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I see that you're looking for some Halloween Klaroline prompts, so here's one for your consideration! Caroline accidentally summons the devil, who is like a genie (who knew!?) and he grants her three wishes. Catch is, she doesn't get to choose the wishes, they are her dirtiest desires. Klaus reaps the benefits.

+  mine is a combo, if that’s ok. 24,25, & 19. (bondage/restraints, blindfolds/sensory deprivation, multiple orgasms/marathon sex for the kink list prompts)

In A Spin

Juggling an armful of candles, various bowls and a couple of bulky books through the woods proves to be too much for Caroline even with the enhanced strength and coordination she’d gained once she became a vampire. She pauses when one thing slips, trying to rearrange her grip to prevent an avalanche, and fails. Everything tumbles to the ground, her overstuffed tote slipping from her shoulder to join the heap on the ground and she stomps her foot in frustration. The area is deserted and no one’s around to observe her mini tantrum and she relishes the opportunity to vent a little. Nothing had gone her way lately.

“Just great,” Caroline mutters resentfully, crouching to begin picking things up. “A squishy cherry on top of the awful sundae that is my life.”

An attempt to follow the directions in one of the books Alaric had tracked down had been a bust. She was certain that the pages had said that one didn’t need a witch to make the summoning ritual work, only needed the correct ingredients and perfect timing, but maybe she’d translated wrong. The book had been in Turkish and while her translations had been painstaking maybe she’d missed something? She’d check again, and then maybe see if she could track down a native speaker. She’d give the ritual another go at the next new moon if none of her other research avenues turned anything up.

Slicing her finger open on the silver knife she’d brought with her (of course the book had said that blood was required) Caroline curses and brings the cut to her mouth. “Ugh,” she grumbles, “Could this night get any worse?”

As if in answer she hears the crunch of leaves and the unmistakable thudding of a set footsteps drawing closer. Caroline rises slowly, tense and wary. Sure, she hadn’t exactly been paying a whole lot of attention but there’s no way someone should have been able to sneak up on her. It wasn’t possible, not with the level of quiet the forest out near The Falls is at nearly 2 AM on a school night.

She hadn’t even told anyone where she was going. Bonnie’s gone, Elena’s wrapped up in Damon angst. Stefan’s MIA and both Matt and Tyler are currently breakable. Her mom would worry so Caroline has kept much of the details of her activities private, covering up the possibly dangerous bits with sunny smiles and smooth misdirection. Alaric could have been A+ backup but he had been annoyingly patronizing about her quest to break down the Traveller magic around Mystic Falls. And, if Caroline’s entirely honest, she’s just not that comfortable in his presence. She makes sure they meet in public places even if it would be easier to go to his office. It’s hard for her to forget that afternoon he’d spent torturing her, even if it hadn’t been entirely him.

The footsteps draw closer, no attempt at stealth, and Caroline’s kind of regretting not leaving some form of breadcrumb.

She squints, vision sharpening as her human features recede. She makes out the shape of a body first, lean hipped and slightly broader through the shoulders, unmistakably male. She prowls forward a step, rests her weight on the balls of her feet, fangs bared and the knife that had cut her clutched in one hand. The figure disappears behind a clump of trees and Caroline takes it as an opportunity, speeding in his direction.

She stays low, hitting him hard and pinning him to a tree, knife to his throat.

A familiar throat, leather cords and medallions wrapped around it, two moles that she remembers kissing visible on either side of her blade. She lets out a relieved breath but quickly shakes herself. That was not the appropriate reaction. She pushes away from him roughly, “Klaus?” she shrieks. “What are you doing here? You scared me to death!”

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Good Morning to you, Fuck Kale Anon. 😀

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Do you know of any tips to beat Vay Hek at Oro on earth?

My tips may be a bit outdated, and I haven’t fought him in a while, probably should if I wanna get Hydroid again and rock my Old Ones looks. Anyway, here’s a few tips I know:

1. Use hitscan weapons, obviously. Though, if you plan to use weapons with projectiles, I’d recommend using them with Ivara because of Navigator.
2. Invisibility makes the fight against him kinda silly, because he can find you and thus won’t attack you so you don’t lose all your energy to those Magnetic procs.
3. Supposedly, you can use Ash’s Blade Storm to do a moderate amount of damage before and during the Final Stage. Probably even better now with the change to how Blade Storm works.
4. If you time it right and have a lot of Duration, you can use Frost’s Avalanche to freeze him with his mask open, making it easier for you to get shots.
5. High amounts of mobility lets you get around him, what with his constant movement and such, so get your fastest Frame and get to positioning yourself so you can land those hits.

And there ya have it, my best suggestions for fighting Vay Hek. Hopefully, these help you out some.

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The moment Vin sensed that Haxus had finally dozed off, she set to the task of meticulously standing bullet casings on end on each and every horizontal surface both around -and- on him. Why had she kept so many of the stupid things? Who the hell knows. But some hours later, both the River Galra and the console on which he'd been napping had become a glittering monument to the Midoan's itchy trigger finger.

my muse hasn’t slept in days. Mess with them

It wasn’t until later that Haxus finally awoke, and immediately became aware that something was… “off”. 

With a groggy hum, he lifted his head, sending the bullet casings that had been oh-so-carefully placed all over his person rolling away with a tinny clatter. There had even been ones resting on his EARS. He grew conscious enough for the surprise to fully register, and he jerked back and away from the desk, the movements sending a positive AVALANCHE of brass falling to the floor with a deafening sound.

There was a brief moment in which he STARED in disbelief at the glittering mess before he clenched his teeth (even if he wasn’t really so much ANGRY as exasperated.)


Avalanche Taken down « The Shadowserver Foundation

  • Jurisdictions: 30
  • Arrests: 5
  • Premises searched: 37
  • Servers seized: 39
  • Servers taken offline through abuse reports: 221
  • Countries with victim IP’s: Over 180
  • Domains blocked or delegated to Shadowserver’s sinkholes: Over 800,000 in over 60 Top-Level-Domain‘s (TLD’s)

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