avalon chronicles

[Benedict] seemed to be finished with talking. He pressed forward and I had to fall back once more. It was like trying to fence with a glacier. I became convinced then that he was out of his mind, not that that helped me any. With anybody else, an insane madness would cause the loss of some control in a fight. But Benedict had hammered out his reflexes over the centuries, and I seriously believed that the removal of his cerebral cortex would not have altered his movements from their state of perfection.
—  the guns of avalon, roger zelazny
Waves of heat washed over us and the land steamed. Bubbles popped in boiling stews that filled the craters, adding their fumes to the dank air. Shallow puddles lay like a handful of old, bronze coins.

The horses raced, half-maddened now, as geysers began to erupt along the trail. Scalding layers spewed across the roadway, narrowly missing us; running in steaming, slick sheets. The sky was brass and the sun was a mushy apple. The wind was a panting dog with bad breath.
—  the guns of avalon, roger zelazny

With all this talk of dwarves about, I thought it would be fun to introduce Kollinar; the Dwarven companion of Aeslin in The Avalon Chronicles. ^_^

Dwarves in the world of Avalon are not all that much like the stories would have us believe. In fact, most of what we know of the Dwarves - thanks to tomes like that of scribe Will Redding and his Father - has actually been filtered down from ancient Elven…well, let’s call it propaganda, shall we?
For, once there was a mighty race. Proud, wise and strong. But the arrival of humankind caused a rift that would never quite be mended. And while half of this noble race took to the trees where they could watch over the world’s changes from a position of military advantage, the other half stayed close to the ground where they could nurture the new arrivals… not to mention set up profitable trade routes.

And so were born the Elves (the high) and the Dwarves (the low). It’s a pity for the Dwarves that the Elves were the first to think of contacting human scribes. Perhaps, if things had gone differently, the stories of short, dumpy elves with bells on their hats might have got better coverage.

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(Book one of the Avalon Chronicles is out now from all good book shops and also on Comixology. Book two will be released later this year. Story by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir and myself. Script by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. Art by me, with Nana Li on screentone. ^_^)

San Diego Comic Con

Finally… our San Diego Comic Con Signing Schedule!

We’re doing a quick in and out this year and will be there one day only - Thursday July 18th.

You can find us (on that one day only) at…

Seven Seas (Booth #2707/2709) from 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Oni Press (Booth #1833) from 2:00 pm - 3: 50 pm

We have two new books out this summer. Amazing Agent Luna V.9 from Seven Seas and Avalon Chronicles V.2 from Oni. We’d love to sign both or any other random item you have.

So come say hi. We get insecure and are forced to talk to each other when no one drops by.


And while I’m on lineups - what a good excuse to post a few ^_^

I LOVE making character lineups. It’s the point in any project for me when, in my artist’s role, the comic goes from being a jumble of ideas and scattered designs to something with a living, breathing cast.
I thought it would be fun to pull out a few previous sheets along with the Breaks one. Here’s Alex Rider, III, Thrill Electric (epic sheet!), Vampire academy and Avalon Chronicles.
Annoyingly I can’t find the full sheets for VA and Avalon, which is sad. The beauty of a lineup for me is seeing how a full cast look together; their heights, personalities and designs summed up in that moment.

New York state of mind...

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I’m getting out the party pic again because I’m coming to New York Comic Con! ^__^

Can’t wait to get over there again, meet new faces and catch up with less-new ones; not to mention finally putting a face to a few internet pals I’ve been speaking to for a while online. So, if you’re heading to the convention, I hope to see you there!

I’ll be spending some time at the Oni press booth for the Avalon Chronicles and the Penguin booth for Vampire Academy, more details when I have them.

Massive squidgy thanks to the amazing Jimmy Aquino and Ben Templesmith for offering to house me for my trip. You guys are amazing and I owe you many beers. xx

So, so, who’s coming? PARTAY! ^__^


Morning! here are posters I created recently featuring montages of my two current projects: Vampire Academy and Avalon Chronicles. ^_^

Vampire Academy is published by Penguin books. Series written by Richelle Mead, adapted by Leigh Dragoon and drawn by me, with colours in the books from Caravan Studio, though I coloured this main image. (this print went up for a limited run sale recently and I promise I’m sending out the parcels soon! I’m running so late on that!!)

Avalon Chronicles is published by Oni Press and created by Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir and myself, with tones for book two from Nana Li.

Avalon Chronicles book two is fully arted! With beautiful tones from Nana Li, and of course script from Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (with additional story from me). I can’t wait to see it all lettered up!

It’s been an odd few weeks for me, and I’ve had to say goodbye to someone I loved very dearly, but seeing the finished pages for this book makes me smile, despite it all. I hope you guys will enjoy it when it’s out in the world.

For those of you who discovered me here via David Tennant’s poor, bemused face in that Hamlet gif set, big hellooooooos to you. I hadn’t had a chance to get onto tumblr after I reblogged that set, but you’re very welcome here! I’ve been pretty busy since Hamlet was released back in 2007 and I hope you like what I’ve been up to ^_^

Everyone else: Hugs. I’m back and ready to dive into a short gig and then…Vampire Academy: Shadow kiss! I’m very excited about seeing the script for that. Hope you’re all doing good. I was only away for a short while, but it feels so long!