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if you like nirvanna the band the show you would probably like The Dirties or Operation Avalanche, both directed by Matt

hahah it’s only obvious if you follow me on twitter but i’ve fallen down the BIGGEST matt johnson rabbit hole these past couple weeks! i watched them both this past weekend and The Dirties is no joke my favorite movie i’ve seen this year

Portugal possibly postponed

I think the fact that I’ve been struggling with the Portugal fic for days has contributed to today’s anxiety avalanche. Maybe I’ll set aside fic writing for a bit until I have some RL health stuff under control. (I’ve been taking a medication to help me sleep through the headaches because they’re bad enough that they’re waking me up during the night & the med is helping me sleep better at night but is sedating me during the day too, and so I can’t think clearly enough to write well, and yet I want to write, but I can’t write well, and that stresses me out because I have high standards for my own writing, and I keep getting just disjointed images and bits of dialogue in my head but with no ability to piece things together because my brain isn’t working well. It sucks when your own brain betrays you.)

Any “likes” on this post will be taken as supportive and not as “Yay Kimberly has headaches and anxiety and medication problems and writing problems!” ‘Cause I love you all & know many of you extremely nice people would probably like to send support. 🤕

NHL regular season 2016-17

Arizona Coyotes & Buffalo Sabres

Boston Bruins

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars

Edmonton Oilers

Florida Panthers

Montreal Canadiens

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Washington Capitals

Winnipeg Jets


This is a hair I’ve been keeping under lock and key, trying to figure out whether it was good enough. It’s not so bad, so I thought I’d put it out there and see if I’d get any bites :P

As usual, all LODs, all ea-base colors and a somewhat-hat compatible hair (kinda-sorta…you’ll see, unfortunately I got lazy and busy at the same time – I may try perfect this at some point when I can be bothered :P) as well as being BGC.

Enjoy ;)

Download‘s down here↯

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