Checklist for when feeling crappy
  1.  Is it late at night? Try to go to sleep. If it’s stressful try some white noise or audiobook or something, or just lay down but don’t turn off the lightsIf it’s not working, keep going with the list and try again later
  2. Are you cold? If yes, put on a sweater, or some socks, or a tuque and gloves if necessary
  3. When was the last time you ate? If it was more than three hours ago, go find something to eat
  4. Have a sip of water
  5. Have you taken your meds/vitamins today?
  6. Have you done any bit of exercise today? If not, do something, even if it’s small. Choose a short workout from Darebee or take dog for a walk
  7.  Have you showered in the last two days? Take a shower (or a bath if that feels right). If, once you’re in exfoliating sounds like a good idea, do that. If, once you’re out, moisturizing sounds like a good idea, do that.
  8. If it’s daytime, are you dressed? Put some comfy or otherwise feel-good clothes on
  9. Do you have any homework or similar pressing work to do? Spend five minutes working on that. Maybe you’ll get into the flow and do more, but if not, no biggie
  10. If you have pets, have you cared for them today? Check and make sure their spaces are clean and they have food and water. Pet and play with them
  11. Have you hugged anyone today? Go hug someone. If no people are available hug a pet, if no pets are available find a teddy bear
  12.  Is your living space clean? Spend five minutes tidying or cleaning something
  13. Have you done anything creative today? Try that for five minutes
  14.  Have you talked to anyone today? Even if no one’s around physically, send a text to a friend at least
  15. Have you gone outside today? If it’s light out and/or not too cold, go and spend a few minutes outside 

This was made with my own needs in mind, but if anyone finds it useful, feel free to reblog

Hey I was the one who submitted the SemiKageShira HC’s a bit back and I’ve been thinking about more Kageyama OT3s and was stuck on Kageyama and setter ships so I fell into two other rarepair hells OiKageSuga and AkaKageKen 

Because Kageyama is a precious and pure blueberry birb and just wants to be loved by his peers and/or senpais. Also literally all these pretty setters compounding their prettiness by dating has me WEAK.  


  • Suga being really kind and gentle to Kags, and Kags just can’t cause he’s never had such a nice supportive senpai before?
  • Suga basically loves Kags from the start he’s so pure and cute and so easy to tease 
  • Oikawa sees Suga being a little friendly towards Kags and he’s so Jealous?
  • But like is he jealous of Suga for being the one now getting Kags attention and puppy dog eyes or is he jealous of Kags for getting the attention of this gorgeous setter? 
  • So it’s actually Suga who talks to Oikawa first and mentions how he finds Oikawa cute and Kags still obviously has a major crush, but so help Oikawa if he acts like he did back in middle school, there will be Hell to pay.
  • There’s a lot awkward and angsty times in the beginning between Oikawa and Kageyama, but Suga acts as a nice buffer and always makes sure both his bf’s feelings are validated and is there to provide hugs
  • Really Suga is always available for hugs when either need them and he’s a cuddler in general 
  • Oikawa and Suga try their hardest to spoil Kags, but bonus SecretlyRich! HC that Kags has old money and just buys ridiculously nice gifts for both like its nothing.
  • Both Suga and Kags wearing Oikawa’s Boyfriend shirts and he is WEAK
  • Kags being the first to kiss both of them, because they don’t want to rush him and he surprises them one day and suddenly kisses every where 
  • Trash senpai Oikawa and Suga pretty much leading Kags down the path of being a petty sass master like those two meme queens


  • Matchmakers Kuroo and Bokuto ruining Akashi and Kenma’s love life like whoa
  • Seriously they try to set those two up with everyone and they have yet to figure out that Akashi and Kenma are kinda of already seeing each other 
  • But here comes Karasuno and this setter is kinda really checking a lot of boxes for both of them so cue Bokuto and Kuroo pushing them together with the help of a small ball of sunshine encouraging Kags
  • I saw a HC where Kags calls both of them senpai during the training camp and you know Kenma is SO flustered and Akashi is as close to gushing over this polite crow baby as he can be.
  • Late night group texts and Skype calls and sometimes Kags falls asleep while Skypeing and Akashi and Kenma have so many screen shots of a sleeping drooling Kags
  • Once a month meet ups where Kags comes to Tokyo or Akashi and Kenma come to Miyagi and it always ends up with a big sleep over and Kenma sleeps curled up between Akashi and Kageyama
  • not overly affectionate all the time, but they don’t really need to be, Kenma likes relaxing on either one of his BFs playing video games maybe while Kags watches a volleyball match and Akashi reads, and sometimes Akashi and Kags hold hands during these cuddle session and these boys are so precious.
  • Pretty Setter Squad? more like GORGEOUS SETTERS seriously Kenma and Kags have never looked better with Akashi supervising their wardrobe 
  • Seriously Akashi sometimes just spends hours playing dress up with his cute boyfriends and actually has a slight cosplay fetish.
  • Kenma wearing cute dresses for his boyfriends on very special occasions

Kageyama ships are pretty much ruining my life giving me life right now and I hope to share my silly little HCs with others who need their lives “enriched.“ 

Dating Hannah Baker Includes...


Warning: profanity

Request: here

Note: heyyy im so sorry for not updating recently! Too busy with schooo, but everything’s cooling down a bit i hope XD the person didnt state if they wanted girl or boy or gender fluid or etc. so i’m doing this so its available for all genders!

  • Hugs
  • Lots of hugs
  • You always being their for her, expecially when her life is going down low
  • Going to the formal together
  • Dance being really awkward but really cute at the same time
  • Jeff/Clay encouraging you to ask her out

“Come on Y/n, it’s obvious she likes you.”

“I say go for it, you’ll regret it later you know.”

  • First kiss when you both watch Netflix bc Netflix is life
  • And maybe a lil netflix ‘n chill there;)
  • Helped her through her problems
  • Being best friends even through Alex and Jessica
  • Panic! at the Disco




“You are gorgeous you know that?”

“You are gorgeous-er-er.”

“Now that didn’t make any fucking sense.”



Getting fat af together jkjkjk just eating maximum quantities of candy that’s all

OHMAGAH she dresses up to dates at her house k its just who she is


“I love Brendon Urie.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Brendon Urie.”

“No fucking way.”

Music blasting

Just chilling

Actually being very innocent

“Babe what’s a bj.”

“Isn’t that a store?”

“Oh yeah that reminds me i ate all your food lol.”


  • According to you, you could’ve helped more.

“Y/n, it’s not your-”

“No, no! It’s just you don’t understand, all these people hurt her, and I-I just stood there and cried with her. If I just stood up for her, maybe we wouldn’t have cried. Maybe she would be alive Clay.”

  • Depressed after this, but you become friends with Justin, sadly you related to him

“You just-just lost everyone.”

“Yeah. I did.”

  • Truly understanding love problems

“I really loved her. She meant everything to me.”

“I wish I could’ve known how much she hurt me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hannah Baker was-no-is the love of my life.”

“I can’t handle this anymore.”

“Bye Hannah. I’m sorry.”

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On May 20th it will have been exactly one year since I stumbled across MDSOA on Steam, bought Shou's route (because it was the only one available at the time) and epilogue, and fell down this rabbit hole. So... um... Happy anniversary, guys! I love you all (in different ways) and I'm really happy to have you in my life, even when you make me sad. I have hugs available for those who want them. And for those who don't... I don't know... a handshake, pat on the back, or what ever else you prefer.

Thank you! Happy anniversary!! 

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Hey there,you happy couple. So it's not really a question,just a gift for the both of you. *hands over a bag full of instant coffee* You'll need this,trust me. I couldn't remember a day where I didn't need caffeine to keep up with my younger siblings. Also,can I give you both a hug ? If you're not ok with that,a handshake is ok too. It's for good luck.

Kara: E-eh? Why thank you, my friend. We could use the extra beverage every now and then. Only my darling will have to drink very few of it since he will nurse our twins. And we don’t want to cause them anything.
Well for now Ichimatsu is upstairs changing for the Baby Shower but I am available for that hug!

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Hi! I finished Nobu's act 2 as well (still crying). I read the divine destiny part, but when I went to my album to try and reread the epilogue, I saw that it wasn't there. Do you have this same problem, or do you know if there is a reason why it isn't available?

Hands tissues and hugs!! I just checked!! And yeah :O It’s not there!! omg why… @diannascribes do you have it in yours or nah? Anyway, I sent an inquiry about it I hope they reply :3 

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:spits out drink; :jumps in through a nearby window; I HEARD WE HAVE PERMISSION TO HUG ADAMS IM H E R E

Yes, all dead, historically inacurate, reimagined founding fathers are available for hugging… as long as they say it’s ok first

Fun (Husband!Taehyung)

Plot: #031: “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.” + #033: “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?” + #067: “I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’” with husband!Taehyung

Word Count: 1010

A/N: so a couple of updates, one is for mermaid!Namjoon, bc I’m gonna be busy today, I won’t have time to write out the entire AU so that will hopefully be up tomorrow and the second update is about the poll I did earlier, stripper/exotic dancer!Tae did win by one vote so that’s gonna be the AU for the drabble but I was actually thinking about turning the bartender and stripper/exotic dancer AU into an actual series or at least posts for Tae so if you guys would wanna see that, let me know!! Onto the drabble for today, I saw these two requests and I thought they’d be cute together so for husband!Taehyung you can click here, that post includes all the links you’ll need for the entire wedding series, this is also gonna feature a teeny tiny bit of father!Tae (all of the father related posts are here) but as always, you could easily read this post without reading any of the previously mentioned they’re just there in case you want the full story

Being married to Taehyung was never dull. It didn’t matter if you’d been together for a year, five years, ten years or even twenty years, he found a way to make each and every day exciting. Whether it was just with his sweet words, the affection he loved to spoil you with or even just bringing you home a flower he saw on his way home. He always found joy in coming home and either waiting for you to get back or walking in to see you already there. If he got home before you did, he loved to get some music playing, changing into his pajamas so he could be ready to just lounge around when you joined him. And then there were the times where you came home to notes.

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44 or 56 for whichever boy you prefer!


So this is #56 – “Tell me you need me” with Josh!

Tell me you need me. Are you capable of doing that?” you ask as you stop midway to your room.

Josh frowns and looks down. He plays with his hands but no words came out from his mouth.

Fear filled Josh’s eyes as you started grabbing your belongings, throwing them into a suitcase. It was an ongoing fight between the two of you. The two of you had been dating for a little over a year now, and he would always avoid the topic of whether or not he loved you or whether or not he needed you to be in his life. You expressed how much you needed him, but those feelings didn’t seem to reciprocate. And you simply grew tired of the games he was playing. The both of you weren’t getting any younger.

“(Y/N), please… can we just talk about this for a minute?” he asks loud enough for you to hear.

“What is there to talk about Josh?” you reply harshly without stopping to look at him.

“Oh come on, why are you reacting like this?” he responds as he walks over to you and grabs your arm.

You glare at him and yank your arm away from him.

“Don’t touch me.” you say quietly.

Josh frowns and furrows his eyebrows.

“Please, (Y/N), you know how I feel about you.” he says.

“I’m not sure I do, Josh. How do you feel about me?”

He frowns as he tries to spit out the simple four letter word. The three word sentence that could convince you to stay with him.

You shook your head and continued to pack your things, wiping your tears as they fell. You zipped up your suitcase and you walked out the door, not bothering to look back.

Three months later, Josh’s POV

I sat on the couch across from Tyler, blankly staring at my phone.

“Still nothing, huh?” Tyler asks softly.

I shook my head and frowned, closing my eyes and took a deep breath.

“I do… love her. I just… I’m not good at expressing my feelings into words… I don’t know why I couldn’t say it… the words were there but no sound came out…” I say quietly.

Tyler sighs and leans over.

“Josh… I’m not really sure how else to advise you… but you told me that all she wanted to hear was that you needed her. And I’m no professional at love, but it sounds to me like she loved you enough to stick through all this stuff until she was tired of not feeling like she wasn’t good enough. So if you really do love her, go find her and tell her how you really feel. Otherwise she’s going to move on. And you’re going to regret not telling her everything you’ve always wanted to.”

I sigh deeply and nod.

“You’re right. Thanks Tyler… I just… I’m scared she’s already moved on.” I whisper.

“She hasn’t. Jenna spoke with her the other day. She’s still pretty broken, but she hasn’t moved on. Hell, I don’t really think she can move on.”

I lean my head back and groan. Just the thought of expressing myself with words made me anxious. It was weird to think about. Expressing myself in music was easy. It was a whole different story when it came to my feelings. I absolutely hated telling people how I felt. It just wasn’t something that came naturally to me. So hopefully this time, things will go the way I want it to.


You looked up from making yourself dinner when you heard a knock on your door. You sigh and wipe your hands on your apron, making your way over to the door. To your surprise, you saw Josh standing there on your porch, soaking wet due to the pouring rain.

“Josh? What the hell? What are you doing here?” you asked slowly. You paused before continuing. “Come inside, you’ll catch a cold.” You stepped aside for him and shut the door behind him.

You fold your arms as you look at him with shock written all over your face.

“(Y/N)…. I came here to tell you a few things… And well… I’ve never been good at expressing myself. And I know I’ve messed up. A lot. And you deserve better than that. Better than whatever the hell I have given you. I can understand if you’ve moved on. Or if you can’t forgive me. But…”

Josh takes a deep breath. He walks over to you slowly and grabs your hands. A tingle shoots through your spine. You hadn’t felt his touch in months, and you missed it. You missed the spark that ran between your bodies every time you touched or kissed. You missed the butterflies in your stomach whenever you saw him smile.

“I love you, (Y/N). And I know it’s taken me forever to actually tell you that. But I do. I appreciate you and all the little things you do for me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’d be lost if I didn’t have you in my life. You have changed me for the better. And I can’t thank you enough for that. And well… Lastly… I need you. I’ve been going crazy without you. I want you back in my life. Please.” he says, the sound of desperation ringing through your ears.

You close your eyes to hopefully prevent the tears from falling, but to no avail. You hug him tightly and put your head on his shoulder, sobbing softly into his shirt. You take on his scent, realizing how much you’ve missed moments like these.

You pull away shortly after, wiping your eyes.

“Can you promise me one thing?” you ask in between sniffles.

He nods his head.

“What is it?”

“Promise me that you’ll try to be better at expressing yourself. Because that really sucked, not knowing how you really felt.”

He chuckles slightly.

“Yeah, I’ll try to do better. Because that’s what you deserve. I’m sorry. I really am.”

You smile and look down. You shake your head a little before looking back up at him.

“I hate you.” you say playfully, hitting his shoulder softly.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” he responds before pulling you in.

“But I love you.” he states proudly before kissing your lips.

Honestly give me all the malec touching and I don’t mean grabbing and groping and /holding/ if ya get what I mean *finger guns* (yeah no idk either sue me 🏃🏃)

I mean hugs and hand holding and gentle brushes of fingers against shoulders or cheeks. I want Alec making that same move again (from 2x01) with less urgency. I want him stood with Magnus and he just reached out and starts at his shoulder and just… slowly let’s his hand go down until he’s holding Magnus’ (ok look I don’t think anyone would be able to not touch Magnus’ arms once he was comfortable with it happening like let the boy live pls)
I also need forehead kisses okay. Okay, maybe Alec has the smallest advantage in that department (and I mean like tiny.. like barely anything because Harry and Matt are like… l L in height difference ok) but Magnus is totally the forehead kisses type of guy… just Alec sat there reading or something and Magnus has to go do a thing and he leans over and kisses Alec’s forehead and Alec gets all smiley and blushy bc Magnus Bane (The Magnus Bane) just kissed his forehead and it was so soft and gentle and careful and he’s just… melting bc he’s so so so in love that it’s starting to get a little painful and his heart can’t take much more
Aaaand pls I need hugs.. all of the hugs. Every single type of hug available. One arm around each other in a quick embrace before they separate to go do something. Something long and warm, arms wrapped tightly around each other as they just b r e a t h e and take a moment to appreciate each other and the space they’re sharing. Hugs after something terrible happened, (aay ok probably to Alec I see you writers 👀👀) and Alec’s all shaky and confused and there’s something really not right but Magnus is there and he’s holding him with so much care that he can’t focus on the bad bc Magnus won’t let anything else happen to him. I need cuddles in bed. Alec’s never slept this close to someone in such an intimate way before… sure he’s slept in the same bed as someone before he’s got three younger siblings.. but this is so obviously different and he doesn’t know what to do. Magnus finds it endearing. Despite what he says, he has patience with certain things. He moves closer and very carefully puts an arm around Alec’s waist asking if he’s okay with it and Alec let’s out this soft sigh bc ‘yeah… yeah.. this is fine.. this is good’. I need Alec hugging Magnus after something particularly taxing has happened. After something bad and Magnus, although strong and hundreds of years old, needs a few moments to just let his guard down and let someone take care of him for once

I just need malec fluff pls

A Scientific Study on Why Dogs Make Better Best Friends Than Humans

Did you like my previous scientific study? No? Too bad. Because here’s another one, chock full of real actual science. 

- They never say “I told you so.” 

- When you binge eat chocolate because you’re sad, you don’t have to share it with them. 

- Same applies to alcohol. 

- They don’t have to say “I’ll be there in five minutes” because they’re already there. 

- They don’t talk. They just listen. They’re really good at giving stern looks though. 

- They don’t tell you what to do; they let you get there on your own. 

- Their solution for everything is either going for a walk or playing fetch, and the scientific fact of the matter is that those solutions are literally always spot on. 

- They won’t complain that they’re too tired to go hiking, swimming, or whatever. 

- Don’t have to argue about what you’re going to do for the day. You make the rules. 

- Hugs available 24/7. 

- Permanent sleep overs. 

- They won’t ever spoiler your movie/tv show/book. 

- They think everything is a great idea. 

Source: Me. I’m a scientist. Feel free to add your own results. 

Tony is the type of person who loves hugs and will actively look for them whenever he’s upset or just in need of one. The Avengers are aware of this so they always make themselves available for hugging whenever Tony comes in with a pout and an unhappy face. They all give really good hugs but Tony usually goes to Steve because he’s always warm and cuddly. 

Steve doesn’t mind this at all.