New Years by the Bottle

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,184

Warnings: annngggsssstttttttt 

A/N: Best beta ever award goes to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid 

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love for the boy

The avalanche of vitriol levelled at Peter after his Channel 4 interview and even more so after his appearance on BBC’s This Week has been so fierce that he was a trending topic on Twitter overnight. There’s just scores of vile human stains mauling him online over the past two days - tearing apart his face, his body, his words, his movements, his intellect, his worth and of course his addictions. Guffawing like baboons at every last shred of anything that makes him human. Peter stepped out of the spotlight for this exact reason, and it breaks my heart that when he took a risk in doing these appearances that he was so instantly and cruelly savaged - and largely by people who know nothing about him that they didn’t read in The Sun. So, if you have a moment, please hop on the Channel 4 Facebook and on Twitter to show him some love, just a little to counter the constant ugliness levelled at him for no good reason. Strangers tearing him up for - what? Being weird and wobbly on a boring fucking TV show? Behaving like a fragile, nervous (albeit fairly pissed) human being? Oh the scandal. His name is never trending with “beautiful musician plays beautiful songs”. It’s a dark, hostile fucking climate in the world right now, but Peter’s one of the good ones. Let’s do our bit to protect him as best we can, because he’s still vulnerable, and all this hurts, no matter how much he’s braved it for too many years. 


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Sweet Home Sioux Falls Masterlist

*Images not mine

Pairing: Dean x Reader; Reader x OC

Summary: (Loosely based off of Sweet Home Alabama) Years after you left your old life to start a new and “better” one in New York City, your now-fiance decides that it’s time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanches into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.

Part 1: Hi Dad! Meet Fiance #2

Part 2: When Your Husband Attacks Your Fiance

Part 3: What’s Yours is Ours, Jerk

Part 4 Coming Soon!

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anonymous asked:

Isn't Percy a shit singer in canon tho? (It was in the titans curse I think)

1. TLO 2. Nico asked him to open the Underworld by singing and he said “um, no” and then narrated that if he sang the only thing he’d cause was an avalanche.

But to be honest that’s a total throwaway line, and Percy’s self depreciating as it is, and bashful, and so I’m not going to throw out one of my favorite headcanons based on a joke he made about himself.

The zodiac sings as the lines of the songs of “IAMX”

Aquarius: Avalanches of the violent disharmony
From the coma of OK have awoken те
In the cover-up of disgraceful abuses
Avalanches of the violent disharmony. |Avalanches|

Virgo: My conscience begs for time
You can’t fight the clock ticking inside
I’m just a bigger baby me
Acting smart oh what irony.      |

Leo: You look good in leather, in bars
Breaking things, breaking hearts
You look good
in pleasure, in hotels
Loneliness is the key to break that spell.  |I’m Terrified|

Pisces: Now I look out into the stars
Into the endless desert calm
To try to tame the beast
Eternity, can you complete me?  |Eternity|

Aries: Your words will live in us
Timelessly insane
Explosive, fresh and wise
Some will just forget
Some will close their eyes
Some will turn the tide.  |I Salute You Christopher|

Taurus: Our little world is only big enough for us
Come home
I’ve lost the will to go on alone
Come home
I don’t know what you want, but I know that you need to be loved.    |Come Home|

Cancer: I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry ‘cause I don’t trust
I am terrified.     |I’m Terrified|

Scorpio: The monotony and the rising tide
Is under my skin, is crawling inside
Adrenaline to rewire my mind
I’m only human, I come with knives.  |I Come with Knives|

Libra: If you chose life,
You know what the fear is like.
You welcome addiction,
This is your kingdom.   |Kingdom of Welcome Addiction| 

Capricorn: I know I never feel the same
I know I may never accept the change, but I want…
Happiness…               |Happiness|      

Sagittarius: I need help
I’ve seen bad things and I cannot make them disappear
I want flesh
To bring me happiness cause I feel nothing.     |North Star|

Gemini:  You wear your

Little smiles

With the decadence you suffer every night
All the glitter, all the luxury

But you belong to the industry, baby. |Music People|

Inazuma Eleven Ares

Hey guys let’s actually do an AU where everyone lives a happy life and no one is in a bad situation!

*Narrator voice*
They still weren’t living a happy life and they still were in a bad situation.

…But Shirou doesn’t have PTSD and DID due to his whole family dying in an avalanche, because the avalanche didn’t happen.
And Tatsuya /Hiroto/ isn’t forced on the name of the dead son Seijirou will never have back, because his son is still alive here.

*Narrator voice*
But they still lived in a bad situation.

Fuck you Level-5.

Unexpected Reunion || closed rp


It wasn’t often that someone had the gall to attack ShinRa Headquarters straight on. At any one time, the base was filled with troopers, SOLDIER and Turks, all of which were more than ready to mobilize to deal with the threat. Lazard, being one of the executives who was not a trained combatant, was supposed to lock himself in his office behind heavy metal shutters that would, in theory, dissuade the invaders from bothering to break into his office. It was a good system, he’d had to trigger it once or twice.

But it didn’t work if he wasn’t there. His office was on automatic lock down already, without him in it as he’d been in the SOLDIER lounge at the time the alarm sounded, not even on the right floor. And given this floor was for his operatives, it didn’t lock down.

So when the AVALANCHE operatives started spilling out of the elevator, it was all he could do to duck into the briefing room and pray they wouldn’t find him. If it came down to a fight, he wasn’t sure at all he’d win.

Fresh Maimais only

Last night r/france declared war on /de and since last night 23:58 the meme war is on (kinda).

the x-post in r/de

The Germans took some time to realize that war was declared and there was doubt among the French. There was fear that declaring war on the shitposters of /de would lead to an “avalanche de cacapost”.

Germans decided to call their Brot shit was one step too far.

Meme wars have a long history between the country subreddits I personally remember at least 2 war declarations against /de I think from the Dutch and from the Swedes? Or was it France last year? 

People tried to recall the French they had learned at school

(One of the most widely used texbooks in Germany for learning French is a series called Découvertes. In one of the older versions that many people here used at school, the main characters were (among others) a boy named Julien and his parrot called Arthur).

The shitposting started. 

Belgium realized that there would be a war.

As a preventative measure r/belgium asked r/canada for help in case the meme war would breach the two subreddits. There is no reply yet. They also asked /unitedkingdom but apparently they don’t like fresh memes there, thus not willing to help in a case of emergency


If you enter the war please realize that it’s so full of meme and reddit shenanigans references that you will most likely be lost. 

Edit: In a shocking new development it seams like England joins in on Germany’s side and Germany is allowed to use Belgiums E40 if they bring bread. There’s a speed limit of 120km/h though.

There are no winners in this war just a lot of fresh memes.

“Rarely have I seen such a relaxed and beautiful exchange of culture”.