hello new followers

i see u … i see u have made the decision to follow me

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but if you choose to stay, be apprised of the following facts

  • my name is lyn and i’m Old
  • I AM NOT AN ARTIST if you smecked that follow button bc you saw a cool pic originating here, chances are one of my friends drew it (chances are it was @avaliart); i always credit meticulously, but sometimes folks don’t see that i g
  • it’s OK u can slide out quietly; i won’t blame u or judge
  • however I AM a writer, nominally, and u can find all that mess here, or on Ao3 if that’s your jam
  • mostly rn I am into Overwatch; be wary of falling fics n meta 
  • primarily this bagel consists of reblogging cute fan art + jokes + animals
  • but also the fics and the meta sometimes, if i can summon up the courage to post them
  • seriously there is so much overwatch in my notebook right now
  • i am drowning y’all
  • anyway that’s it, welcome
  • p.s. if you’ve been here a long time and are still here … i love u
  • truly

Just waiting for the right partner.

This is what happens when I sketch at 2am. I figure if Steve gets Tony, Peggy should get Pepper. Don’t even ask me how it’d work, it just should.