availing the blind

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about investigating the events of Columbine and the minds and motives of Eric and Dylan is that the material available perfectly reflects the exact culture which cultivated and facilitated their decision to embark upon “NBK” as they called it.

The two most prevailing cries from every corner are “Why didn’t anybody see it coming?”, and “What could have brought them to do this?”. The inability of supposed experts, journalists and investigators to understand the latter question despite the mounds of material available on Eric/Dylan’s lives, activities, and inner thoughts, provides the perfect answer to the former question. After all this, with so much evidence available you still are too blinded by your own agendas to understand their motives, just as everybody at the time was too blinded by their own agendas to notice Eric and Dylan’s plans.

I have yet to find a single documentary, news report, article, expert testimony, or investigation, (including the psych reports from the FBI) which actually seems to have made an honest and earnest attempt to understand the matter. Every one of these sources starts with an agenda. The media are peddling entertainment, with shock, appeals to emotion, and drumming up fear/controversy to drive ratings. The “experts” are con-artists latching onto a phenomena which is topical and while not widely understood is widely feared (Not unlike the touring “experts” on witchcraft/satanism who make a living by giving seminars to police, schools and churches), their agenda is to offer easy answers and the illusion of power over the object of fear. The FBI investigation was the phoned in, half arsed work of bureaucrats, their only priority was to cross the t’s and dot the i’s on the paperwork, and convince the men upstairs that the situation was under control by showing them how well they could document evidence, the investigation of the minds and motives of Eric and Dylan were perfunctory at best. The independent investigations inevitably foisted responsibility on whatever societal ill concerned the organization in question (Violence in music, film or video games, easy access to firearms, not enough firearms, etc).

The culture of social elitism, conformity, cultivated inadequacy, and bullying is ignored, just as it was at Columbine.The boys are ignored or disparaged by all but a quiet few who have made the genuine attempt to connect with and understand them as human beings, just as it was at Columbine.

If I had a single point, it is this: It is easy to dehumanize people, whether they are the weirdo in your class or a murderer, but the moment you strip them of their humanity you also remove your ability to understand them. To understand that the same emotions and thoughts which populate their minds can populate the minds of anybody, as you are all products of the same culture. If they are an inhuman monster then no reflection on the responsibility of the culture you take part in maintaining is required, you can rest assured that their actions stem from their inherent evil, something have no hand in.

And while comforting to you, that conclusion does nothing to help avert future tragedies,

stuff to say when cussing is not available

- saucebucket
- carrot
- blind, memeseeking mole rat
- clod
- floor wipe
- memenugget (started as an inside joke and it’s perfect for every situation, trust me)
- milk carcass (carton, carcass? get it? ha. ha. ha.)
- peepo
- soggy biscuit
- sardine
- plant fiber
- salty moose
- [stale] kale chip

expressions of rage/happiness/other:
- holy biscuits
- oh he c K (in my daily vocabulary)
- holy mother of chocolate cheesecake
- female dog
- sus (pronounced like suss, can mean whatever you want)
- uwu (pronounced oo-woo, expresses any human emotion to ever exist, the godliest forme of all emotion, the prophecy is true.)
- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
- farkle

(feel free to suggest some in the ask box, and if i feel they are worthy i will add them to this list)


Kotobukiya Store, Akihabara, May 13th

So I wasn’t expecting to happen upon the Kotobukiya store, but did so while walking down the side streets of Akihabara.  Thinking “oh, that’s the nice figure brand behind the Yugioh 1/8 scale series, maybe I’ll go take a look.”  But not reeeally expecting to have any YGO section since this was about my third day of shopping and at that point realized that you shouldn’t expect figures released 2-3 years ago to be in stock at “new stuff” stores.

So, a little surprised to see two Malik figures, arranged very humbly on the bottom shelf of a case on the second floor, with a sign that said “something, something, 4F”.  Oh, okay, maybe there’ll be YGO things on the fourth floor.

AND THEN THERE WAS.  A whole mini-display in the back behind this giant series of Star War displays, which were also very cool but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take photos in this store at all, ha ha ha, and those were right in front of the register.  They had the mini-clear files and buttons still available for purchase, both as blind bags or as the whole box set, and THEN you could also get DMG girl, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, and Yami Malik for their ORIGINAL RETAIL PRICES!!!!! FUUUUUCK!!!!  (Y.Bakura sold out, bc of course he was)

That’s about 7000-9000 yen depending on the character, but definitely way lower than what what any American dealer’s room or ebay scalper would charge, usually starting at about 150 USD.

It was frustrating, because as I said, I’d already done a lot of shopping, and even if I hadn’t, I knew that Yugi or Kaiba (or both!) could definitely not fit in my luggage.  It took a lot of self-control to walk away.

However! I did return the next day to grab a whole button box set and the DMG nendroid.  It was a little funny, because as I was doing it, there was a huddle of Japanese girls surrounding the blind button boxes, and you could tell they were going back and forth about whether to buy the box (9000 yen) or to buy the single blind bags and see their luck.  And I just went in there with no hesitation, grabbed the box and left and I could hear them behind me going like “ehhhhhhh?”

Foreigner Beaky, shocking the locals with her greed.  That’s me.  btw, the box set comes with a few extras, so I’ll be posting those up for sale soon for anyone who’s interested. Be on the lookout for that.

Netflix: Make Daredevil available to blind people

That's right people the show about a blind lawyer turned super hero can’t even enjoy his own show. Netflix is not providing the blind community with the much-deserved ability to enjoy the show they created by not having an audio description option. That being said most of Netflix’s shows don’t have this option and I believe starting with Daredevil is a great step. Doesn’t the blind community deserve the same right to enjoy Netflix that everyone else does?

Reblog and sign, please.

Thank you.


[Script excerpt taken from a recitation by Steven Moffat during a rehearsal which may be seen here].


Working through today’s edit for a coming story update with David.

David explained the injuries he suffered as a result of an attack in Market Town, prior to the accident that blinded him for life and washed his plate after eating his daily ready meal.

Since his mother, Eugene’s passing in November last year, every meal is prepared and eaten, alone.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation that blew my mind. I was talking to an older lady at a party. Everyone was talking politics, they were all very liberal and seemed to expect an echo-chamber. I felt very out of place. Anyway, I was telling her about how horribly managed politics in California are. She immediately said, “Republicans” with a wry smile. I politely informed her that no, most of the really corrupt politicians were in fact Democrats. She could not wrap her head around this. She kept saying things like, “But they’re on the left…” and kept trying to politely tell her that just because someone votes in a way you agree with doesn’t make them free from corruption. I even brought up Leland Yee to no avail. That kind of blind faith in “Our Guys” frankly scares the shit out of me. Next she brought up Sanders and I excused myself. 

Netflix: Make Daredevil available to blind people

Netflix’s new show Daredevil is about a blind lawyer turned superhero – and it seems unfair that if he were a Netflix subscriber, he wouldn't even be able to enjoy his own show! That’s because important accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired are missing from Netflix productions. They rely on a “visual description” option that tells them what is happening on the screen, and Netflix doesn’t offer this feature for their original content. Netflix should add a “visual description” option for its original content, starting with Daredevil, so blind people and those with vision impairments can enjoy these shows too. I really like Daredevil, which I started watching the same weekend Netflix released it. But after I finished the first episode, I realized how unfair it is that blind and visually impaired people aren’t also able to experience this great storytelling about a blind crimefighter, especially when the problem is so easy to fix!   Netflix already has the ability to offer visual descriptions right now, but for some reason original shows like Daredevil, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black don’t have this simple feature. Starting by providing Daredevil with this feature would be a great step. Doesn’t the blind community deserve to enjoy Netflix as much as everyone else does? Sign my petition to tell Netflix it should provide a “visual description” option for original content, starting with Daredevil, its new show about a blind superhero. If you sign be sure to share with our hashtag #dare2describe  Thank you all!

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Hey guys! Here’s my TUMBLR & DA current sale!

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How to train Your dragon - Toothless 
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Tiger and bunny - Bunny
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Let me just explain how much I hate this set

I mean I really REALLY hate this set

1- 10 ponies in one set makes this set fairly expensive

2- 9 of those 10 ponies were already available in previous sets or blind bag waves (Vinyl Scratch non rainbow will be available in a new set coming out)

3- Doctor Whooves is the only unique pony to this set whereas all the others can be obtained easily from other sets

4- All ponies in this set have their own unique mold except Pinkie Pie

5- Pinkie Pie is the only mane 6 in the set, and has 0 reason for being there at all. She already has many appearances in many other sets, in one blind bag wave she had 3 variations alone. She even has her own set called “Pinkie Pie and friends”.

6- Because Doctor Whooves is exclusive to this set, he’s being sold for a stupid amount of money in comparison to the others because the others can be obtained in other ways.

WHY the FUCK did they put Pinkie Pie in there? Hell, they have a Derpy mold, they could have replaced Pinkie with Derpy and sold these things like hot cakes because Derpy/Doctor sells. 

I’m sorry this is just incredibly dumb marketting and I’m really peeved off that I can’t get Doctor Whooves any other godamn way other than to either pay out the ass for something he’s obviously not worth ($10 for one pony in a 10 pony set that costs 20 dollars? Are you out of your fucking minds?) or get stuck with 9 ponies I already have.

This is so dumb.


Welcome back to the Penguin Teen Author Spotlight! We’re here with Rachel DeWoskin, the coffee- and autumn-loving author of one of our new favorite books, BLIND. The novel is the sad, funny, smart, and fiercely inspirational story of Emma Sasha Silver, who loses her eyesight in a firework display gone wrong. To find out more, read on…


Name: Rachel DeWoskin

Novel: BLIND

Available: Now!


Who’s your favorite author, living or dead?

The poet, Anne Carson, is my favorite living author. I read every word she publishes, and her book AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RED, changed my imagination.


What’s your favorite thing about your book?

Emma Sasha Silver, the brave girl at its center, who loses her eyesight and manages to be a resilient warrior about it. She re-learns the world.


If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose?

Maybe Alexi from THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, because he’s sweet and articulate. Or Hank Stamper, from SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION? He’d be a very helpful lumberjack. Or wait, Pippi Longstocking! She’s perfect. She can do absolutely everything well and with courage, and anyway would be a fine friend.


Where do you write?

At a little room-of-her-own style office, with my books and computer and an espresso maker. It’s kind of a sensory deprivation chamber, no distractions!


Who is your favorite hero or heroine of history?

Harriet Tubman. Imagine being brave enough to save yourself from slavery and then risk your own freedom again and again to save others. Astonishing.


Do you tweet? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever tweeted?

The funniest thing I ever tweeted was a note to my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, which I thought was private. But that was years ago, so even though I’m not funny, I’ve come a long way!


[Check out Rachel’s Twitter!]


What is your favorite season?

Autumn. I like leaves and new pencils and binders and cool weather.


If you could teleport anywhere in the known universe right now, where would you go? Beijing, my favorite, electric, wild city in the world.


Do you have any writing rituals?

I write five days a week, three hours a day. I only drink coffee when I write, and it gives me a giant jolt of joy and makes me feel like I love writing even though it might just be that I love coffee.


What is your idea of earthly happiness?

Reading with my lovely little girls. And dancing with them and my husband and want the embarrassing truth? My parents, too. I love being with my entire family. Even though we are a chaotic crew.


What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I don’t know about best – that’s probably a classical quartet (Civitas Ensemble) played by my fabulous friend from Shanghai (one I wrote about in my new novel BLIND.) But the one that leaps to mind, while I’m tearing it up with embarrassing truths: Def Leppard in 1989. Pour some sugar on me.


What are you currently working on?

A novel called SECOND CIRCUS, about a Jewish girl and her dad, who escape Poland in 1939 and live out the war in Japanese-occupied Shanghai.


And we are eagerly awaiting it!

For more about Rachel, be sure to check out her Twitter and her personal website.

Add BLIND to your “to-read” shelf on Goodreads!

Order BLIND here!