Octo-bear take II.

Revisited this… “Shirokuma of the Sea”.  Such a majestic beast deserved more than a quick pass.  Well, I also just felt like drawing some of my favorite sea creatures.  Although, I forgot to put the derpy box-fish.  hmm.

Did you know that sharks will go into a sleep like state, or tonic immobility, when flipped upside down?  Just learned that a few weeks ago. Wow.  Some orcas have actually learned to flip rays (shark cousins) and sharks so they eat ‘em proper.  I put my pancake and eggs to sleep before I eat them too. 

So there:  in honor of Shark Week, that shark is not suffering or dead - just asleep.

Tony is the type of person who loves hugs and will actively look for them whenever he’s upset or just in need of one. The Avengers are aware of this so they always make themselves available for hugging whenever Tony comes in with a pout and an unhappy face. They all give really good hugs but Tony usually goes to Steve because he’s always warm and cuddly. 

Steve doesn’t mind this at all. 

I’ve been seeing more and more posts recently from people saying they don’t feel like they are part of the clone club. Honestly guys you don’t have to be making post after post and conversation all of the time/if at all to be a member. If you love the show and the work Tatiana and the cast are doing then you are most definitely a part of the clone club, a very welcome member.

But know that if you ever want an orphan black related freakout there are plenty of people who will gladly join in and chuck virtual jell-o with you.

Stay awesome clone club.

140724 - Yunho on MBC Star Gazing


  • Male uncle fan of Yunho!!
  • He likes Rising Sun
  • Hahaha Yunho said that when he was dancing the provacative dances, he felt a strong gaze coming from the daddy fan so he felt embarrassed!
  • Yunho guessed that the keyword belonging to him is “toxic substance”
  • He also joked that just talking about another keyword “contraception” made him feel embarrassed haha
  • Yunho said he learnt that the most impt thing abt variety is timing, he always sees an opening for humour but is always one step too late
  • Yunho talking abt the toxic substance incident
  • He said that he is usually the type who drinks his water in one gulp, that day he drank the water and felt a strange smell
  • He can’t really remember well what happened after that because he collapsed but he was told he vomited blood
  • Yunho said that after that, he did think abt not being a celeb anymore and he did not dare to meet ppl’s eyes
  • He said his hands would tremble and his heart would beat very fast around many people, but he thought he should overcome it
  • Now he drinks water in one gulp again
  • Yunho said he drank the same juice again and worked hard to overcome his trauma
  • Abt openly dating, Yunho said that it is possible that the other party could be hurt if revealed, he wants to protect the ppl he treasures
  • Celebs whom Yunho likes - SES Eugene and Jeon Ji Hyun
  • Yunho said he thought a lot abt what to say before going to a fansign for Eugene lol
  • When Eugene shook his hand, he thought he should pull back his hand (while still shaking hands), then he can get to hug her too
  • Show has ended, yunho appeared more in the second half, my stream lagged in between but shall translate when raws are out!
  • Key said that Yunho develops mustache / beard very fast when drinking alcohol lol
  • So Kang Ho Dong asked the daddy fan if that is possible. Daddy fan said, “well if one isn’t thinking about weird stuff, it shouldn’t happen”
  • Yunho being a fan of SES Eugene 
  • Yunho likes soju better than beer 
  • Yunho on dating openly 
  • Yunho’s father-daughter fans 
  • Yunho and Kim Kyung Ho come from the same hometown and their mothers are close to each other
  • Key jokes around with Yunho 
  • Yunho talks about the “real truth of life” rap 
  • Yunho on the poisoning incident Pt. 1
  • Yunho on poisoning incident Pt 2 
  • Yunho on receiving criticism on his acting 


  • “Junior said TVXQ’s status in Japan is a mountain that cannot be exceeded”
  • Beast member was the one who said TVXQ’s status in Japan cannot be surpassed
  • Hodong said Yunho prefers Taemin to Key & Key said, “It’s fine, senior Yunho wasn’t my first (bias) in TVXQ as well” (Cr. human-lock)

Source: human-lock

Translation: mug_ping + yunjaery

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About OM&M Warped Tour Meet & Greets:

  • Located at the Kia Soul Lounge
  • Must get poster to participate (they are free)
  • 400 posters are available
  • No videos/photos/hugs are allowed
  • Last about an hour
  • They will be doing signings all tour, unless stated otherwise
  • No signing with occur if they have an acoustic set (which are too at the Kia Soul Lounge)
  • Tweet @kiawarped to details about the signings specific to your Warped date
Para's Society6 Update!

With all the hype about Mystery Skull’s new animated music video, Ghost, I jumped on the fanart bandwagon and drew up some art!  That art, my friend, is now available to you in a bunch of different forms!

Want Lewis on a tank top?  Of course you do!  Regular t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies are also available!

Wanted to hug that bara skellie?  Now you can!  He’s on a throw pillow!

He’s even a duvet cover so you can wrap yourself in that lovely pink haired, dapper skeleton.  Yes.  >83

Visit my Society6 store now!  http://society6.com/iamparadroid

the best thing about each sign

aries: their good energy, and the sense of knowing you’re protected

taurus: their dedication, and will power to do whatever needs to be done

gemini: their friendship, and their ability to make you laugh when you’re sad

cancer: their compassion; there’s always a hug available from them

leo: their confidence; you never feel inadequate when you’re beside a leo

virgo: their loyalty, and they’re always there when you need them. always.

libra: their carefree attitude, and ability to make you carefree too 😌

scorpio: their sneakiness, and ability to make unforgettable memories

sagittarius: their depth, and how they make you think you know them when you don’t

capricorn: their determination, and their ability to come out successful in everything they do

aquarius: their mind, and how they make you wish you were inside of it

pisces: their empathy; they know what you’re going through and can relate to anything

Me and totally hot @cajsakurayami are coming to Stockholm 23-27 of April. We are always available for hugs <3 Yes, please! We are going to see Nachtmar and D-Tox at Bat Night on the Saturday so if you are in the hood - please swing by!

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