avalanches of disharmony

The zodiac sings as the lines of the songs of “IAMX”

Aquarius: Avalanches of the violent disharmony
From the coma of OK have awoken те
In the cover-up of disgraceful abuses
Avalanches of the violent disharmony. |Avalanches|

Virgo: My conscience begs for time
You can’t fight the clock ticking inside
I’m just a bigger baby me
Acting smart oh what irony.      |

Leo: You look good in leather, in bars
Breaking things, breaking hearts
You look good
in pleasure, in hotels
Loneliness is the key to break that spell.  |I’m Terrified|

Pisces: Now I look out into the stars
Into the endless desert calm
To try to tame the beast
Eternity, can you complete me?  |Eternity|

Aries: Your words will live in us
Timelessly insane
Explosive, fresh and wise
Some will just forget
Some will close their eyes
Some will turn the tide.  |I Salute You Christopher|

Taurus: Our little world is only big enough for us
Come home
I’ve lost the will to go on alone
Come home
I don’t know what you want, but I know that you need to be loved.    |Come Home|

Cancer: I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry ‘cause I don’t trust
I am terrified.     |I’m Terrified|

Scorpio: The monotony and the rising tide
Is under my skin, is crawling inside
Adrenaline to rewire my mind
I’m only human, I come with knives.  |I Come with Knives|

Libra: If you chose life,
You know what the fear is like.
You welcome addiction,
This is your kingdom.   |Kingdom of Welcome Addiction| 

Capricorn: I know I never feel the same
I know I may never accept the change, but I want…
Happiness…               |Happiness|      

Sagittarius: I need help
I’ve seen bad things and I cannot make them disappear
I want flesh
To bring me happiness cause I feel nothing.     |North Star|

Gemini:  You wear your

Little smiles

With the decadence you suffer every night
All the glitter, all the luxury

But you belong to the industry, baby. |Music People|