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Ginny knew it was a bad idea. Terrible even. Anyone in their right mind could see that. But then, Ginny wasn’t really in her right mind, and sometimes bad ideas needed to be executed too.

Still, drinking absinthe in a muggle pub on a tuesday night was a new low, even for her, a woman who’d known she was in a loveless marriage and yet failed to act on it. Now Harry was gone and she had no place to stay. Before she could face her family and ask for a couch to crash on she had to be properly smashed.

When she’d made up her mind and had decided Charlie was her best option for now, she asked the bartender for a cab.

“Sorry love, cabbies are still on strike this week. No fares after two in the morning.” The man behind the bar gave her an apologetic smile. “If there’s anything else I might be able to do just ask. Maybe I can call a friend for you?” The barman wasn’t stupid, this woman was not getting home on her own tonight.

Ginny let her head fall on the bar, immediately regretting that decision when a flare of white hot pain shot through her skull. “If you could tell my past self to blow off her marriage, that would solve a great deal. Otherwise, not really.”

While the barman was wondering what to do with this drunken woman, a man came up to them from the other end of the bar. “I can call someone for her, if there’s really no cab available.” It was a pale man, slightly swaying on his legs because the combination of alcohol and high heels wasn’t the most practical one. “We used to go to school together.”

Ginny lifted her head from the bar, now intrigued by the voice that did indeed sound vaguely familiar, but in her drunken state she couldn’t put a name to it. When a pointy face and grey eyes came into focus, she suddenly could. Draco Malfoy. Of all the people in the world, Draco Malfoy had to be the one to find her drunk, depressed and lonely in a muggle bar sipping absinthe. Of course. Of fucking course.

“Lune?” Malfoy was calling someone now. “Could you possibly pick up an old friend at Quinn’s?” … “No, it’s not me.”… “I’m fine, thanks for asking.” … “Ginny Weasley.” … “No, I’m not being nice I’m being human. She just had at least three glasses of absinthe.” …. “That’s the green stuff with more than sixty percent alcohol.” … “Thanks. See you in a minute.”

Ginny kept her eyes fixed on Malfoy. Yes, he had a pointy face and grey eyes, but that was where the comparison ended between him and the former nemesis of her soon-to-be-ex husband. He wore a floral suit with high heeled boots and his hair was thicker and healthier than it had ever been at Hogwarts.

“You should date Harry.” She blurted out.

“Excuse me?” Malfoy looked perplexed. “I’m pretty sure that’s the alcohol talking, Weasley. Besides, you’re married to the git.”

“Am not.” Ginny couldn’t stop herself from pouting. “He kicked me out ‘cause he’s gay. You’re gay. Smash.” She made a weird gesture with her hands, trying to act out ‘smashing’ by intertwining her fingers.

Another hand caught hers, the other supported her waist. Luna Lovegood had arrived. “Hello Ginny. You look a bit tipsy.” The warm smile on her lips made Ginny want to kiss them, kiss them until there was nothing left and then kiss them some more. 

She really should stay away from absinthe, her thought made no sense anymore.

“Malfoy doesn’t want to smash with Harry, Luna. Do something about it.” Ginny pouted and she emphasized her words by poking Draco hard in his chest. “Smash! You two should smash! You should’ve done that years ago, then I wouldn’t have married him.” Suddenly her mood shifted, the realisation that Harry really wouldn’t be lying next to her when she woke up the next morning, or the morning after that, hit her way to hard for her drunken brain to cope with. She felt tears well up in her eyes.

“It’s okay, Ginny. It’s okay.” Luna patted Ginny on her back. “Let’s get you home now, shall we?”

“I don’t have a home. Harry’s got a home, and a family and friends… They don’t like me anymore. ‘M not a nice person. I saw he needed someone that wasn’t me and I still stayed. I stayed Luna!” Ginny tried to get up but her legs failed to support her. Luckily Luna was tougher than she looked and could catch her before she fell to the floor. “I knew he was gay.” Whispered Ginny. “I knew and I stayed.”

“I know, love. But he stayed too. And you were happy. You had friends.” Luna gave Ginny a strange look. “You still have friends.”

Ginny didn’t respond, she just hugged the blond girl while sobbing. Carefully, Luna and Draco helped Ginny get up and outside, into a quiet alleyway where they could apparate.

“She’s right you know. You and Harry really should smash.” Before Draco could react, the girls disappeared with a soft pop.

The next morning Ginny didn’t wake up next to Harry, for the first time in nearly seven years. But somehow waking up next to Luna, hands intertwined and with the remnants of a flower crown in her auburn hair, that wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be.

But to balance everything out the hangover was way worse.

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Only yours. E.D Smut

Originally posted by experiencethestyles

Warnings: Smut, so grab some anointing oil, you’re probably gonna need it. Requested. 

“You ready baby?” Ethan asked, grabbing onto the small space of counter beside you, leaning on it. You were currently, finishing your hair, makeup, well everything. Tonight was pretty huge, Grayson and Ethan were up for another TCA, and this time, you were accompanying Ethan as his date. You didn’t actually go to the last show with him, as the both of you weren’t public with your relationship yet, but now you were very public. So why not join him? “Yes baby, I’ll be ready in a minute.” You said, staring at him. Admiring, that he dressed up for once. Not too dressy or anything, but he like nice. Black button up, slacks, and nice shoes, with his hair perfectly messy, and bright purple streak peaking out the front. He was absolutely ravishing, like really hot. And he knew it too, you on the other hand. Didn’t feel too hot. As you knew plenty of gorgeous girls, that were actually in Ethan’s league, unlike you. You were entirely out of his league, him being a perfect ten, and well you being in the negatives. Okay maybe not literally, but you had no self esteem. Ethan knew, and was very sensitive to that fact, calling you any positive word he could think of. And you believed none, just seeing yourself as ugly, and worthless to him. You knew it wasn’t true, but man did it feel like it sometimes. “Babe? Are you ready? You said soon like yesterday!” He exclaimed, throwing himself on the bed behind himself. “Yes Grant. I’m ready” you said walking out of the bathroom. “Oh, well fuck, aren’t you gorgeous.” He said, letting a smirk peak through. As he instantly jumped up off of the mattress to wrap his toned arms around you. “Before you, babygirl.” He said opening the door, so the both of you could exit the bedroom. “You nervous?” you asked him as you walked down the hallway toward the front door. “I mean, maybe a little but if we don’t win we don’t win.” He said. “Hey, I’m gonna go grab Gray! Meet you in the limo?” he asked. Simply nodding, and heading toward the limo by yourself. As you entered the lavish vehicle, you admired everything about it. As it was your first time in one, ever. Looking through the dark tinted windows, you could see the twin boys heading towards the vehicle, laughing as they walked down the path towards where you were currently. As they entered, you could see both of them looked incredible. But especially Ethan, but Grayson didn’t look too bad either. “Hey baby, sorry to keep you waiting.” Ethan said as he moved closer to you, gently placing his hand on your knee. “Yea sorry y/n. I got stuck in my shoe, Ethan had to help me out!” Grayson said, causing the three of you to laugh. “So Grayson, where’s your date?” you asked, causing Ethan to laugh and Gray to blush. “Um, still single like usual.” He mumbled out awkwardly. As the driver pulled off, the rest of the car ride was filled with well, everything. From laughing so hard you cry, to Grayson almost peeing his pants because he was so excited. It was a fun ride, and it was in a limousine, so that made it a hundred times cooler. Once you pulled up to the red carpet entrance, exiting. You were instantly blinded by flashing lights, something you’ve never experienced before. This was all new to you, but the twins. This was their life. As you and Ethan entered the large photo shoot, where they were getting pictures of anyone who was nominated. You stood side by side with Ethan. Nervous as hell, as everyone was going to see these pictures. Ever so often he would whisper “I love you” and squeeze your hand lightly to reassure you. Once the pictures were taken, the three of you entered the large venue. Instantly intimidated, as you felt you were the only “nobody” there, which wasn’t true. “Baby, calm down. I’m here, don’t get nervous.” Ethan said as the three of you took your seats. Waiting for the arrival of “Male internet icon” of the year, of course praying they would win. As the awards, neared closer and closer to the fate of the twins. They both grew more anxious. And this time it was your turn to comfort Ethan, as he had done with you the entire night. “Baby, you’ll be fine. Promise, the fans will come through.” You said as you squeezed his hand tightly. As his leg fidgeted, ad hands twitched. And here it was, the award they had been waiting for all night. The announcer, also known as Bella Thorne, someone they had worked with in the past. For famous in love. She had always had a little thing for Ethan, well it wasn’t little she made it blatantly obvious, that she one hated you, and two wanted Ethan as her own. “And, the winners for Male internet icon of the year, well lets make that Icons, The Dolan twins!” she yelled out into her microphone. Instantly causing the crowd to scream out, and Ethan to pull you into a quick kiss. Before running onto the stage, accepting the award. As they ran up there, and the award was handed to Ethan, she tried to give him a kiss. On the fucking lips. Hell no girl, not my man. Instantly dodging the kiss politely, and going to the mic to say his thank you’s. He spoke “Okay! So I would like to thank everyone for voting! We couldn’t have made it here without the love and support we have! I would specifically like to thank, my mom, dad, sister. And girlfriend, y/n” Ethan said. As he handed the mic to Grayson, as soon as he was about to talk, they cut him off. Once more, as they did in the last TCAS, maybe Ethan needs a shorter speech. But whatever, you were happy for them yes. But you were not going to ignore the move she made on him, she knew he was yours. Not hers, yours. And she had no right to even think about trying to kiss him, cheek. Ok, but lips, those were for you, and no one else. As the boys had ran off of the stage, to you. Ecstatically smiling, proud of their accomplishment, you pulled Grayson in for a hug, congratulating them both. But Ethan, pulled you in for a kiss, but not right now. Not in the mood. Leaving him puzzled, wondering if you were just playing with him, he leaned in for another kiss. Whipping your head away once again, this time making him mad. “y/n, what the fuck is your problem?” he asked. “Nothing.” You simply replied. “Please don’t tell me it was because she tried to kiss me?” he asked, this time brining out the puppy eyes. “Yes.” Was all you replied with. Soon enough the event ended, and the atmosphere between you and Ethan was intense. The thing is, you weren’t upset with him, he handled it like he should have. But you just felt, threatened . She was stunning, no play in games there. He could leave you for her in a heartbeat, he wouldn’t. But he could. And that terrified you, but it was Ethans night, and you weren’t going to ruin it. “Hey, Y/N, E. There’s an after party going down, you in?” Gray asked, hoping the answer was yes. As you were fixing to comply, Ethan interrupted saying, “Sorry dude, I have something to talk about with y/n, we’ll take a cab or something. That cool?” Grayson, understood, but was bummed that the both of you weren’t going to be there. “Ethan, go to the after party! You don’t need me they’ll be plenty of other pretty girls there, ones that would be better for you.” You said. “What? Better for me, what does that even mean.” He nearly yelled as the both of you walked through the back entrance of the venue. “No one is better for me, I don’t get why you think that! Y/n, you are literally, the only thing I need. You, not her, not anyone else. You.” He yelled out. “I’ll fucking prove it to you.” He said through gritted teeth. Instantly picking you up, and putting the both of you in the next available cab, soon after telling the driver the address, he closed the privacy tab. “You think you don’t deserve me baby?” he said, as his hand neared closer and closer up your upper thigh, placing his lips, directly under the shell of your ear. Still, not replying, hoping to get him riled up. Because well, rough Ethan was the best Ethan. “Answer me baby.” He said, inching his hand up higher than before, nearing the place you needed him the most. “Yes. You’re just out of my league E.” you whispered out, as his fingers, pushed aside your panties, and started their work. Going at an undeniably slow pace, making the pleasure near agonizing. Causing you to instantly moan out, “If you aren’t quiet, I wont continue.” He whispered once more. Causing me to instantly bite my lip. “You think this is good? Wait until we get home baby.” He said, removing his fingers from your core. Causing me to instantly whine at the loss of contact, wanting to return the unfinished favor, I placed my hand over his crotch, hoping to get a slight reaction. “Baby, one thing about tonight, is that it’s all about you.” He said as he leaned into my shoulder. “Mr Dolan, we’re here. The elder cab driver said, and man was Ethan eager, throwing him a hundred, and throwing you over his shoulder, carrying you to the apartment. As soon as he managed to unlock the door, and enter. You were pushed up against the wall, instantly engulfed in his kiss. He, departed his lips from yours. Slowly moving down your body, starting to leave sloppy kisses around the sweet spot on your neck. “Ethannn” you moaned out as he managed take control of your body from a few simple kisses. Pleased with the reaction, he decides to move it down a little further, taking your dress of slowly, following your panties. “Ethan please!” you exclaimed as his face was centimeters away from your heat. “Please what? Remember baby, tonight’s all about you. So you’re going to have to be vocal.” Him fully knowing you were pretty shy when it came to dirty talk, but I guess it was necessary at the moment. “Just, I don’t know eat me out or something!” you exclaimed. And with that, he picked you up bridal style, and carried you to the bed. Placing you down gently, and starting action. Slowly kissing down your collar bones, then shoulders, breasts and naval. Until he reached where you needed him. Inching his face once more, causing you to moan out in agony. “Ethan, please!” you moaned. And with that, he listened. Slowly kitten licking figure eights onto your clit, slowly teasing his way, which honestly could have made you cum right there. “Fuck, don’t stop!” you moaned, as he buried his face deeper between your legs. Which was a dream. “Ethan, stop.” You said, instantly causing him to jolt up, to see if you were okay. “What? Why?” he asked. “Ethan, just fuck me.” You said, and he didn’t hesitate twice. Instantly jerking his slacks, shirt, and boxers off. Damn, I didn’t realize how clothed he was. “What do you want?” he asked, fully knowing the answer. As he was grabbing a condom from the nightstand. “You Ethan, I want you.” Was all you had to say. “I’m all yours baby.” He said, as you interrupted, “Wait, E. Let me ride you.” Was all you had to say to make the boy go stir crazy.. “You sure?” he asked. Simply ignoring the question, you positioned yourself at his tip, preparing for his size, which honestly I don’t think anyone could get used to the boy was huge. “Babe, come on!” he said, as you took your time to tease, rubbing his head every few seconds. Without replying, which was a popular response this evening. You slowly slid on top of him, adjusting to his massive length. Causing him to instantly moan out. “Babe, fuck. You know I love you right?” he said as you sped the pace up. Bouncing on him faster within the seconds. “Yes, I love you too.” You managed to moan out. As he kept hitting the right spot with every bounce. “Cum for me babygirl.” Was all he had to say, to push you over the edge. Within seconds, Ethan had came too, but you rode the both of your highs out, extending the pleasure you both received. Soon, rolling off of him. “You shouldn’t be worried you know, I’m all yours y/n” Ethan said as he snuggled into your side, kissing a few hickeys he had left. “I know Ethan, your mine, and mine only.” You said. “Agreed.” He replied, kissing you sweetly before you had both drifted off into a deep sleep.

Requests, open. Sorry if this was total shit! Smut is defiantly not my strong suit Hope it’s not terrible!♥️


Toyota Debuts 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro at Chicago Auto Show

  • Up front, 2.5-inch Fox coil-overs are paired with TRD springs 
  • Out back, Fox 2.5-inch shocks paired with TRD leaf springs
  • All shocks feature aluminum construction and internal bypass technology that helps adapt to any terrain …on and off the road …providing an exciting and predictable ride everywhere the TRD Pro goes.

When the going gets tough …adventurers can be confident knowing that the TRD Pro comes standard with features like:

  • Four-wheel drive with an Auto LSD
  • Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select
  • Locking rear differential
  • And a ¼-inch thick aluminum skid plate

The 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro will be available as a double cab …with a choice of a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic …and they will all be built at Toyota’s plant in San Antonio, Texas.

i-will-go-down-with-this-ship  asked:

Karedevil prompt: five things that make you happy.

Ok. Finally! I got it! 

How long have I been promising you a prompt? I’m sorry, my writing process is a beeaatch, but here it is. 

Hope you like it! 

(There’s more Karedevil coming. I’m in a good writing spree)

Five Things


Of course she worries. And of course she has one eye on the clock and one on the news every hour that he is out with his mask on. That’s a given. Even Matt stopped telling her not to worry. He just kisses her and promises to be back.

And he was true to his word, mostly. Sometimes it took him a while. Sometimes she would go to sleep and wake up and there would be no sign of him. Sometimes she would wait up for him until the sun was up. Sometimes she would leave for work without knowing where he was.

But, at least, every time, he called. And when he couldn’t, he explained. No half truths, no “I’ll explain later”, no secrets. He didn’t keep anything from her anymore. He told the truth and it made her feel good. It made her feel like she could trust him. Because sometimes she still had doubts. Every time he sighed and spent a few seconds in silence when she asked, she braced herself. But, now, he always set himself and spoke. The truth. No matter how hard it was, how mad it was going to make her, no matter how worried she would be when he showed her the new cuts and the new bruises. Even when it made her cry. He would hold her and kiss her and tell her he’s ok, he would promise to be careful. Sometimes they would fight.

But he would always tell the truth.

And that made her breathe in, let go of the momentary anger, put her hands on his face and kiss him, thanking whatever God he was loyal to for his safety, that he returned to her, bruised and wounded, but he came back.

And Karen would always be grateful for that. And she would make a point to make sure he knew just how grateful she was that he did not lie anymore.

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ナツメカズキ●「MODS」発売中 on Twitter
“シロ「春さんなんでいつもいるんすか、暇なんすか、帰ったらどうっすか」春「あァ?消すぞクソガキ」時雨「お前ら本当仲良いなぁ〜」(時雨・春・シロ/MODS) 告知絵がつらくて急いでリカバリーをはかった”

New illustration by Natsume Kazki for the release of NIGHTS BEFORE NIGHT, a MODs spin off, published in the new volume of Cab available on the 26th of April.

things no one will warn you about Naples (seriously)

It’s not about pickpockets or personal safety on the street or anything like that.

It’s the fact that on Monday and Tuesdays, taxis take off from work (50% one day, 50% the other). So you may find yourself more than 2 miles from your hotel after dinner, in a popular tourist area full of restaurants and bars, with no taxi in sight and most companies you call telling you there are no cabs available. At midnight.

Thank goodness a) My thought was to immediately go in a fancy hotel and ask the front desk for help, where after about 10 minutes they were able to get a company to answer and send over a cab, and b) be with a native speaking Italian who can uncover the problem. Of course Mr. Hawkland is freaking the hell out because as far as he’s concerned we should have been stranded on the street all night. But all things work out in the end. And now I know on mondays & tuesdays we always eat close to our hotel or rental apartment.

Maid of Honor and Miscommunication


Requested by anonymous :

“Hi! Can I request a scenario with Shownu where he’s the best man and you’re the maid of honor at another member’s wedding with a close friend of yours but you took a break from one another before the wedding, were forced to admit to one another that you still had lingering feelings, and got back together after the wedding? If you can make it angsty at the start but fluffy at the end, it would be great!”

Word Count: 4106
Vibes: Slight angst (?), fluff (?)
A/N: It didn’t turn out as angsty and fluffy as I imagine you would have wanted. I’m sorry ;;

Originally posted by myhyunwoolyone

Everything was planned to the ’T’. From the bachelorette’s party to the silver linings on the wedding cake. From the penmanship on the invitations to the gold encrusted reception chairs. From the bridesmaids’ hair accessory to the groomsmen’s tuxedo cuffing. From my maid of honor status to his best man status. Everything was planned.

It almost felt like a ploy. The latter part, that is, of the bride and groom’s choice of their right hand person for the wedding.

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Nothing But the Tooth - a DaiSuga fanfic

Title: Nothing But the Tooth
Pairing: Daichi/Suga
Word Count: just shy of 4k (gulp)
Warnings: Bit of swearing, not much else
A/N: this was written for the 30dayhqwriting challenge and the prompt was ‘sickness’ 
A/A/N: This is based on a friend of mine when she had a wisdom tooth out at college, and is dedicated to the lovely man who walked her back to our house. Not that she tried anything. She’s not Suga. 
A/A/A/N: I nicked ‘sucky sweet’ from Mrs Foreboys in ‘One Foot in the Grave’

Summary: As a favour to Suga’s mum, Daichi escorts Suga home after he has a wisdom tooth removed. He has money in his pocket for a cab, so what could go wrong?

Well, quite a lot as it happens.


Daichi looked up from the programme he was watching to see his Mum standing in the doorway, the telephone in her hand. “Yep.”

“It’s Koushi’s mother.”

“Oh!” He fumbled for the remote control, his mind working furiously. What the heck does she want?  Breathe. No, it’s fine, Mum doesn’t look mad. Must just be something normal. Homework, maybe. Although why would she be calling? If Sug had a problem, which isn’t likely, he’d call me.

“She wants to ask you something. I’ve already said it’s fine.”

“Er … okay,” he said warily, but he took the receiver from her hand. “Hello…”

“Daichi-kun,” Suga’s mum sounded flustered, vague, her mind elsewhere. In his mind, he could see her birdlike gesture as she tilted her chin to one side. He heard her swallow before she continued. “I need to ask a favour.  Has your mother explained?”

“No, but, how can I help?”he said, hoping he sounded polite … and unsuspicious and not at all as if he’d spent the evening before making out with her son.

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The Shape of Things to Come

After the success of their wedding, Énora and James had bid their guests and kids goodbye to hop on a ferry leading them to Athens, where they spent a few nights celebrating their new life together before heading out into the islands for a tour.

After a good two weeks spend in Greece, roaming the narrow streets filled with blossoming flowers and sweet scents of spice, it was time for the newlyweds to fly back home to London where a trio of young and lively young girls awaited their return impatiently.

“Ah.” Énora breathed out as soon as the doors of the airport closed behind them, leaving the couple standing before a row a taxis waiting for costumers to hop in. “The sweet smell of London.”

She gave James a quick smirk before the took the first cab available and soon foudn themselves onto the busy streets leading back to the city.

“So girls first and then home?” Énora asked him as she laced her fingers with his. “I missed them.”


chenbethenewking  asked:

Hello~ Wow all your replies are truly beautiful, written with sensibilty and logic I love it ;; so I got a request : what if on a heavy rainy day you bumped into Suga on the street and both of you got mesmerized by the other instantly (am I clear omg) Have a bright day ♡

Thank you for thinking that omg— Sorry this took so long to get out!


You know those times where it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful, sunshine filled marvelous day, where the weather is just perfect? That’s what you knew today was going to be. You woke up on time, your hair looked amazing, you looked cute in your outfit, and you were actually ready for the day ahead. There was no need for an umbrella today, why would there be? The sun was out, and everything was just dandy.

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WEIRD4 America’s most hated magazine surfaces from exile. Rumors are spreading. what is contained behind its damaged cover?… CF?… Chloe E. Maratta?… Dash Shaw?… Sua Yoo?… Andy Burkholder?… Marisa Takal?… Chris Day?… Social Peligro?… Jim Novak?… Mr. Freibert?… Hey Siss, when is CAB again?

Were you aware that Steve Caballero, not Danny Way, was the first skater to jump out of a helicopter into a vert ramp?

We kid.

That’s Stacy Peralta getting his BGPs this #TBT while filming Cabbie clearing the channel of the Chin ramp while on The Search with the Bones Brigade. “We have to get to the chopper!”

(But did you know we have 14 different colors of Half cabs available for Holiday? Serious. Click over to Vans.com to find a retailer near you.)

Photo: @jgrantbrittain

I'll Take Care Of You || Dean&Alicia

After getting the text from Alicia Dean, who was waiting in the airport, smiled to himself and booked a ticket for the next flight to Florida. The four hour flight seemed to be getting longer and longer as he sat impatiently in his seat listening to heavy metal to block out the screaming babies and his surroundings in general. Finally and thankfully the plane finally hit the runway in Florida and Dean relaxed a little knowing he was just a little closer to seeing her. He got off the plane and went to baggage claim which also seemed to be getting longer and longer as he saw other people’s bags going around and around… but eventually he saw his and picked it up as quick as he could then headed out the doors and hopped into the first available cab. He’d already been given the directions and the street zip code so he gave it to the drivers and sat back for another long but excitable journey because he was going to see her as soon as he got out the cab and he didn’t have to wait any longer. As he sat there analysing his feelings since he had nothing else to do it became apparent to him that he hadn’t felt like this about anyone else ever, friends, girlfriends, crushes, everything just seemed so much better when it came to her. It baffled him how excited he was to see her and they weren’t even dating, could she be the one? Thats something he was excited to find out the more they got to know each other, he just hoped it was true. What about if he fell for her and she wasn’t there to catch him? Whatever was to happen in the end Dean wanted to take the risk, she was so worth it. He asked the driver to stop at a flower shop so he could choose her something out to make her smile so when he got in there he found something he thought she’d like and wrote the card to put inside while he was in there, he thought for a moment before writing ‘I hope these make you smile because I like seeing you smile, get better darlin, Jon xx’ even though he was going to be there he thought the card would be a nice little touch. Then he went to another store while the cab driver waited and brought her a nice and soft big blanket and the remake of 'Evil Dead’ since he’d never watched it and knew she liked horror movies, she probably had it but he thought he’d get it just in case. It seemed like heavens gates when the cab driver parked on the pavement next to Alicia house and Dean pulled the money from his wallet as fast as he could. After exiting the cab and got his suitcases he looked up at her house for a moment whilst the cab driver drove away, he nodded in approval at how big it looked, he was impressed. He couldn’t wait any longer admiring brickwork, he wanted to go and see her so he quickly walked up the path to her house and finally knocked the door feeling like it had taken him a week to get there. The anticipation certainly made everything take so longer than it usually would.