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The story begins.

Episode One of REX: A King Arthur Webseries - Lance and his brother Merlin welcome you to Avalon.

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Merthur AU

Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon are a famous musical duo called “The Drago(o)ns of Albion”. 

They started out from nothing - Arthur loving to play his beloved guitar and Merlin seizing every opportunity to sing (with the voice of an angel, according to Arthur). They had been friends since secondary school and decided to form this small duo in the third year of their studies, playing in various minor clubs without actually getting paid. However, during one of their performances their talent had been spotted by a local artist manager - Gwaine Knightley. 

He did not hesitate to contact them straight away and that is, in fact, the reason how they ended up here, in the Avalon recording studio, five years after this incredible fluke happened, working on their third album “Just Hold Me (Only For You)”. Merlin and Arthur have noticeably grown as artists, nevertheless, they have also grown into lovers. Which is, of course, a closely guarded secret and no one knows about their relationship… except Gwaine, their friends, their family, their fans and basically everyone who witnesses their interactions. But as Merlin would say (or rather sing): “... only you can set my heart on fire”.

This is for my lovely friend Tracci ♥ I hope you’ll like it, dear =‘)

ezrisdax  asked:

Hi there, my nephew is half-filipino and has been asking about filipino superheroes but is absolutely refusing to read anything but marvel and dc right now and the only one I could find/think of for them was the triumph division and I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of more? thank you!

Hello, I’ll do more research on it once I get over my current tech problems (no computer)

For starters I would recommend the documentary  “Illustrated By”: The Filipino Invasion of U.S. Comics

“Superman, Batman, the X-Men, Spider-Man—almost everyone is at least familiar with them, but not many know that Filipinos have drawn the exploits of these and other characters going on several decades now. I think exploring this topic would be a source of great pride for all Filipinos,“

website / facebook // Philippine Comics Art Museum

Some I’m aware of are: 

Grail, Salvador Joel Alonday

“The Filipino superhero who has appeared in American comics is Salvador Joel Alonday, the erstwhile Philippine Scout Ranger with energy powers code-named Grail. Created by Filipino-American comics artist Whilce Portacio for his “WetWorks” series in Image Comics, Alonday debuted in “WildC.A.T.S” #2 in 1992. Portacio later gave a supernaturally Filipino feel to his series “Stone” for Avalon Studios.”  Grail was the team’s level head and secret weapon when they were in trouble during missions.

Captain Steel, Henry Heywood, Jr.

In“Earth 2” #13  the World Army’s Commander Khan describies Captain Steel this way: “Although an American citizen, he’s native Filipino” 

Born with a congenital bone defect, Hank Heywood Jr. was injected with a metal like substance by his father, which fused with his skeleton and organs, making him more than human.  

Whatever I find you can check here:



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