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Top Ten Skillful Wizards

I thought this would be fun to do and hear other peoples opinions. I’m taking account of when these wizards reached their highest potential, not necessarily how they were when they were merely students or “retired”.

oh yeah and i’d love to hear your opinions so reblog, perhaps?. i didn’t take much thought into these..i just chose the first wizards to pop in my head.

**these are wizards that we know well about and are mainly from the past one and a half centuries. So i’m not mentioning people like merlin or the founders of hogwarts or emmerick the evil or the peverelle brothers

10.Hermione Granger: Frankly, i believe she is a more talented wizard then the very own Harry Potter. Although flying a broomstick was something she was not a natural in, she tended to be a natural in every other subject. typically she would always raise her hand and would be the first student to master a spell. being said, in the fifth book, Hermione was one of the first to learn successfully on how to conjure a patronus under Harry’s teachings. harry had proclaimed that the patronus was the spell that Hermione had the most struggle with BUT was able to perform it. a patronus isn’t that easy merely for a student since it’s a play of emotions. (although, i was able to perform a patronus in my second year bitchez) and although she may not have the adrenaline rush and admiration for dueling, due to the fact that she is acquainted with many spells, she is able to think on her toes. Harry and Ron would be long gone if it wasn’t for Hermione. oh yeah, and she was the first (or one of the first) in her class to be able to do non-verbal magic and apparate.

9.Lily and James Potter: As you can tell, Voldemort wanted to recruit Lily and James as deatheaters. Being said, that proves that they had to be skillful. Lily killed them with kindness (okay not really killed but its a phrase), and James was an excellent prankster and flyer.  yeah i’m not in the mood to continue my train of thought.

8.Alastar Moody: considered one of the greatest aurors, and being an auror.. you just have to be fucking great but being the greatest auror.. damnnnn. and for being retired and old he’s prettty cool. he can just use his stick for magic. yeah i’m not in the mood to continue my train of thought.

7.Longbottoms: Frank and Alice were both talented wizards who became aurors. of course, one must be skilled to be an auror. sure they were tortured to madness by a bunch of death eaters, but they did not give in into spilling the darkest secrets when they could’ve chosen what was easy instead of what was right.  yeah i’m not in the mood to continue my train of thought.

6.Remus Lupin: i’m kind of being biased here and ethnocentric since Lupin is one of my favorite characters.. but he is able to perform wandless magic and non-verbal magic pretty successfully. In fact, I can’t remember if i ever heard him proclaiming a spell or an incantation. He just does it. hahaha. And it must have been tough to be a werewolf, especially growing up and the years at hogwarts. Although Dolohov was able to defeat Lupin, Lupin was a pretty good duelist if i say so myself. And he was probably the best DADA (well of Harry’s time period at least)

5.Severus Snape: Where to begin.. He was able to decieve the dark lord. It takes an awful lot of skill to make Voldemort so assured that snape was on his side, not just anyine can do that since voldemort is a pro at legillimency. Bein said, snape is a pro at legillemency and occulemency himself, with isnt common. As seen specifically throughout the half blood price, snape created successul spells himself such as sectusempra, levicourpus, etc. Not only is he well skilled in the dark arts but he is a beast at potions as you may tell by the sixth book and due to the fact that he is the potions teacher. Also, he is known to be able to fly and he only other wizard i can think of that can fly is tom riddle himself. Also he can do nonverbal magic.

4.Bellatrix Lestrange: I admit, there was a bit of a biasm creating this list, because i love bellatrix. It is admitted that she is the best death eater. Although molly weasley murdered (and i personally believe molly was able to because she had a rush of emotions because ginny almost got hurt from bellatrix) her, in the deathly hallows book you see that she is dueling luna lovegood, ginny weasley, hermione granger (although students, they are some of the most experienced) and molly weasley all at once. In order of the phoenix, she murders Sirius Black while dueling someone else AND she was the only one of the deatheaters to leave the department of ministry undamaged. Did i menion that she reflected a spell from the very own Dumbldore. She is trained in dark arts by the very dark lord himself and it is proven. Shes a fan of the cruciatus curse and is seen to be able to perform nonverbal magic. I believe she was able to do the killing curse non-verbally which is amazing. Not to mention, she is fast thinking as seen in her duels and in the deathly hallows during the malfoy manor scene. It is seen that she does spells in which we are unsure of what the names are. Shes also talented in occlumency.

3.Gellert Grindelwald: saw power and tried to take advantage of it. along side with albus dumbledore, the deathly hallows were what he desired although not necessarily for the right purposes. initially he wished to create an army of inferi for the “greater good”. well, in fact, all of his decisions were for the “greater good”. he created a jail for those who opposed him. now, although he is a dark wizard.. it does take skill. he won the elder wand Gregorovitch, i believe. or perhaps he stole it? either way it’s still impressive. and i heard he could cook up a convincing disillusionment charm enough to seem invisible. maybe greater than albus dumbledore’s? who knows. he was considered the darkest wizard prior to voldemort so that does take skill to become that noticed.

2.Albus Dumbledore: Let’s see, I believe many will find me berserks for placing him as this number BUT i have my reasons just like you have yours. Yes, I understand he got the elder wand from Grindelwald in that infamous duel, BUT that kind of gives me the reasoning behind why he is number two. (initially i had him as five, but then changed it to three and then eventually number two as one may tell.) I mean, sure he defeated the greatest Dark Wizard prior to Lord Voldemort, but I believe Grindelwald was a bit vulnerable and had it coming. Now let’s get onto the Elder Wand, partially the reason why I believe that Dumbledore was able to…. delay Voldemort killing Harry was because of his defense with the power that the Elder Wand provided. Although Voldemort was unaware of this wand at the time, he feared Dumbledore. sure, as quoted by Kingsley, Albus Dumbledore sure got style, but when it comes down to this I don’t believe he is as skilled. Surely he is smart and very experienced in transfiguration because he himself has been able to produce a pretty convincing disillusionment charm (invisibility) which is rather difficult and to create the deluminator but i don’t think he is that cunning. One thing that Voldemort has over Dumbledore is that Voldemort can fly without a broomstick or any aid opposed to Albus. and Flying, heck that’s damn skill.

1.Tom Riddle: He can fly, he can manipulate, he seeks power and takes advantage of it, he is very skilled in the dark arts- hence horcruxes.. the dark mark.. etc, he is skilled in legillemency, wandless magic? i think yes, he is a master duelist WITHOUT the elder wand.. okay, let’s face it.. if Harry Potter wasn’t the owner of the elder wand.. he would have not won the battle between Voldemort, unless, if love from his parents played again, he infiliatrated the ministry.. HECK everyone feared his name. “fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself” people have to fear him for some reason and that reason is because he’s powerful. and he has a fucking funny laugh. “HEEEEH.”

in this list, i was considering Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick (even though he seems like a coward in the movies, i thought he seemed more talented in the book), Karkaroff, Dolohov, but didn’t. i may reconsider.

let me explain WHY harry potter is not on the list. **this makes me sound like i hate harry but no I LOVE harry, i just don’t think he’s top 10, maybe top 20. first off, yes he is a pretty darn cool cat and you might believe my list is “rubbish” but i have my reasoning peeeople. when harry became one of voldemort’s horcrux, a part of voldemort’s power transferred to harry.. so it’s not technically all of skill that harry has obtained. with this, he was able to speak parseltongue and once when the voldemort part of his body was gone, he could no longer speak parseltongue. secondly, he has a lot of guidance and mere luck. he would have flippin’ died in the triwizard tournament if he was on his own without any help! (meaning, both in the graveyard scene and the other tasks as well) well, then again he wouldn’t have been in the triwizard tournament but you know what i mean! and he’s pretty darn lucky he has help from hermione or else he wouldn’t know how to get pass a door, or in the first book he wouldn’t know which potion to drink, or he wouldn’t have thought about the deathly hallows symbol, or polyjuice potion in his first year, he wouldn’t have been prepared to find horcruxes without hermione and her undetectable extension charm, he would’ve lost all of his friends in the fifth one in the department of ministry if it wasn’t for the order, if Dumbledore had not come Voldemort would have shredded harry into pieces while he was at the ministry of magic, fuck he probably wouldn’t have found out that voldemort had horcruxes on his own, if it wasn’t for his mum’s love he would’ve been dead meat, okay you get where i am going. also, have you noticed that he doesn’t exactly think that fast? i mean hermione’s the one that thinks fast.. when he thinks fast all he can say is “expelliarmus” or “stupefy”. (for the majority of the book)

so now i am going to explain traits on why he could’ve been on the list (even though he wasn’t): he was able to produce a patronus to shield away from 100s of deatheaters in his third year, he could’ve choosen what was easy instead of what was right throughout the whole journey, he’s great at flying with a broom, he taught dumbledore’s army, and yeah i don’t feel like listing more hahahha.