Which Backstreet kid is your favorite?

It’s actually impossible to decide! haha, I’m so excited for AJ & Rochelle to have baby Ava.

I love Baylee, he’s super goofy just like his dad

James is the definition of cute. I can’t get over it, he looks like both his parents<3 he’s so perfect.

And last of all, Mason. When Kevin tweeted this.. I almost died

And then I saw him holding the sign on Good Morning America… I died.  


Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
AJ: My little girl likes Mulan, as well as some of the new Tinkerbell- The brand, brand new Tinkerbell ones. I’ve seen them like 15 times now, so, it’s kind of cool.
Nick: She doesn’t even know what she’s watching ‘cause she’s so young.
AJ: But she’ll just sit there and stare at it. 
Nick: AJ will just watch it and use her as an excuse. 
AJ: Yeah, well. If I had to pick for me personally, I would say “Finding Nemo”. 
♪Just keep swimming, just keep swimming♪ “You made me ink.”  [x]


AJ: My worst fear, and I think about it every night, is the day [Ava] comes home and asks me to go on a date with a boy. It’s freaking me out. A year-and-a-half old and it’s already bothering me. I’m freaking out.

Nick: You deserve it.

AJ: I’m gonna make that kid so scared, [he’d wish] he’d never been born.

Howie: No, he’s gonna make you scared. He’s gonna probably be like 10 feet taller than you.

AJ: See, I wish I could say something like I got the tattoos in prison, but he’s gonna be like, “Oh dude, you were a Backstreet Boy like 50 years ago.” [x]