AJ: My worst fear, and I think about it every night, is the day [Ava] comes home and asks me to go on a date with a boy. It’s freaking me out. A year-and-a-half old and it’s already bothering me. I’m freaking out.

Nick: You deserve it.

AJ: I’m gonna make that kid so scared, [he’d wish] he’d never been born.

Howie: No, he’s gonna make you scared. He’s gonna probably be like 10 feet taller than you.

AJ: See, I wish I could say something like I got the tattoos in prison, but he’s gonna be like, “Oh dude, you were a Backstreet Boy like 50 years ago.” [x]


Awe!!! Happy birthday to the freaking wonderfully beautiful little baby Ava!(: No i do not personally and you can call me weird but i can’t wait to see and watch her grown and be the beautiful young lady she turns out to be! I’m so happy for AJ and yes Rochelle too but, if AJ didn’t clean up his act he would have never had this precious baby girl. Nor would have such a gorgeous wife to make this beautiful family we call The Mclean Family! God bless❤️

Which Backstreet kid is your favorite?

It’s actually impossible to decide! haha, I’m so excited for AJ & Rochelle to have baby Ava.

I love Baylee, he’s super goofy just like his dad

James is the definition of cute. I can’t get over it, he looks like both his parents<3 he’s so perfect.

And last of all, Mason. When Kevin tweeted this.. I almost died

And then I saw him holding the sign on Good Morning America… I died.