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I’ve said this before but I feel pretty alienated by the individualistic “I love myself so much that I don’t need anyone else!” vibe that I see lots of people partaking in, including some of my friends. It’s easy to say that when you have a consistent support group around you and the ghost-like advocacy from familial/romantic love that somehow goes unacknowledged and becomes invisible when these truisms are repeated…. Why not just honour those connections as what they are - necessary, salvational and important? Isn’t it insulting to pretend you’re stronger than other people when actually you just have a loving, caring family and can bounce back from difficulty with that knowledge in the back of your mind?

Studies have shown that the ability to effectively love and provide for someone else needs to be taught first and demonstrated properly, it doesn’t just originate from self help books (which, by the way, is a multimillion dollar industry….I wonder why!) Humans are social animals and they always have been, and even though all relationships are inconsistent and unreliable to some degree they’re absolutely important to our survival. Maybe all of us have varied needs but that simplistic urging to just “love myself” as a form of advice in response to loneliness, albeit from a good place, was very dangerous to me and quite harmful when connection and outside support was what I needed the most. I speak for myself only when I say this but a lot of different communities/support networks aren’t available or accessible to a lot of us.

Closing Time - TFCFansgive fic

This is the fic that I did for @curlyhairedneil through @tfcfansgive. Hopefully this turned out alright!! I won’t lie, I really super struggled with the prompt, because we all know I’m not one for fluff writing, but this was… admittedly a lot of fun once I finally figured out where I wanted the story to go.


Neil doesn’t know what to do on a snow day. Not that he considers this much of one. There’s barely a dusting on the ground, hardly enough to even call it snow. It’ll be gone by tomorrow morning, if not later this evening. He doesn’t get it. Classes – canceled. The whole school – shut down. Even Wymack, the betrayer, had called off Exy practice for the day. It’s not that Neil doesn’t get that, regionally, this is a lot of snow. It’s not even an inch, but to people who live here, who make a home in the south east, this is an abomination. Neil’s been here for three years – has called himself a Fox for three years, holy shit – and they’ve never called a snow day before. It’s unprecedented.

And yet all Neil can see when he looks out the dorm window is a lack of ice and perfect running conditions.

“We’re not going out there,” Andrew says from his spot on one of the bean bags. Kevin is at his desk doing homework. He’s been grumbling for the past fifteen minutes about stubborn coaches and unreasonable fathers. Apparently, not even Kevin could win Wymack over. The court is closed to them.

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When you have no cell service (multiple bars of service but nothing works) at a crowded event, turn off LTE in cellular settings. Phone will revert to a slower, but less crowded, 3G signal.

Carriers use multiple completely different frequencies for different generations of cellular technology. Since the vast majority of people have phones that support LTE (the fastest available now) this network will get clogged first, but the legacy network on different spectrum is indifferent to congestion on the LTE network.

Why am I bitter about NBC canceling Timeless?

Let me count the ways:

Forgetting all the “OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW” stuff, which exists, there are other reasons, too. Forget, for a moment, the chemistry that the cast has and the storylines that are unfinished - we’ll get to those.

Financially speaking, why would you cancel a TV show that has a cast, a crew, a set-up, and  a fanbase to start over from scratch, hoping that whatever you pick will do as well? This isn’t the first time that NBC has even done this - any Revolution fans wanna stand up and be counted? Thanks.

The storylines that come from new shows will have to be rebuilt; right now there is a story, a myth-arc that exists, and a compelling reason for fans to tell other (potential) fans why THIS SHOW needs to be watched. Busy and non-contemporary lives mean that people DVR or stream when it’s convenient and those ‘numbers’ aren’t always available for networks to focus on when it comes to revenue - at least at first.

Word of mouth, social media (twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc), and the like all play a pivotal role in helping fans communicate with actors, crew, writers, and each other to talk about plot and converse about what the show has upcoming. Following those trends would help a network/creators know more about their fanbase and what should be available to them in the future.

Generalities aside, Timeless had more for the New Fan than most shows:

  • women in power
  • women of color
  • women of color, in power, that are gay (I LOVE YOU AGENT CHRISTOPHER)
  • Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, a black man, willing to travel through history while openly acknowledging that there was 'nowhere in history’ that was safe for him
  • Jiya - a woman of color who was smart, educated, and learning to pilot the machine that made the series go. ALSO? A strong love interest for a main character.
  • Lucy - the woman leading the team (and ships Rufus/Jiya like it’s her job)
  • Wyatt - who’s, you know, not ugly

This show explored the past in a way that was more true to life than what we hear in most classrooms, give or take a few things, but was also fun to watch. Also, talked about Katherine Johnson at NASA before Hidden Figures came out! :D The writing on this show was INCREDIBLE.

Basically, NBC did wrong. Way, way wrong. And I knew I was wrong to get invested in a show on NBC again, I knew it. But I’d hoped. And now I know better.

… but I still really love the Carlin/Logan/Preston callback to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Also, Agent Christopher. ♥


After a LONG (and excellent) year of waiting, I’m so happy to finally reveal that I voice a whole host of characters in Cartoon Network’s “OK KO!: Let’s Be Heroes!” series, the first six episodes of which are now available on the Cartoon Network app! I play “Nick Army”, “Pird” (both heard in Episode 1), “Ernesto” and “Neil” (both heard in Episode 2). I’ll be appearing in many more to come, so tune in and see if you can spot me! I LOVE this show so much and all the amazingly talented people working on it. Please watch and I hope you enjoy <3

home is where the wifi connects automatically

Word count: 8.5k

Rating: G

Summary: The wifi at Dan’s parents’ house is utter crap, which is definitely why he’s always so miserable when he visits his family for Christmas. Because of the wifi. (Or at least, that’s what he chooses to tell himself.)

Warnings: food, swearing, family-related angst, someone getting mildly drunk

Notes: Each section is labeled with the year in which it’s set, so for clarity’s sake, pay attention to that.

Dedicated to spider, of course <3

[Read on AO3]


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Hello, witches, wizards, and muggles!
These are the winners for our 1k Tumblr award, thank you to everyone who entered!
banner by @leakycauldron


Harry Potter Award - best harry potter blog*
Winner: @nxrcissamxlfoy 
Runner-up: @tomrlddle

Ron Weasley Award - best creations**
Winner: @remuselupin
Runner-up: @thunderbjrd

Neville Longbottom Award - best url
Winner: @krvm
Runner-up: @charlieweesley

Luna Lovegood Award - nicest blogger
Winner: @ravenclw
Runner-up: @silancio

Ginny Weasley Award - rising star***
Winner: @llnny
Runner-up: @peachyscorbus

Draco Malfoy Award - best multifandom blog
Winner: @slythierins

Godric Gryffindor Award - best desktop theme
Winner: @orestiea
Runner-up: @chvchang

Rowena Ravenclaw Award - best mobile theme
Winner: @zabiniblaisee
Runner-up: @lilyeyvans

Helga Hufflepuff Award - best icon
Winner: @remusluvpin
Runner-up: @cavldroncakes

Salazar Slytherin Award - best aesthetic
Winner: @muqqlestudies
Runner-up: @izzystudies

Hermione Granger Award - @dailyprophet ‘s personal favorite
Winner:  @xenophilius
Runner-up: @thenextweasleys

prizes undercut

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starting a new radical feminist blog or even just being on the radical feminism side of tumblr can be incredibly stressful and bad for your mental health. i took over a year off from this blog when it started contributing to my depression, but now i’ve learned ways to be able to actively blog without getting overwhelmed. i wanted to share some tips with newer radfems, and if anyone else has ideas, please reblog and add on!

-follow neutral, non-feminist-related blogs too. positivity blogs, language blogs, aesthetic blogs, photography blogs, anything that makes you happy and can serve as a break.

-don’t check your activity if you’ve got a controversial post going around. you don’t have to argue with every homophobe and misogynist on this website. providing counter-arguments is not a bad thing, of course, but you have no obligation to devote your time to hateful people.

-block radfem hate blogs. just do it. don’t give them attention.

-remind yourself that your worth has nothing to do with what anti-radfems think of radical feminism.

-build positive relationships with other radical and radical-leaning feminists. know that there’s a support network available if you become overwhelmed.

-take breaks! spend a week off this hellsite. check it only once a day, if you don’t want to take a full break.

-focus on real world activism in addition to blogging. know that you can make a positive difference in the world, regardless of what suicide-baiting teenagers on tumblr might say to you.

-keep the bigger picture in mind. don’t get caught up in tumblr’s mindset that disagreement=hatred. don’t resort to transphobic statements when you’re frustrated with trans activism’s bigotry.

-remember that new and future radfems are watching and learning, and be the type of radfem that helped you become a radfem yourself.

There needs to be more resources and networks available to mentally ill people whose symptoms aren’t “cute” or “acceptable.”

I think it’s great we’re trying to move away from the whole “Mentally ill people are scary and dangerous” stereotype, but what about the mentally ill people who are, in fact, dangerous? They’re not allowed to speak out to anyone because if they tell anyone, even a counselor or therapist, “I have thoughts about harming people” or “I’ve actually lashed out at someone,” they are going to be seen as a criminal and probably have the police called on them.

Here’s my totally-unbacked-by-science, entirely-based-on-emotion hypothesis: maybe the key to stopping school shooters and many abusers is getting these people help and resources before they commit the act instead of hunting them down as potential threats.

anonymous asked:

Hi! When looking at colleges, did anyone consider the LGBTQ+ friendliness of the campus? I'm concerned about going to a school where I'm accepted and can be openly out. How does one go about determining how LGBTQ+ friendly a school is? Was this a major factor for anyone else?

Hi anon! I’m a junior in high school, and I’m looking at colleges as well. I actually just got back from a nine day college road trip in the South/Southwestern part of the United States. Having an LGBTQ+ positive campus when going to college is absolutely critical to me, and I actually don’t even consider a college that doesn’t explicitly say that they are friendly or have a support network available to LGBTQ+ students.

Many colleges say on their website if they are friendly to LGBTQ+ people, have a support network/counseling, or even have options for getting T or E at their campus hospital/infirmary. 

For example, Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest universities in the United States. On their website (here) they have a specific page detailing their support of LGBTQ+ people and the resources available to them.

Having a welcoming campus is a major factor for many LGBTQ+ teenagers, and could be crucial for your safety and well-being. Good luck on your college search!

~ Wren

Habits (Part One)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: a couple of curse words

Series Summary: Modern day AU. You’re obsessed with finding The One. Bucky is hell-bent on avoiding love at all costs. He’s the polar opposite of everything you’re looking for, and you’re the definition of everything he’s terrified of. So why can’t either of you seem to stay away? I suck at summaries I’ll fix this later fuck.

Note: Oh look who started another drabble series at 3AM. Me! I did! Because I hate myself! This series is based off of Lucy and Tom from the movie How To Be Single. A lot of this part is directly from the movie. 

Originally posted by bovaria

You curse under your breath as your laptop continues to tell you that it’s unable to connect to your apartment’s crappy Wi-Fi. You try every nearby network available, but they’re all either password protected or have a signal so weak that you would probably die before any content actually loaded. You hold your laptop in your arms, moving around your apartment hoping that a change of location with strengthen one of the signals. The closer you get to one of the open windows, the stronger the signal for a network called “Daybreak_Bar” becomes.

“Yes…two bars…three…fuck!” You pull back just before you drop your laptop out the window. Moving to sit on the edge of your bed, you let out a groan. You had been paying so much attention to the growing signal that you hadn’t even realized just how close to the window you were getting. That was a close call. Lord knows you can’t afford to buy another laptop. Hell, you can’t even afford decent WiFi. With a sigh, you close your laptop, nearly ready to give up. You have one last idea, but you’r not quite sure how well it will work out. 

Using some of the precious cellular data on your phone, you look up the bar’s operating hours, happy to find out that they open for lunch every day at noon. You quickly make yourself somewhat presentable, throwing on minimal makeup and changing from your pjs into jeans and a t shirt before grabbing your laptop and walking across the street to the little bar with the Wi-Fi. 

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ECW invades Raw
[June 6th, 2005]

After 4 years of hearing the familiar “E-C-Dub!” chants permeating from crowds around the world (especially in Philadelphia), the WWE finally decided to pull the trigger on a reunion show known as ECW One Night Stand. On that event, several of company owner Paul Heyman’s homegrown ECW talents would be appearing for either the first time in the WWE, for the first time in a while, or in a light in which they hadn’t been featured before. Something about the former ECW glory still lingered for many of its alumnus, including Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, The Dudley Boyz, and many more. Fans of the now-defunct company recall the glory days of each individual, where wrestling was taken to a new level of insanity, or to coin a phrase… to the extreme.

June 12th was the inaugural One Night Stand event, and someone who took great exception to the event was former WCW head booker and writer Eric Bischoff, who was (at the time) the Raw General Manager. Bischoff spoke candidly many times about his feelings toward ECW being a lesser product, despite the fact that during his time in WCW, many of ECW’s hottest ideas and talents were signed away from the Philly-based company to billionaire Ted’s promotion in Atlanta. And so, with less than one week prior to the One Night Stand event, Bischoff challenged Heyman to a standoff, but wouldn’t come alone. The one thing he didn’t count on was… neither would Heyman. This is one of the most intense and real moments that led to one of the most memorable pay per views from under the WWE umbrella, and it brought fans of hardcore wrestling a joy they’d missed out on for nearly half a decade.

One Night Stand is available on the WWE Network, and is a pay per view event that I’d highly recommend to wrestling fans of all ages.

Game Highlight: Parasite Eve (Squaresoft, 1998)

This game is so important to me because it came about at a pivotal point in my life. As a little girl I would go around saying “Girls are stupid! I wanna be a boy!” - and now I know that was because I didn’t like any of the representations of girls that I’d seen in media. Books, TV, movies and games had taught me that girls were weak and passive, boys were strong and active. Boys did things. I wanted to be a boy.

The original Parasite Eve was the first game I ever played where the PC was a woman and what’s more, a woman who wasn’t defined whatsoever by her relationship to men. (The first scene has Aya going on a date with a man, but it doesn’t last long before his head explodes and everyone catches fire and Aya goes to investigate and fight mutated abominations, long black dress and heels be damned.)

Yes she’s sexualized and the art is pretty male-gazey, but this game revolves around women. The male characters are incidental. As a tiny gamer, for me, at a time when video games were still very much a “boy thing”, Parasite Eve was a real game-changer.

It’s creepy, haunting, evocative and almost 20 years later it more than holds its own against modern games. Wikipedia says it’s available on the Playstation Network. If you haven’t played it before, give it a try!

- @toomanymurlocs


Y’all need to watch this show oh my lord. The characters are cute and charming, stories sweet and interesting, the animation is so bouncy and fluid not to metion that AMAZING theme song and I just???? Please watch this. Two episodes are available on Cartoon Network’s website and five or so are on the CN App, go check it out!

Can’t wait for the official premiere in August <3

anonymous asked:

Will you guys play reruns of the original Teen Titans series ever again?

I don’t work at CN so no

The show is available on Cartoon Network on demand though