Mad Max: The Video Game

This is basically just an introductory post and will also serve as a master post. I’m gonna break the game down into separate posts so I’m gonna link them all here and then link this into my about me section. So if anyone in the future ends up struggling to find these, you can just click on my about me and you’ll be linked to here. I’m also going to reblog this post when I’m all done.

Since you all know I’m a Mad Max fan, I’m also a huge gamer so this isn’t just gonna be a story breakdown. I’m gonna be talking about game mechanics too, in case you maybe thought I would skip them over.

Anyway, my overall thoughts stray toward the positive side but there’s quite a few things I thought could have been done better and I’ll get into that soon. So, stay tuned.

The 3 best reasons to watch OUAT tonight :

1 . Dark Castle Rumbelle
2 . Rumbelle Dance
3 . Rumple waking up Belle

I don’t want to look further ahead for now… Enjoy the episode dear rumbelle fandom, and I trust you to bombard Tumblr with an avalanche of gifsets and edits tomorrow!
I will be sleeping when the episode will air in the US, but I will watch it as soon as I can tomorrow morning!

splinteredstar replied to your post:Reno: "Hey, Rude. Who do you like?“  (Rude turns…

I maintain that one of the standing rules of the turks (the Real Rules, not the ones that get written down) is that turks will invariably fall in love with the least appropriate person possible.

It’s one of those Turk Things, a risk of the job.

(the only people they’re half way honest with are coworkers and enemies, anyway, so it’s not /that/ surprising.)

“Protect company interests and do Stupid Shit for love” is how Reno normally phrases it.

(He also has a running commentary on the ranking: who made the worst choices for a cute girl. Was it Vincent’s entire life? Was it Tseng getting stabbed on his way to Aerith? Is it how Rude keeps falling for Avalanche members?)

i hope you know that this is canon to me from now on

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Instructions: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people, no skipping!

1 Stay Alive (Reprise) - Hamilton

2 Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic at the Disco

3 The Ballad of Me and My Brain - The 1975

4 She Lays Down - The 1975

5 Trapdoor - TØP

6 Dead in the Water - Ellie Goulding

7 Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches

8 Present Tense - Radiohead

9 Tunnel Vision - Justin Timberlake

10 Habits (Stay High) hippie sabotage remix - Tove Lo

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anonymous asked:

It is sexualizing tho: I took a look at your fics and there's like... whole passages where your Ink raves about how "in love" she is with the old guy.

Hi Anon! Sorry I got back to you so late! I’ve been buried under an avalanche of work stuff. First off, thank you so much for taking a look at my fan fics! :D And to answer your quiery, I am so, so, so immensely sorry that my descriptions came across as sexualizing! That was not my intention at all! :O

Gosh, I am literally on the verge of tears right now… This is exactly what I was afraid of! What I was aiming at was a description of the Inquisitor literally falling in love (in the most old-fashioned, prim and proper sense) with her new friend (and former enemy), not a sexualization!

@ all my followers:

Please, please, if you are reading this: set my doubts at ease!

These are the passages where the Inquisitor goes into most detail about her lover’s looks:

‘I… could spend so much time just looking at his face, reading all these lines that tell a whole story about him, both beautiful and sad… There are lines across his forehead and in the lower corners of his mouth - they come from being in pain and breaking apart on the inside; but there are other lines, too, in the corners of his eyes - they come from smiling. I have been making him smile more and more often in these past few weeks - and it makes me so happy… I want him to smile, and to laugh, just like everyone else that I’m friends with - but at the same time, I want him to put his arms around me, like in a hug, but differently, and to kiss me…’


‘I am still not quite certain it was part of my plan to suddenly grow… how would Cassandra’s books call it… entranced by his smile: cold and prideful at first; then, after the pride was followed by a cruel, devastating fall, bitter and crooked; then sort of flickering, hesitant, almost fearful, as he was slowly coming to terms with me being his friend; and finally, bold and open and filled with warmth and contentment. Nor am I certain if it was part of the plan to see beauty in his features, where a normal, reasonable woman would only see the markings of age. Or if it was part of the plan to fall in love with him’.

Please tell me where this comes across as her coveting an older man (and a villain to boot) in any sort of unnatural way! I would sincerely appreciate that!

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