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     it was rare that maddox allowed his guard to drop, but when it did it was like an avalanche of feelings. he wasn’t exactly sure why lennox was his go to person, but he didn’t mind as the boy surprisingly didn’t give him a hard time. soon he found himself curled into the other boy, nuzzled happily into his neck while his arms were wrapped securely around his waist.

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Rules: “You can tell a lot about people by the music they listen to! Put your mp3, itunes, spotify, etc on shuffle and list 10 songs then tag 10 people. No skipping!”

1- Pillowtalk, Zayn

2-Make me, Britney

3- The Parachute Ending, Birdy Nam Nam

4-Recover, Chvrches

5-Nobody, Selena Gomez

6-Avalanche, Bring me the Horizon

7-For You, Demi Lovato

8-You are the only one, Sergey Lazarev

9-I’m a ruin, Marina & the Diamonds

10- Ion Square, Bloc Party

deathbatsyko  asked:

Hey! I was wondering do you know the meaning of oli's new tattoos ? I'm just wondering they are so cute :)

The snowflake is Avalanche, (a lot of people said, and he confirmed it) and the party hat on the skull is Oh No. ❣

Alright, OC Kiss Week sketch dump #2!


My Aelynthi x @scurvgirl‘s Serahlin aka Will Judge You Couple aka Tropical Storm and Avalanche Couple

My Melarue and @feynites Venavismi aka Vena probably had a heart attack right after the kiss, RIP Vena

My Victory x @scurvgirl‘s Adannar and @feynites Venavismi aka Macho Man-bun Marshmallow OT3, aka Thursday Cuddle Sessions are private now


My Victory x @lycheemilkart‘s Elanna aka Tree Friends

My Victory x @feynites Uthvir aka Tol and Smol aka Physically Most Dangerous Couple

Bonus: @feynites Tasallir and my Nieven who are disgusted with all this physical contact and romance. Make it go away. This is uncalled for!

anonymous asked:

Music recommendations?

I always go with Florence + The Machine because they’re my fave, especially the songs Shake It Out, Queen of Peace and What Kind Of Man. 

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Broadway recordings - Waitress, Hamilton, The Book Of Mormon, Wicked, Sister Act, Rent, Les Mis

Check out Love Song, Brave and King Of Anything by Sara Bareilles and all of her other stuff too.

Of Monsters and Men are great, check out Little Talks, King and Lionheart and Crystals by them. 

I recently discovered this band called Seafret and I especially love Atlantis, Wildfire and Be There off their album.

I recently discovered this girl Fletcher - she only has a few songs out but War Paint and Avalanche are really good.