So I have thoughts and feelings about this segment… It’s not news that Desperado’s character is probably one of the few canonically queer characters in the New Japan kayfabe. One of the angles he’s been steeped in since his character debuted is this notion of him constantly being rejected by the men he earnestly pursues romantically. The first man was of course Kota Ibushi, and the rejection happened during a time in Desperado’s life where he wasn’t as cruel and unforgiving as he is right now. The second person he admitted to having feelings for was Kushida, who made mincemeat of him several times over. Finally, we got to Hiromu, whose heart is and always will be Dragon Lee’s. 

In no way do I want to diminish that Desperado’s a villain, because he absolutely is. He’s cruel, uncouth, and unlikable in every which way possible… but so is Taichi, and Taichi gotta ride or die. I just wish they didn’t clown him over the one thing that does seem to hurt him intensely. No one seems to want to love him for him, when everyone else in his squad seems to have their other half somewhere nearby. I’m not sayin Hiromu hurt both Desperado and myself with that flower spot, but I am absolutely sayin Hiromu cut me and Desperado deep when he replayed that scene from Desperado’s debut. It aint right, fam. When is Desperado gonna get his male Miho? When will someone ride or die for him? Hold his hand? Someone please hold Desperado’s hand, I’m begging y’all, he just wanna boyfriend, @ New Japan, please respond.