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One Piece ワンピース [Water 07 Saga] : Shichibukai Marshall D. “Blackbeard” Teach vs Portgas D. “Fire Fist” Ace

“Ace!! Why don’t you become my nakama!? Conquer the world with me! I’ve already planned how to do it. Whitebeard’s Era is over! I will become the Pirate King!! Look…this is something completely different from the rest of the Logia..!! Ace! Your body is ‘Fire’ right?! ZEHAHAHA!! I am…’DARKNESS’!!”

Oda has written a beautiful archvillain. I remember I was disappointed when Blackbeard first appeared noting that he looked nothing like his fearsome real-world counterpart. I could not accept the fact that this chubby cherry pie eating pleb was supposed to be the most notorious pirate to roam the seven seas. But of course, Oda delivered, for Teach definitely grew to be the appropriate final boss of One Piece. I still can’t believe he stole WB’s devil fruit I mean what in the asdflkj;… I really want to see a flashback of how he gave Shanks his scar. Even more so than Blackbeard however, I am heavily invested in his crew, especially “Shiryū of the Rain”. Catarina “Crescent Moon Hunter” Devon, Avalo “Corrupt King” Pizarro, and Vasco “Heavy Drinker” Shot are so damn HYPE. Every time they come out my jaw drops, I can’t wait to see them in action!! Also on a side note; Chapter 441, one of the best, Ace my boyy! “Dai Enkai! Entei. I will make Whitebeard…The King.” :’) Glorious. The notorious Scourge of the Seas; Blackbeard!


So I have a Theory on Avalo Pizarro from One Piece

So this is an… odd theory that I’ve had for awhile on the Blackbeard member, Avalo Pizarro. Now this is a theory that I don’t have that much faith in, but it’s something I don’t really see talked about. My theory is on Avalo Pizarro’s powers, now I know we saw him use a gun in Marineford, but I highly doubt that is his only ability. To illustrate my theory I require this full body shot of Avalo from the anime.

I’ve looked at Avalo and from his design there is a lot of things I can say, but the main one I want to draw attention to is the gauntlets he wears. My theory is the Avalo has powers based on a cat of some kind. I say that on the idea that under his gauntlets he hides cat paws. The main reason I think that is because of him saying “Nya”, which, means meow. I highly doubt Oda wouldn’t have that come into play somehow. This also comes from some of the choices for his design with his mustache looking like whiskers and his hair looks like a mane. Then there are the horns. The reason I bring up the horns is because they remind me of Jack and his horns and Jack was a zoan user.

Also then there is his title, the Corrupt King. The creature that is considered the king of the beasts is the lion. A lion is type of feline as well as a Zoan we haven’t seen.

I know this is a pretty loose theory, but it’s something that I’ve thought of for awhile and I really needed to let it out.


Bb pirates ft. Luffy

(Sorry if it’s smudgy and stuff. This was done in my sketchbook and I had to use a B pencil to even have it show up in the scan)


Happy Birthday! (September 30th, pt. 2)

  • Roka Nakazama (Big Windup!) 
  • Akinori Konoha (Haikyuu!!)
  • Zaizen Naoyuki (Diamond no Ace)
  • Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
  • Daikaku Kokujoji (K Project)
  • Ikurou Fukumoto (Majikoi!)
  • Aya Sugisaki (Love Live School Idol Festival)
  • Avalo Pizarro (One Piece)
  • Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online) - 2007 (10 years old)