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As to your POC discussion, I always kinda of wanted to see an Indian (or part indian) Diggory. We know that his father is away in India at the time of the events of the books, and it wasn't uncommon at the time for men to take a wife while over there and bring them back to England to live. Unfortunately due to hollywood whitewashing I haven't been exposed to any known actors of that age and decent...

omg yeah i totally forgot about this but yeah digory being indian would be amazing and here’s a list of great actors you can use for edits if you want: dev patel, arjun gupta, karan brar, sasha dhawan, avan jogia, manish dayal… (ugh there’s really not enough poc in hollywood)


Notable actors of South Asian descent in Western Media (from left to right)

Avan Jogia, Mahesh Jadu, Riz Ahmed, Manish Dayal, Dev Patel, Irrfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Aziz Ansari, Ben Kingsley