↳ “Vehkleja” 2015 (The Fencer) 

The Fencer is an Estonian-Finnish-German movie. It is partly based on Endel Nelis life story. Endel arrives in Haapsalu from Leningrad to escape the secret police. He starts working as a teacher and creates a fencing sports club. The school’s principal finds it strange and starts investigating Endel’s past. To the students, Endel becomes a fatherly figure. When news of a fencing tournament arrives, Endel must make a choice: risk his life and take the kids to the competition in Leningrad or put his safety first and disappoint the kids.

It was not nominated for an Oscar but did make it to the shortlist as Finnish entry. “Vehkleja” was also nominated for a Golden Globe. 

Characters in the movie were portrayed by Märt Avandi (as Endel), Ursula Ratasepp (as Kadri), Hendrik Toompere (as the school’s principal), Liisa Koppel (as Marta), Joonas Koff (as Jaan) and Lembit Ulfsak (as Jaan’s grandfather).

While doing promo-tour for their movie “Fencer” for the Golden Globe awards, the actor Märt Avandi said that the American public asked them why didn’t Estonians just call the police when deportations were taking place.