available as iphone case pillow and more:)


“Gotta Catch (G)em All!” Series

These designs are just a selection of the now complete Pokeball inspired Gem designs available at my RedBubble and Society6 stores. My RedBubble store offers phone cases (iPhone and Android), skirts, notepads, journals and so much more in the designs, whilst my Society6 offers all-over t-shirts, clocks, pillows, duvet covers and more.

With Christmas now approaching, it may be a great idea to start looking at presents for friends and family - what better than a design themed around their favourite gem (and support a poor uni student in the process)?! 

The Designs

From left to right, top to bottom:

Other designs include:

Thank youuuuuu!

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Cases & Skins available for all iPhones, iPod + Samsung Galaxy. Shirts available in different colors/styles/sizes. Search through the site for more. 

Links to shop below! 👇  NEW DESIGN! #HEYDJ

*Make sure you get the right model for your phone*

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I


So here’s the two Trek things I’ve added to Redbubble so far! I worked back into the Trill artwork, so it’s actually a bit more updated/different to the original art I posted some time ago.

They’re available as prints, but also as these spiral notebooks which I think look pretty cool? RB definitely didn’t have these back when I put stuff on it a few years ago. You can also have the trill on some samsung phone cases, if that’s what you want (not iPhone though, sorry! The composition is bad for iPhone cases).

Those are the only products available right now though, unfortunately neither artwork lends itself to mugs/pillows/all that other good stuff.

You can find the aliens of voyager art here, and the jadzia and ezri artwork here.

If your day’s feeling a little lacklustre, why not pay a visit to the Carter Family Portrait Gallery Gift Shop? These portraits and more are available as prints, t-shirts, mugs, iPhone, iPad and laptop cases, tote bags, or even pillows - perfect for all those times you feel the need to nap on Bey’s beautiful face.

At the Carter Family Portrait Gallery Gift Shop, there truly is a Carter for every occasion.




Hello beautiful people ! Time for another update !!! As you can see the Alice in Wonderland collection is now complete and everything is available as shirts, iPhone and galaxy cases, notebooks, mugs, stickers, pillows, and much more ..

next up : inside out !

also check out my society6 for more merchandise : http://society6.com/karlamestrada



New design available on my redbubble shop here! It’s available as posters and art prints, pillows in various sizes, bags, mugs and iphone/ipad cases, stickers and many more!

Soon it’ll also be available as tshirt/tank tops and hoodies, and I’ve got a science related design for aromantics coming up as well so keep an eye out, I’m just really busy with exams at the moment!

Please reblog and share and check out my shop it’s my only source of income at the moment! 



I’ve uploaded several things that are not available on My Sociey6 Store.

Redbubble has available the following: Stickers, Throw Pillows, Shirts & Hoodies (many kind of shirts), Posters, Samsung Galaxy Cases, iPhone & iPod Cases, & MORE!!!

You can pic to get the things the stores have in common where you want to buy =)

I’ll be soon adding my illustrations for the Monster Anthology: Slime Edition, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!!!


The Art of Chandra Free at Society6

Come check out my artwork on numerous things at Society6! 

The have high quality art prints (archival), canvas prints, framed art prints, iPhone (and Galaxy) cases & skins, Laptop skins, iPad cases, throw pillows, totes, wall clocks, mugs, and even rugs! (and more, I’m sure I missed a few things. ^^;;)

I have a nice variety of my art on these products (if you don’t see something in particular from me, please send me a note or email me at chandrafree @ gmail . com and I’ll see what I can do about making it available!)

It’s a great time to get these items for your loved ones this holiday year (or heck, yourself. No shame in that!) 

Hurry! These items are made to order! 

Thank you guys and have a Happy season!

Chandra Free at Society6