sydknox proxy modern au

siddharth “syd” carton inherits his deceased father’s debt at twenty-three minutes of age. for twenty-three years, it’s either repay the debt in the form of physical labor in a manufacturing plant owned by foreigners, or spend forty-six years in squalor in a debtor’s prison south of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. syd chooses his actions carefully and quietly repays the debt from age six and onwards. on the eve of his twenty-ninth birthday, he learns the debt is nearly complete. he begins to dream of a normal life, of moving away to Mumbai with egan, to the city where he can finally be himself and perhaps find the love he’s never dared to desire before.

but like all debts, syd must pay in full. when eeron brindle, leader of the conglomerate that owns syd’s hell, returns to Ahmedabad to personally collect syd’s debt, syd must be careful to make sure there are no loose ends. all is easier said than done, because eeron brindle doesn’t return alone, and he doesn’t return to free syd. syd learns his debt entails more than just twenty-three years of two-square meals and twelve hours of intense labor a day, so he’s snaps, ready to flee, ready to disappear into the gutters even, if that’s what it takes to be free.

but if he leaves, he leaves behind all those still enslaved by brindle, still under the assumption that there is such a thing as freedom. syd doesn’t want to care, but egan almost dies a morbid death, and syd’s orphanage loses its caretakers, leaving syd to harness the reigns of whatever power is left in him to help those who can’t help themselves.

and it doesn’t help that brindle’s heir is lending him a hand. with eyes greener than the river sabarmathi during monsoon season, knox brindle promises syd the kind of loyalty syd has only for egan and for himself.

he grinned and then pulled syd’s face to him, pressing their lips together. at first syd flinched, then he relaxed and let his hands fall to knox’s side. the battle around them vanished, the world that was and the world to come, all disappeared for one instant as their lips held on to one another.

syd knows that everything costs, especially acts of revolution in the middle of the monsoon season when the sun is at its highest and the world is at a standstill. but for what it’s worth, he knows he has to do what’s right, and the only right thing left to do is fight eeron brindle off his homeland until his last breath.

there’s some comfort in knowing knox will be right there beside him.

sushant singh rajput as syd carton
jackson rathbone as knox brindle