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Imagine you have a really bad day, and you don’t have the energy to talk about it. When your boyfriend knows that you are crying he immediately wants to know what happen but you don’t talk just go with him, hug him and cry.

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Terror attack in Nice: time for a new European order

Another crime of ISIS “anti-imperialism avangers” against French civilians, among them many children, another shame of French security service, another unreliable extension of the emergency state and calls to halt Islamophobia and keep borders open for migrants attracted by that very West they despise.

Driven by a man of Tunisian descent, a truck filled with grenades and arms ploughed into a festive crowd watching the fireworks at the Bastille Day celebrations on the palm-lined Promenade des Anglais in the French city of Nice on Thursday night, leaving at least 80 people dead, up to 50 persons in the critical condition and dozens wounded. Van driver, forcing hundreds to flee in panic, has even managed to get out of his vehicle and open fire on the crowd before he was shot by the police himself.

“France was struck on the day of its National Day, the 14 of July, a symbol of freedom, liberty, human rights denied by these fanatics - and France is obviously their target,” said President of France Francois Hollande. “We will continue to reinforce our actions in Syria and Iraq,” he added.

The French Revolution and the capture of the Bastille are indeed highly symbolic for the French and entire Europe’s historical destiny. As all revolutions in history, it was inevitable. Yet the symbolic meaning of the last night’s attack on “freedom, liberty, human rights” emphasized by Hollande consists in the fact that it has become possible due to over a century-long mechanic application of the main slogan and gain of the French Revolution - the ideological triade “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” As all sacred cows of this kind, it cost a lot. Hence is the paradox for the eurobureaucracy which it’s  unable to resolve: to fight the Islamist terror against the “open society,” it should restrict considerably the latter’s very cornerstones.

Yet it does not imply that in order to defeat the threat of radical Islamism and the replacement of the European peoples by migrants from the third world countries, one needs to become a kind of European “fundamentalist” himself. Equation between the jihadists and the “far right” is just another propagandistic tool in the hands of the failed EU leaders trying to save the day after the Brexit.

Among the fruits of the French Revolution may be found the very terms “right” and “left” of the political science: in the first National Assembly born out of revolution, the left-wing parties sit to the left from the president’s seat, the right-wing, accordingly, to the right. In spite of the undeniable succession between the French counter-revolutionaries, conservative revolutionaries and the New Right, European patriots of the XXth century made it clear: the revolution was unavoidable, the only thing which mattered was the subject of revolution and its program. In other words, it should have been led by the elites capable of raising on their banners the slogans like “Meritocracy, National Justice, Cultural Pluralism.” In other words, it should have been the “Revolution from the Right,” suggested by Hans Freyer in the book of the same title after his balanced take on the French Revolution.

In the new period of the clash of civilizations, eurosocialists lack a theoretic basis and the political will to defend Europe and its native peoples.

It’s time for a new Revolution from the Right. It’s time for a new European order. Have a #Nice_Reconquista!