he ends out. Thanks! c8

In relation to this post I decided to ‘draw out’ Cheesecake’s markings the best I could. exact colors may be exaggerated and off from her real coloration but it gets the point across. I’ve never seen this type of marking on a mouse and I think it makes her really pretty. Her points may not have come in /that/ much but I am curious as to how dark her points are going to be since Himalayans are a lighter color compared to Siamese. Her tail does transition to a darker shade towards the tip and she’s got such a white belly  that’s bordering the odd dark stripe on both her sides. [my laptop mouse pad coloring doesn’t do her beauty justice -sobs-]

The line art belongs to Avanii and the original line art is here and used with permission. I would’ve drawn a marking reference myself but my tablet pen is out of commission for the time being.